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Plus500 is a CFD broker. Plus 500 offers the Mobile and WebTrader trading currency platforms. Traders with Plus500 accounts can trade CFDs on underlying financial instruments such as currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, gold, silver, stocks, commodities, options and indices.

2017-04-19: The Belgian FSMA ordered the shutdown of and for all branches of Plus500 to stop providing services to clients in Belgium.  CLICK HERE to confirm.
February 2016:  There is an FPA Traders Court vote against Plus500.  Unless this issue is resolved, the FPA recommends a very high level of caution dealing with Plus500.

October 2012:  Plus500 fined over 200,000 GBP by the FSA

FSA Penalty Details

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 30:1
Minimum to Open Live: $100
Established: 2008
Address: Building 25 Matam, Haifa, 319160, Israel
Contact:, +972 4-689-2154
Regional offices:
Regulators: ASIC #417727, CySEC #250/14, FSA-S #SD039, MAS #CMS100648-1, FSCA #47546, FCA #FRN 509909
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: Plus500
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (55+)
Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (20+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Oil, Other Commodities
Deposit Methods: VISA, MasterCard, Local Bank Transfers, PayPal, Skrill
Withdrawal Methods: VISA, MasterCard, Local Bank Transfers, PayPal, Skrill

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1.567 · 166 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

, Australia,
Feb 27, 2015,

I requested to withdraw my initial deposit of $5000, five days ago still haven't received any response.
Two days before I emailed them two times regarding a question that I had, still no response from customer service.
No live chat, no phone number.
I am very disappointed with Plus500.

Athens, Greece,
Feb 26, 2014,

Suspicious activity regarding their live charts accuracy, and trading ability. The only positive i have to say is that they have a large variety of stocks and my withdraw of 200euros worked.
BARI, Italy,
Sep 4, 2012,

Regarding 25€ bonus offer, which are supposed to expire in 3 months if you collect less than 60 trader points. I can confirm that during the last day before the expiring date many instruments were unavailable to me (grayed buttons or closed transaction), so it was impossible to collect the remaining 3 Tpoints in the last useful day.
I won't let them do something like this with real money.
Singapore, Singapore,
Jun 30, 2020,
Registered user

Worst ever Leverage and Margin

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

High margin with low leverage.

But overall deposit and withdrawal plus account opening was smooth and easy.
Perth, Australia,
Dec 12, 2017,

Plus 500

Plus 500 doesn't let me withdraw money. Been trying the last few weeks have everything verified bank account and card. Latest is I need a letter from my bank to show my card is linked to my account. Have rang the bank and you can't event get a letter that shows this. Wouldn't recommend plus 500 to anyone at the minute anyway avoid at all costs.
Reply by Plus500 submitted Dec 24, 2017:
Hello Dave,
Thank you for your comment.

Please be informed that as per our legal and regulatory obligations, Plus500 is required to verify your identity and residential address, for which a photo ID and residence information and/or documentation may be required.
When you open an account with Plus500, you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations against money laundering and terrorism financing, including, but not limited to, the requirement to provide satisfactory evidence of your identity, residential address, source of funds, etc. Plus500 will not establish a business relationship with an individual unless and until the client’s identity and residential address have been successfully verified and/or all necessary documents have been received and verified.
This is to protect both you and us from fraud as well as guard your privacy, and is therefore part of our standard due diligence process. Plus500 reserves its right to impose additional due diligence requirements where necessary.

Should you require any further assistance with a transaction or your account, please feel free to let us know alongside with providing your account email address.

Happy Holidays,
Brasov, Romania,
Dec 23, 2019,
Registered user

Looks like nothing changed

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I had an account with them years ago, but as I read the last reviews of them, look like nothing changed. Still not a good company to make money. Back then they had a $50 welcome bonus. I guess they could do that only if they know clients will finally lose it anyway.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Reply by Plus500 submitted Jan 2, 2020:

We have managed to make a lot of updates on our platform so now our clients could enjoy even more the trading with CFDs and all the available features in the platform which helps to improve their technical and analytical skills.

