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4.726 • 61 REVIEWS

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New England,
Jun 1, 2009,

In my opinion, probably the best of the best. Is part of the Peter Bain Forexmentor Family (which I also recommend) with his own course material offered through them, as well as his own free web site at

Professional fund manager and CTA who teaches both fundys and technicals and how to view and extract money from the currency markets by understanding exactly how the market works at the professional bank traders level. Very in-depth and extensive course material in CD's and manuals and also conducts intense 3 day workshops several times a year around the world.

Chris also offers a Pro Traders Club (PTC) subscription service with market insight and TA several times a week from a professional fund managers perspective.

Through his Advanced Course and PTC has mentored an increasing number of students who have gone on to trade full time for a living.

For me personally, his teachings and his Advanced Course have more than met my expectations and have allowed me to build consistency in my trading that I was struggling with prior, and also to fully understand how the FX market flows work from a bank dealing level in order to profit.

This guy is for real.
Portland, OR,
Jun 13, 2009,

Having read too many books on trading to count and all the websites and forums dedicated to the latest new techniques of sure profit, I can honestly say that Chris Lori offers the best approach to the FX markets. His course shows you how the markets operate through the insights of a FX fund manager. The course he offers along with spending time with the charts is by far the best deal in the market out there. It is only thing I have found out there that is the real deal to becoming a real trader.
david ducann
Jan 1, 2010,

chris lori is an exceptional teacher with good knowledge of FOREX. i purchase his DVD course and learn many quality info about the market. although many of the content is relatively basic, but its how chris piece the method together that make it exceptional.
Apr 18, 2010,

I just finished his NC workshop and I will say this guy is intense, He is passionate about his teaching and was very focused on each and every student in the class.

All the material presented was well organized. Everything was based on TRUE price action and reading human psychology.
The information given about HOW the forex markets really work and what drive them was invaluable for traders who want to be in the market for years to come.

If your serious about becoming a full time trader I highly recommend this course.
Apr 20, 2010,

I have reviewed Chris's Course Material and attended his Live Workshop in Charlotte, NC April 2010.
First and foremost, Chris is a fund manager, so his experience is solid. He does exactly what he openly shares with students. He trades live and shares those recorded sessions for teaching moments.
The concepts and techniques that Chris shares has transformed my trading and confidence in the market.
Chris is a first class gentlemen, very focused, professional, and there is NO fluff in any of his materials.
You will not be disappointed with the value of his content.
I highly recommend his training to other Forex Traders.
Salt Lake City,
May 25, 2010,

I don't give reviews very often but I know how dangerous the FX market is. For newcomers, it is so hard to find someone trustworthy and who knows what they're talking about.

If you want to make money, this is the guy to learn from. His fees are relatively inexpensive and he knows what he is talking about.

I purchased his course materials over a year ago. I didn't have any experience in trading. Between his course materials that taught me the basics of trading and his Pro Traders Club. I have learned to trade profitably and with consistency.

It takes time but it is well worth. His approach is actually quite simple but it takes time to master it. The best thing that you can do is sit in front of charts and watch. Then study Chris's materials over and over and over again until they sink in.
Once you do, you'll make the big bucks!

While I was learning Chris Lori's stuff. I took seminars for other course plus traded in live trading rooms with other FX traders.

In my opinion, Chris's approach is the most safe and practical.
You'll never need to take another breakout trade and try to determine the direction of the market unless you want to.
Breakout trades are not the smartest or safest trade.
You can lose a lot of money trading that way.

Out of all the people I have listened to about FX trading, I can recommend only one. Most are either over-priced or lower level trading courses.

Hope this helps those who really want to find a good mentor.
James Miller
Jun 3, 2010,

Chris is one serious and focused guy who is in "the know" but then again what do you expect from a four time Olympian turned FX fund manager. Just google his name to see his credentials.

There is no fluff with Chris. He tells you how it is and his product line is very comprehensive and affordable. I have personally attended and met guys who have gone fulltime big time using his teachings but you gotta put in the time. Also, his teaching approach is excellent and his Olympic coaching experience shows in his trading products.

The guy genuinely wants to help people. If you're serious about trading as a business, do yourself a favor and check the guy out.
Jun 28, 2010,

I studied Chris' material and attended a workshop early in 2010. Prior to adopting some of Chris' understanding of the market, I had stopped live trading, because of significant losses.

Since attending the workshop in April, the equity in my live account is slowly and steadily growing. Need I say more?
Jul 7, 2010,

I travelled from Paris to Aucland for attending one of his workshops held there. I can say that Chris is the best forex trainer I ever met in the forex market. His focus is to train people to get their own style of trading based on their psychological profile and how to trade using some key points of the market.
Jul 28, 2010,

Most educational resources teach you the chicken crossed the road and show you how to use maps of the route taken. Chris teaches you how to think like a chook - when to start crossing the road - any environmental factors that might throw a bit of grain on the road and cause navigational deviations - where the other side of the road is entered and how to avoid being consumed by the fox on the other side so can cross again in the future.

If you want to learn and understand forex Chris's educational program is the way to go.
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