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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.881 · 12 REVIEWS
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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Smart Forex Signal Alpha+0.8444.5+45.262
Smart Forex Signal Beta-1.131.4-29.265
Smart Forex Signal Gamma+0.0450.4+1.935

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3.881 · 12 REVIEWS
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ric morris,
s carolina usa,
Oct 15, 2011,

I too have seen that there are two companies with very similar names... the company based in Switzerland is the company I have dealt with... the are good... be ready to take a ton of signals for not only trades, but moving stops. These come at any time of the day or night. I had no trouble with contact at all. They respond very well and keep their commitments.The price is more than fair too-about $50/mo. check their web site for perfomance details and accounts-- there are 3 levels of risk that they use.
Jul 17, 2011,

FSS is a great service providing extremely profitable swing trades. Some of the b/s stops do not operate which is why FSS is so good, after all 100 success in this market is impossible. I mean nobody opens except using a stop. It is clear that swing prediction involve serious fundamental and technical know-how which I am now working on
John Tsai,
Jul 6, 2010,

Their customer service is very very very very bad.

I email, post message, and there seems no one want to answer my question.

Jun 19, 2010,

I give it a 4 star because they are reliable and honest compared to most signal services you will find. Thanks to FPA it helped me choose the best rather then trying every single site and wasting my money.

The thing with this service is that they make good calls but their take profit is soo high that it goes half way and then turns against them and stop them out. I'd recommend to stop half way through and you will get better results then them, but then again it might reach where they initially intended.

All over they are honest and dont lie about their performance, so if you just want to blindly follow someone then go for it.
May 20, 2010,

"Dear traders!

Thank you for your feedback.

To Andy,
Yes the trade was closed with a loss, but nevertheless the month of April was profitable +493 pips. This can be seen by looking at the available performance. We do not hide anything. We routinely hear criticism moments when we make mistakes. We are people too and we can't always make a profitable trades. Nevertheless, we always extend the subscription, if the month turned out to be unprofitable, our members pay only for profit.
Every time during the draw down, we get questions about whether or not we changed the composition of traders. We can assure you: "No, signals are giving by the same people that worked in the years of 2009-2008. The only change is that we made was we upgraded the Beta system in early 2010, as warned all members.

If we have any future changes in the state of traders we will notify all members about this.

Remember, patience is the key to success in the Forex market.

P.S. We may have a new trader added to our team soon "Delta" ...
We'll keep you posted!
New Zealand ,
Apr 27, 2010,

These guys continue to disappoint. Seems we are looking down the barrel of a third straight losing month. They won't have earned a cent this year. Massively disappointing. More disappointing is their blantant disregard for client's equity and trust. Any signal provider who lets a 300 pip profit turn into a bludgeoning loss needs a blast! WARNING to anyone considering trading with these guys. At the moment you will need to micro-manage their trades or risk having significant floating profits turn into equally significant losses. One has to wonder if the personnel responsible for the previous two years of trading are still with them, because their trading this year has been wildly off the mark. Again, disapointing. Looks like their clients are going to get yet another free month's subscription.
Apr 26, 2010,

Very impressed with the great professionalism and great customer service
Apr 22, 2010,

Average of 120 pips per week over 43 weeks. 1.05% equity per week. Seem to be doing far better than anyone else on these live tests. Great service and EA's simple to setup for auto trading.
Mar 30, 2010,

Have been using thissystem for almost 2 months live now. Lost roughly 10% so far. Don't see how forex peace arly can say it is up 103 pips this week when it has been on a 3 week + losing streak.

Review Moderation Team Note: The Pips Per Week are Average since the test began running, not the pips for the most recent week. If you check the equity graph, it is obvious that there have been some recent losses.
King Midas,
New York,
Mar 19, 2010,

I started with this service this week. They are based in Russia and charge $99.00/month for the Alpha 1.1 system. They are very good at responding to email and answering questions. they offer a guarantee; if the month results in a loss, the next month is free. You can opt out when ever you wish. Their business conduct seems good to me in my experience thus far.

So far, no winning trades in the first week. I was stopped out on one trade, lost pips. I was in another trade for days when it finally went in my favor and the reversed. Their instruction was to get out now. Result was I lost pips. The third trade was set to enter short at a particular price. It was never realized. The pair went in the opposite direction and my stop loss was triggered by a touch of the candle and the trade went agains me. I took myself out with a loss of pips when no reversal was seen. My entry order is still in place in the event a miracle takes place and we get the entry point and direction predicted.

It is too early to tell, after just one week, but it seems to me that their strategy is quick counter-trend moves to grab pips. Their instruction is to enter three positions, place a common stop loss for all and have three levels of exit, one for each position. The losses are hedged by the three exit points. The stop loss is 50 pips or greater to allow movement, etc. The risk/reward level I have seen ranges from 1:2, 1:3.

We will see what the future brings with this Firm, but so far, I am not happy.