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4.726 • 61 REVIEWS

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david ducann
Jan 1, 2010,

chris lori is an exceptional teacher with good knowledge of FOREX. i purchase his DVD course and learn many quality info about the market. although many of the content is relatively basic, but its how chris piece the method together that make it exceptional.
Nikolaus Hammerl
Noosa, Australia,
Mar 13, 2012,

I can't share a single point in any of the cheer leading comments rating Chris Lori's seminar. It was a completed waste of time, money and energy joining a quite expensive two day seminar. This was very basic stuff easily to be collected for free in the web. Chris's main task was throwing charts over charts with Fibonacci lines. He stated always that the ability to draw the lines correctly can't be simply explained but would build up with time....some sort of intuitive feeling.... His main advertisement that he is going to teach fundamental factors influencing Forex. This was a thirty minute lesson naming web sources where you could get this information form (mainly banks)... I knew it anyway.

If I only could I would give zero stars.
Aug 27, 2023,
Registered user

Do better

Length of use: over 1 Year
Another trader told me that there is an 80-100% probability strategy they obtained taking this course.

After indulging in the material it was just a bunch of random lines on the chart for “exercises” and told to figure it out myself. Never felt so misled about trading.

Yet when you do as they say and spend 8+ hours… EVERYDAY… exercising, collecting samples etc. you still end up nowhere and just want you to come back to their course hooked on it hoping something will happen

Aug 23, 2023 - 3 Stars In some ways I think the course is quite extensive and detailed but definitely a beginners course. I would probably describe it as a little about a lot. I believe that it won’t magically make you a good trader.

My ultimate takeaway from this course was that I think it’s a means to show others that you have to figure out how to navigate the markets yourself and also how to manage risk alongside the randomness of price. I personally found that this was quite an expensive lesson (both from the lofty cost of the course itself, losses endured, time lost, and mental health). In my experience, I’m not saying directly because of this course those resulted, but with trading in general that is always a risk.

I think the course should really emphasize the cautions of financial and psychological harm that traders can endure. While it is mentioned vaguely, I think that more serious emphasis should be placed on this before ambitious traders get their expectations to high. Especially since Chris emphasizes “process”, I think he should emphasize more of exactly what it takes to be successful with trading, using examples of the successful traders he said he’s produced and how they achieved success or else.

From my experience, you could still document 10s of thousands of examples of price action as he suggests doing, yet you could still find yourself as bad at trading as you started. I think a much better job can be done to hinder high expectations by addressing some of these things.

Personally, I found that some of the various price details Chris covered aren’t in itself so valuable and shouldn’t rely on them independently. Even if you try to make them work holistically, you may never find consistency. If you join monthly PTC you will see that both Chris’s featured in PTC trade differently and you might find yourself extremely confused. However these two trading systems are “similar” and related to the technical elements that Chris teaches, I think needs to be addressed more.

Also they stress the idea of becoming an independent trader but at times I think they’re a little too harsh with their message / tone and at least from my experience, I found this even more discouraging. I think the other Chris could particularly do better at this when describing his views and at times I personally find it unenjoyable to listen to.

I think it’s cool that Chris tries to bring the community together with telegram group, discord, Twitter, etc . But from my experience, you might want to be cautious with who you connect with. You might find yourself enduring more confusion and possibly psychological pain. Some traders might be extremely egotistical, condescending, and might show off their winning trades while possibly pretending to help you. This might leave you very confused, frustrated, and in a bad place if you compare yourself to others.
Gary Taylor
Aug 27, 2013,

I bought Chris's complete forex course and attended his workshop in Florida on the recommendation a another trader. All I can say is "Average at best"....
Chris is an ex-Olympic athlete who is trying to make a living in the forex market. His training doesn't focus on a clear methodology or how to engage with the market with a specific model. His message is basically "practice and eventually you'll figure it out"....-- errr... you think!..... I don't need to pay 2k + hotel + flights to hear this.... He goes over how banks trade which was interesting but I don't have 5 mill to open a primary trading account, so it was of little benefit......

