Updated: Aug 23, 2019
Samuel J. Sarullo
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May 16, 2009,

Hi there,
I have used bartrader, I paid 1000 dollrs upfront fee or down payment to the owner of bartarer, He sent me the EA and told me to use it on Live account, so I did, the very first night I used it, it cleaned up my account by the morning, there was nothing left,
so I lost 1000 dollars, and 3000+ from acocunt at IBFX and I can prove that to anyone. Obviously I was very upset and contacted
the owner, and he said that ``dont worry I am going to make sure that I recover my losses and make money``
I think that with bartrader no one has made money, I asked him to prove it and he failed to do so, when people are making money they are happy to leave a +ve feedback, he has none, and he keeps on changing the backtest results, as well as brokers, he also confirmed that he ``trades manually`` to show better performance in the demo accounts. I think its a complete scam.
If on the other hand anyone has made money with bartrader, please come forward and provide evidence. thanks
wait to hear more comments from FPA community.
Sep 5, 2009,

HI Traders,
I think Sam thought he had something, but he wasn't upfront with the results (expected results going forward) hence he kept switching brokers. I know he create as much hype as he could. I also paid him 1000, but never saw any profit. I quit using the system before it wiped out my account. So I ask him to run the system on my broker's demo for a while to see how things went. It didn't make profit doing that time, so I decided to cut my losses and move on. I did have several communication exchanges with Sam and find that he is a somewhat shifty guy though I don't know if that's his personality or character flaw. Bottomline, I was never convinced he had anything valuable to put people's money on the line.
Indiana , USA,
Jun 20, 2015,

Mr Samuel Sarullo has very bad attitude...foul language not Business man material. His EA software probably has a worm hole. He also offered to play me for sex as if someone is stupid enough to jump on a plane to see his 65yr old butt.