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Updated: Feb 4, 2019
2.955 · 60 REVIEWS
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Forex 4 You are forex brokers. Forex4You offers the MetaTrader 4 foreign exchange trading top platform. Forex4you.com offers over 30 currency pairs, gold, silver, and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.955 · 60 REVIEWS
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Feb 1, 2019,
Registered user

Update on previous review:

After putting a bit of pressure on them, they promptly send me back the money through Neteller (see previous review). Overall, I found Forex4You to be pretty decent and I made a profit while trading on the platform. I would have continued trading with it if EEA users were still allowed.

Jan 28, 2019 - 2 Stars They make it very difficult to withdraw money. Since I cannot trade with them anymore (I'm based in EEA), I wanted to withdraw my money. Since I could not use my previous system of payment, I decided to add Skrill as system of payment. I had to wait one month before I could use it to withdraw. However, my following withdrawal request was rejected: " Unfortunately Skrill does not available for your Country". It was available when I deposited it, but suddenly it has become unavailable. When I asked for explanation, the only answer I got is "You can use any system except Skrill". Skrill is available in my country, so the source of the problem is not bery clear. I will now have to wait another month to (perhaps) be able to withdraw. Hopefully, I will be able to change my mind about this company once the withdrawal goes through. So far it seems rather shady to say the least.
Dec 14, 2018,
Registered user

update, maybe some good news

Update regarding my previous review (didn't found the update option).

After many tries by different channels (no answer on mail, nor phone), today i received an answer after leaving a message on the live chat (service unreachable) on thursday 13th.
The support announced me that the manual withdrawal was done.

Effectively , their message was followed by a account statement showing a withdrawal operations and my account is now at 0.

So, wait and see.
I'll wait it to land on my account and update my review.

Dec 12, 2018 - 2 Stars I opened my account since back in 2012.
Everything was ok since lately.

It seems that they fooled me, and i have no possibilities to transfer my funds.

I m trying to withdraw my funds since the 10th november 2018 and it's impossible to accomplish.
Nor Credit Card (impossible to accomplish the verification process) or manual Bank transfer proposed by the support (and for what they asked for documents in the verification process) are possible, and their support channel stopped answering since thursday 6th december 2018.

They're terminating their services for EEA clients on the 14th december2018, so, left without any options available to withdraw, it appears to be a scam at the end.

I didn't searched for reviews at through years, and that was the mistake.

Reply by Forex4you submitted Dec 14, 2018 Dear Client,

We want to inform you, that it took some time for the Payments department to process your request after you have provided all the necessary documents. For the moment, your withdrawal request was successfully proccessed using a bank transfer to the details that you have specified in your inquery. Usually, funds are being credited to your bank account during 3 working days after the request was executed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Abu talab,
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Nov 26, 2018,

They are just scammers

They are just scammers. they do not send me email. they don't have the availability to send me email again. they checked and say they send me my mt4 account detail but nothing was there. God save me i just invest 4.11$. don't work with them.
Reply by Forex4you submitted Nov 28, 2018:
Dear Client,

We have made investigation of situation on your account, and stated that email with account details indeed wasn't sent on your email address. In soonest time our customer support specialist will contact you in order to provide further instructions.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Thane, India,
Jul 17, 2018,
Registered user

requotes , B-Book bucket shop, unethical multilevel partner scheme

Requotes that can possibly wipe out the trading account. Stay away.

Any broker who gives away 75% of commission charged as partner commission should not be trusted. They can afford this because they are a B-Book broker. Meaning client's loss is profit of Forex4you. They make sure you loose all your money.
Give them clients and you will know that client is now not associated with you anymore because client is asked to become IB themselves by their sales persons. this is stealing your clients.
Reply by Forex4you submitted Jul 19, 2018:
Dear Client,

We are sorry to learn that you have been dissatisfied with the service we have provided. Please note, that we respect the client's desire, however, in accordance with established practice, the company will never change the partner code of the client, without the consent of the current partner. Regarding the situation with requotes on your account, please, contact our customer support and specify your account number and order numbers and the relevant department will check the information about this situation in details.
Perak, Malaysia,
Nov 29, 2017,

Off Quotes & Market Closed (Monday-Friday)

Always getting off quote and market close during open market. Even almost 10 years being in the market, they are still unreliable. Live chat with them they always told they will improve more better after this, but you have been in the market too long enough but still act like you are noob. Last month, I email them requested for help to close one of my order because my EA can't close it and I tried to close it manually also can't. They closed it for me after they received my email. Don't know how this can happen, they are few social trading available, and this is the only broker that i think can be used.
Reply by Forex4you submitted Dec 29, 2017:
Dear Client.