I'd save my money... use google... (and practice)
Reply by Chris Lori submitted Sep 30, 2013:
Hello Gary... Thank you for the review. I am disappointed in myself for failing to effectively communicate the information to you. I take the matters of every attendee very seriously. I fully appreciate that attendees have committed to goals they have set and are counting on me to guide them. When an individual places enough confidence in me to take the time, cost and effort to attend a workshop, I am sincerely emotionally invested in their pursuit for success. I have taken your concerns to heart, so I would like to connect with you and take this as an opportunity for mutual benefit. I am willing to do what is necessary to gain your satisfaction and see that you have what you need to progress in this business. We have had a good number of individuals that have worked diligently through the program to become full time traders and some have gone further to on the responsibility of funds management. Unfortunately, I am unable to reach out to you, because we have no record of the name you posted on this site as one who has purchased any product or attended a workshop. I am mindful of your concern to post your legal name, if you have, in fact, attended the workshop. Nor do we have any email communication bearing the name "Gary Taylor." Typically, if a trader has concerns, they will email me questions for review in Pro Traders Club live or recorded sessions, which I personally address. I do not have any record of you seeking guidance or expressing concerns, in any manner. If you will kindly contact me by email or phone through the website and let me know where I can reach you. Your satisfaction is more important than any offence I may have taken by your comments. Your note has inspired me to evaluate the program and make changes in some areas. At the same time, slighting my integrity as a professional trader (re "ex-Olympic athlete") is unfounded with harmful intention and disappointing. Consider what is required to compete on one Olympic games, then going on to do that four times, and an Overall World Cup title, in between, not to mention near death experiences. I understand that your post was made out of frustration. I'm proposing on the assumption and trust that you did acquire a legal copy of the basic course and did attend the workshop under your legal name. Let's work through this together for mutual benefit. The program goes into detail about structuring your development plan to become an independent thinking trader, to the core. I kindly ask that you email me and include all of your files showing the trading exercises, screenshots of charts with notes, summaries and conclusions, including the patterns and price behaviors I showed that I use in my trading. The point of the structured studies is to gain a deep understanding of price, rather than trading patterns (or "systems") on "faith," which will not bear success for the long term. The goal is to internalize the element of trading through a connection with the market, so it can never be taken away from you. Developing as a trader requires time and commitment. Concerning this process, I have scores of testimonials from workshop attendees and PTC members (never used for marketing purposes) that validate the worthiness of this development approach. Since I have fallen short of meeting your satisfaction, I would like every opportunity to work with you on this.
James Miller
Jun 3, 2010,

Chris is one serious and focused guy who is in "the know" but then again what do you expect from a four time Olympian turned FX fund manager. Just google his name to see his credentials.

There is no fluff with Chris. He tells you how it is and his product line is very comprehensive and affordable. I have personally attended and met guys who have gone fulltime big time using his teachings but you gotta put in the time. Also, his teaching approach is excellent and his Olympic coaching experience shows in his trading products.

The guy genuinely wants to help people. If you're serious about trading as a business, do yourself a favor and check the guy out.
Coral Springs , USA,
Mar 21, 2012,

I have to say that since the year has gone by that I first attended Chris's workshop in Florida trading is completely changed. I am a full time trader now thanks to the teachings of Chris and the way he mentors and with the pro trader club videos and live pro traders clubs also the hundreds of archived videos are just phenomenal. The problem allot of people have is they only want the holy grail just set it and forget it or some kind of system that they just plug in and make a living at the Forex and if you have been around the Forex for any length of time you know that you can waist allot of money that way and the developer of the software is the only one that gets rich. If anyone is serious about wanting to learn how to trade the Forex market then I highly recommend Chris and all the material he has to offer and were else do you have a fund manager teach you how he trades.
Atlanta, GA, USA,
Jan 5, 2021,
Registered user

The most comprehensive forex course available

Service use: Live
Protraders club is the most comprehensive forex education course that I’ve been exposed to. I have had a long journey to finding consistency in my trading model and Chris Lori & his team helped me to get there.
This isn’t a “copy me” system, you will have to do your due diligence & put your work in & actually open yourself to being a student even if you have experienced some levels of success prior to starting the course. That’s what makes the course worth it. He helps you put the practice time in before hitting the “court” & its show time.
This course have helped me regain confidence in my ability to achieve & overcome anything. I highly recommend it.
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West Palm Beach, FL,
Feb 25, 2011,

Well, I could write the usual great comments but that has been well covered by everyone else and is very true. Excellent course and material.

