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Updated: Aug 28, 2015
4.667 · 15 REVIEWS
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MMEdge.com (Market Mover Edge)

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4.667 · 15 REVIEWS
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Tom Fricke,
California, USA,
Nov 5, 2013,

I have been working with Tim for a long time. I attended one of his stock trading work shops back in the 1990s. Since then, I've had a few refresher courses, and couldn't be happier. I beat my professional wealth manager every year using what I learned from Tim. I put a portion of my money into a Forex account and used mmedge end of day signals from 2011 until present. I believe that Tim has stopped taking new clients, but I still get my signals and my account keeps getting bigger year after year.
Geneva, Switzerland,
Jun 22, 2012,

This service is very poor, be aware there is no possibility to get reimbursed if you realize that service is not suitable to you.

Trades remain open without information during hours/days/weeks/months ... this is ok dependant on your trading style.

Results of the HELIX system? 50/50 better gambling at Las Vegas.

Can we see the past results, of course not as everything is so unclear and no take profit is decided when entering a trade...

This is the type of message your receive :
MMEdge Signals (14.03.2012 20:09:12): I am opening the following Helix positions:
MMEdge Signals (14.03.2012 20:11:07): I am opening the following Helix positions: SELL EURUSD SL=1.3530 | SELL GBPUSD SL=1.6007. Leverage on these trades is 1:1. If you take both trades, please break up the risk evenly between the two.
MMEdge Signals (24.04.2012 00:01:30): I am selling USDJPY @
Market (Currently 81.16) SL: 84.25
MMEdge Signals (01.05.2012 22:35:28): Hello everyone. I am moving the stop loss on the USDJPY Helix trade to 80.41. I odn't normally do this, but the US stock market has been flaky enough lately to change the demand pretty quickly.
MMEdge Signals (08.05.2012 23:58:27): Hello everyone. I am finally able to exit the EURUSD Helix trade. I am closing it at a 19 pip gain (FLAT). I am now flat the marketm and looking for some stabilization in the US equities markets for a re-entry.
MMEdge Signals (17.05.2012 23:07:21): I am selling USDJPY at market. SL: 81.82

Great... but without target and stop loss very far away, so be prepared to keep your positions open for months without understanding what is going on as there is no explanation and no real follow up.... sometime closing flat to avoid a loss.

Pure gambling system.

Was thinking about a scam but I have to recognize that you always receive answers to your queries, reason why I kept two stars instead of one.
Ben Droste,
, USA,
Dec 13, 2011,

I started with Market Mover Edge back in 2006 before they even had an online service. I've been supplementing my retirement with Tim's service because I have always appreciated his respect for risk and his disciplined approach to trading. I have never had a losing year, and my lifestyle hass been positively impacted because of this service. I have experienced just over 40% equity returns per year on average since 2006. It could have been a lot more, but I am very intollerant to risk and trade very conservatively. Market Mover Edge is priced so low that I feel bad every year when I pay the subscription fee. Tim has made this old man and his wife very happy.
Apr 26, 2011,

I have been with Market Mover Edge for about 7 months now. I've never had such a low stress time in my trading. I win trades, I lose trades and my account keeps going up and up and up. This week alone we have closed out of 2 of the Helix trades. One of them was a 1,020 pip winner and the other one was a 780 pip winner. We also have already had three trades on the trade copier which were closed out in profit. The first was +37 pips, the second was +110 pips and the last one was +92 pips. Tim did have some problems with his trade coper last week and recommended that we close out a trade because he wouldn't be able to manage it for us. He marked it in his performance as a 89 pip loss, but that trade took a 20 pip win on my MT4. Overall, this is an excellent service. Tim answers emails within 24 hours and is actually available sometimes on Yahoo Messenger. Oh, I recommend using his Yahoo Messenger too! It always works. Email is never as fast as the messenger.
The Netherlands,
Apr 14, 2011,

My first review, I'm not so into giving reviews but I think Tim definatelly earns one and for starters in the world of forex I understand reviews are worth a lot.

Basically he offers a package;
- long term trades (now also including gold/silver), very comfortable way of trading, signals which consist of entry en s/l and all the time of the world to enter the trade.
- intraday trades, executed by a state of the art trade copier on MT4.
- webinars, educating/tips/tricks/setups
- customer support, by mail and yahoo messenger, instant, always and perfect.