Indeed, due to technical error on MT4 server side you have faced situation, when you were unable to close order in terminal. All requests were accepted by our liquidity aggregator MarketPlace, but due to desynchronization, this information was not reflected in terminal. In Forex4you mobile application, you were able to see correct close price and time, since the application is directly connected to the liquidity aggregator. After you contacted Customer Support, situation was resolved in shortest period of time and order was synchronized by our technical department. We have taken necessary measures to avoid such situations in future and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Such situations are the reverse side of the development, and we are doing everything to improve provided services.
United Kingdom, United Kingdom,
Sep 27, 2017,
Registered user


Its horrible broker. Run away as far as you can guys. AVOID!!! Asked representative will I get my new MT4 password to email same way I get to the phone number and been told YES. And after that it became a nightmare. My funds were locked for 30days as it was uploaded with new debit card. I asked customer support to send me a new pasaword by email. Guess what- no ways!!! I spoke through the online website phone line but even there they were unable to help cause the ONLY way to change password for mt4 on their stupid system is to send it by txt message.WTF?!!! And even after I changed my number I needed to fill forms online to sort the things out. Instead of few simple clicks I spent 2days . So be aware, run away from this ridicoulus and useless broker.
Reply by Forex4you submitted Dec 29, 2017:
We are sorry to learn that you have been dissatisfied with the service we have provided and can confirm that we have made detailed investigation regarding your query. Indeed, answer for your question was not provided right after you have asked it. But please mind that Password changing and changing of any personal information in clients Trader Room can be done only through essential security measures. For password reset, client must enter verification code that is sent to registered phone number, or write a ticket to Customer Support service. In both of these cases, active registered phone number is required as it is most safe way of confirming that such request was made by you. We wish to inform you, that we will take all necessary measures to avoid possible recurrence of this kind of situations, as well as to improve the quality of service provided.
Ancient Trader,
Feb 23, 2017,

Wrong server time and working hours

I trade with Forex4you for one year around. Unfortunately judged to stop and withdraw all my funds back. Wish to explain why.

This broker use server time GMT +1 and their terminals start to work 00:00 Monday on this time zone. The majority of brokers use server time GMT +2 and start to work 00:00 Monday this time zone. Means: Forex4you start to work one hour later comparing their counterparts.
Some brokers use server time straight GMT +0 and very very few another one. Forex4you is instance of these.

So, what's the concequences? Forex4you terminals work 119 in a week not 120 like as GMT+2 brokers but does make this harm? Unfortunately yes and very essential.

I trade using so called "robots". Found that their trading results are very different comparing results I get with MetaTrader4 backtester for the same time. These differences trading with othr brokers there lower significantly. Started to look why.

The answer is obvious for me now. What could I expect if four M15 candles (two M30 candles, etc.) for tech. analysis are lost at all..:-( This misguides "robots" and leads to non-algorithm = bad in long distance, results.

Dear Forex4you, could you move out such archaic working time and change your server time to GMT+2 or at least GMT+0 and let to trade 120 hours a week? Would be nice to return back but not untill you use such absurd working time.

Anyway, despite this Forex4you isn't bad broker. The withdrawing system works very well what's the most important. Cent-NDD accounts could be the best cent accounts in all the industry. Nowhere else I see cent accounts with such attractive spread + commisisons combination. Pro-STP accounts spreads are not increased deliberately even just after closing NewYork session. Seems only such a small detail lacks. But small detail could cause huge results.
Sep 17, 2016,
Registered user

Forex4you scam TP profit whitout any rules or reason_scam broker

Forex4you SCAM my money ,they do not close order at TP point ,
they change your Stop loss , they do this untill margin call !!
they answer is " your TP touched but because price change after that we can not close your order " !!!! you can see their answer in my treat , amasing answer!!
they do not have any rules for this answer,this say this because forex4you scam my large amount of money.as you in their REGULATION Rules 4.10.2.
"or Buy orders TakeProfit will be activated, if Bid price will be more than or equal to the price of execution"
but untill now they sacm my profit do not pay me.
be careful with them ,if your TP point Hit they do not pay you ...
Reply by Forex4you submitted Oct 14, 2016:
Forex4you offers fully transparent execution by providing clients with detailed information including - order trigger time, execution start/end time and tick by tick history. Orders average execution time is published on company’s website. In case if a valid price fitting the order execution is available for a time period less than the execution time order will be rejected due to price expiration. Please feel free to get acquainted with a detailed answer including tick by tick history and exact order trigger time on the link below:
MUMBAI, India,
Aug 31, 2016,
Registered user




Aug 30, 2016 - 1 Star the spread difference on my cent ndd account was manipulated by 28 pips to cause a wipeout on 16 aug 2016 at 14.29.59 mt4 platform time.

Aug 30, 2016 - 1 Star the spread difference on my cent ndd account was manipulated by 28 pips to cause a wipeout on 16 aug 2016 at 14.29.59 mt4 platform time.
Reply by Viktor Smirnov submitted Sep 6, 2016:
Dear Client,

Information regarding your situation is specified here: http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/forex4you-manipulates-spread-to-wipeout-profit-making-accounts.46856/#post-255457
Meita Runtuwene,
Vancouver, Canada,
May 10, 2016,

Brilliant program - Share4You.
Forex4You Cent (DD/NDD) is perfect for EA that need a big Start Balance (>$5000.00).