What I will write is the following;
I have be learning and trading forex for about 4 years now and by no means am I as succesful as I had planned. For 3 years I have been eyeballing Chris's course and workshop but always with a reason or a timing issue that I did not attend. That is my fault. I wish I had attended a long time ago. I felt going into the seminar I was well versed in Forex, and I am BUT what I learned was how much more there is too learn. There is almost and parrallel 3rd world type activity going on in the markets that I never knew about. There is so much more to just price going up, candles, time of day, interest rates, banks, liquidity, etc than I could imagine. I thought I had it well under control and within my knowledge. I was wrong. I learn a lot in the 3 days and now, I have a lot more to learn as I go forward.
The course is straight to the point material, not some magic method of trading. The method of trading is developed by you, not by a teacher. Chris provides the information with directness and honestly and you absorb it.
It is an excellent course and seminar and one that anyone who is dead serious about trading FX should take!!
steve Teunis
Brisbane, Australia,
Oct 29, 2013,

I have ben involved with the teachings of Chris Lori for approx 6 years, attended several workshops and own most of his education materials. CL is the real deal and we are very fortunate to have Chris available to offer his insight to the market.If you are looking to invest into a quality trading product then this is it, look no further. To find out if his trading & thinking is of your liking or not, there are lots of free video's at, become a member (it's free). Chris is a gifted guy and is a trader first and an educator 2nd but he has very high standards for whatever he attempts in his life and CL is always happy to share his thinking with you in a very humble manner.

2011-07-04 5Star Chris Lori teachings are for the serious trader.Chris has moulded many parts of my trading style and my understanding of the market.I have attended many of Chris Lori's courses over the past 5 years and continue to be a member of his Pro traders club.
There are no fancy indicators and oscillators rather it's based on an understanding of price action.
Attach yourself to Chris Lori's teaching and you will give yourself a real good chance of being a successful FX trader.
Pat CS
Gold Coast, Qld, Australia,
Feb 20, 2012,

My long and short story of Chris Lori, the Forex coach and mentor.

The short story is that my trading improved tremendously after attending Chris Lori's workshop in Singapore in March 2011 and under his mentorship through Pro Traders Club and his online course – all three as an overall package of the training course. I was a struggling trader with a technical analysis background for almost two years before I found Chris. At that time, my trading growth was stunted by the lack of what I needed to know and learn to become a profitable Forex trader. Going to Chris Lori made the difference – it's like going to finishing school to be polished.

The “difference” becomes the long story. Chris Lori has a niche in the global Forex education fraternity as an effective mentor for developing traders. Having been an institutional trader and a fund manager, Chris has the insider knowledge to impart to his trainees. He understands the market makers, but being the consummate professional, Chris details to us the reaction of price action, refraining from emotive descriptions to bash the Big Money.

During the workshop there will be several “light-bulb” or “uh-huh” moments which enable you to take trades more confidently which you would otherwise not do – this equates to more trading opportunities. With a technical analysis background, I thought I understood Support and Resistance levels, but not until Chris shows how to get these levels do I truly appreciate the importance of such key levels where entries and exits are determined.

There are several areas of importance in the workshop that Forex traders don't get from free webinars, such as Forex flow, inefficiencies, Asian zone, the various opens and closes of exchanges, fractals, Fibonacci, etc. You have to pay to learn these, which enable the trader to navigate the chart purposefully and be able to look for trades. We need a structure and a sort of “market profiling” to base our trades or we become aimless when looking at charts. Also included are tradeable set-ups, including Chris Lori's own trademark set-ups. In Forex trading, one cannot afford to disregard the importance of fundamentals. One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to understand this – but it is important to know the sentiment of the market - which Chris will help. When fundamentals sometimes don't make sense, I trade the moves technically.

“Wannabe” traders often think that a “strategy” or a particular “set-up” will make them money. This may happen some of the time, but it works better if you understand the Forex market in totality. To me, this is very important because I am able to incorporate my style of trading with the underlying knowledge of the Forex market. Chris encourages us to be independent thinkers. You are allowed to engage what you already know and enhance it further by the knowledge base he has given you. You are also encouraged to be creative and be flexible with the changes of market condition.

Once I have digested over a couple of months what Chris has taught, I began to improve in my trading. I am not rich (yet), but I am now making more profitable trades and less losing ones and learned how to bail. I am now into the greater part of my third year in full time trading.

Chris pointed out that he does not offer a get-rich-quick scheme. Success does not happen overnight. To become a successful trader, one must have lots of quality face time with charts – the more we study and look at charts, the better we become at analysing them. Slow progress is lasting progress.

Chris will be holding his next workshop in Singapore from 30th March to 1st April 2012. I will be attending this as a refresher and also to catch up with my mentor in person. I also look forward to meet and interact with newcomers. Please check website for more information.
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