So, the main question in forex, profitable? Absolute! This is just the perfect service people are looking for and with a very very reasonable fee. Big compliments and thanks giving a vision in the jungle!

Evan Cruise,
United States,
Dec 3, 2010,

I have been a client since last year. My wife bought me an annual membership for Chiristmas. I've been using various forex signal providers for a few years now and feel like I have a fair ocmparison. The first point that I want to make is that Market Mover Edge reports exactly what trades they send. I have never seen a single mistake in the reporting. If anything, my results are better than those reported.

I also really like the trading style. I've actually entered trades three days after I recieve the signal at the same price that was signaled. Tim says that it's because of the system he uses. I don't know what it is, but it works. His style also is very low stress. I've never come close to a stop loss. Tim buys and sells based on signals and uses a stop loss like most use life insurance. This is a pretty unique way of thinking about stop losses and it works.

I've seen a few signal providers lately trying to copy the trend following system that Tim uses. There's a reason they copy him. His system works. Tim uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis for his signals. It really makes me feel confident to know that my account is being protected by a combination of things instead of placing trades based on a single candle. I hope this service stays around for a long time.
Ras English,
Oct 15, 2010,

This is the best signal service that I've ever subscribed to. I've been a member for just over a year now and have been amazed at my profits. Some of Tim's trades litereally give you DAYS to get entered, not a few minutes like some of the other providers. I follow Tim's advice on leverage for each trade and have neve had such low stress trading. He doesn't make pie in the sky promises, but he does deliver a solid, profitable service.
Aug 16, 2010,

I finally found a service that "delivers on the promise". I enjoy the stress free trading style Tim Barnby's service provides as well as the proper money management. Tim responds to my emails within 24 hours. My account is growing since I joined in March 2010 (I'm trading Helix only, but Tim is developing another system for even more stress free profits). I will give another review here after one year is over. I can assure Tim's performance statements shown on his website are real. I am not worried about my account or my positions anymore, I am able to sleep at night. Tim is a professional and not one of those thousands of bragging idiots out there. I really hope he runs his service for many years to come and I am confident with his support my financial dreams can come true in the not so distant future. Recently he even opened a trading room together with his colleague Caden James, for more intraday opportunities.
And all of this for $100 a month! I highly recommend Tim Barnby's service to anybody. No need to look further than to MMEDGE.
R Ewing,
Aug 2, 2010,

Never before have I written a review of an EA or a signals service. I have only been trading for a little over a year, so I am still a newbie. I respect the reviews I have read in FPA and frequently read them before I make any commitments. The reviews I read on MMedge were very good, so I decided to see for myself what the service is all about. I have been a MMedge subscriber for 3 months, and I have increased my equity steadily each month. Tim Barnby, the owner of MMedge Signals is a no nonsense type of guy, and does not promise millions to those who participate. He stresses proper money management, and so far, his trades have been all that has been advertised. He has a trading room open 24/5 and while his trades are mostly daily swing, or sometimes longer, he periodically will have a separate trade room open for scalping. He has always answered my e-mails promptly, and attempts to mentor me & others in the service. He & his trusty sidekick Caden, along with Herbie the Wonder Dog, have made my trading profitable & enjoyable. I highly recommend this service to anyone.
Dec 21, 2009,

I give Tim 8 fingers and 2 thumbs up for his service. Very experienced and knowledgeable trader. Excellent, excellent, excellent money management rules and risk to reward trading ratio. Couldn't ask for any better. I have used him for over 2 months and have profited each month. His trade calls will vary from day to day or week to week, depending on what the market is doing. He gives out daily pivot trade calls, but I don't take them. I only trade his other trade calls which are called Blue Zone trades, End of Day trade calls, or even just a no name signal call that will last about a day or less. I highly recommend him to those who need an extra edge in trading and profit added to their bottom line. His $97/month service is very reasonable for what you get and worth every cent to pay. I trade a master account that is just under $100k with 13 investors, and believe me what I have made with his trade calls plus my own trade calls have increased my monthly average in returns. I've chatted a few times with him by Yahoo Messenger and is very personable. Any questions I have had, he or his assistant, has replied within 24 hours, usually within a couple of hours. Thanks Tim, I appreciate your integrity and profitability. Again, I can't stress enough his money management and risk:reward trading rules. You will win in the long run if you abide by that.