You are most welcome to try the Demo mode and see the difference before/after. If you find enjoyable the platform and the way it works, you can register your account and trade with us at any time.

If you need any help please contact our Support team and they will gladly assist you in anything.

Plus500 Social Media team

U.K, United Kingdom,
Mar 13, 2012,

I opened an account around a month ago and to be fair to Plus500 they 'DO' require certain documents and if you don't supply those docs then forget withdrawring your cash. Obviously it's easy to deposit cash. Please remember that you have to supply, for example, the following: Passport, drivers licence, utility bill with address, credit card information (front and back) BEFORE you can withdraw.

I'm currently in the process of withdrawing cash to paypal so fingers crossed. READ the terms and conditions as I'm pretty sure that we all rush in without thinking and then COMPLAIN when we don't agree with something.

I also called the FSA and although they do not require Plus500 to have the above documents many establishments do... so them basically blanket term 'our regulators require'... they don't. Plus500, however, do.

I hope this review helps as Plus500 ARE regulated by the FSA are are pretty safe to use. Other than that double check the stock price at the time of purchase as I feel that there's something else going on with that (Hint).
london, United Kingdom,
Dec 12, 2012,

i have been used that plus 500 about 1 year. with money transfer no problems just Platform is very bad !
Amsterdam, Netherlands,
Dec 3, 2017,
Registered user

Good broker, not the best. They payed my profits in full, but wouldn't let me play further after big profits.

When I was using this broker, I was actually very happy. They offered good execution on cryptos. It wasn't good all the time. Many times I couldn't close a position. Or the price feed was switched between two brokers (which led to some big loss one time, but later on this switch was in my favor). I made some good money and they payed me out in full. After that they decided to terminate my account.

I can understand why people are upset with this broker. But I found a way around these "faults" they have in their platform. And the best: they gave me my money, without any major hassle.
Reply by Plus500 submitted Dec 6, 2017:
Thank you for your comment.

Please consider that Plus500 will not close your account without an explanation based on the terms&conditions offered.
Plus500 is a fully regulated CFD trading company as you can read in our website and online -
One of the benefits of trading with a regulated firm is that you know you are contracting with a reliable and reputable provider in a regulated environment, which has stringent rules and regulations designed, in particular, to protect the interests of retail clients

Should you require any further clarifications, be welcome to contact our Support anytime.

M.B. Morley,
Apr 21, 2010,

The Plus500 platform is extremely accessible, very simple to use and very basic in it's functionality. They offer a reasonable range of CFDs on forex, commodities, ETF, Indices and a few major companies (UK, EU and US) which allows you to vary your strategy within a limited, but uncomplicated framework.Their leverage is good, making this a seemingly cheap and attractive option for playing the markets.

Stops, Closes, Trailing Stops and Orders all function well, and the actioning of orders is satisfyingly rapid, but I remain somewhat suspicious of the total accuracy of their realtime information (i.e. compared to another platform I have been running). My personal experience of contact with their support staff has been almost entirely positive, including the refund of a significant loss incurred when one stock was temporarily untradeable, leaving me unable to protect my position. I have yet to attempt drawing down a profit.

I am aware of the structure of the business, and the various warnings issued regarding their legitimacy in certain countries, but I am satisfied that enough information exists to enable tracing and prosecution if they do in fact behave fraudulently.

HOWEVER...for those of you who are tempted into downloading and using their platform, be aware that many of their spreads on Buy and Sell quotes are very high when compared to other, equally easily available trading platforms (eg. Apple @ 0.30, Google @ 0.65, Wheat contracts @ 1.25!).

Some are about equal (eg. Gold @ 0.65, Oil futures @ 0.05), and there are some cheaper spreads (Silver @ 0.45, Cotton contracts @ 0.19), BUT their premiums on both Buy and Sell are also very high by comparison, notably charging you a premium on Sell positions rather than paying interest in almost every case.

My guess is that they are either working with a brokerage which charges very high commissions (perhaps in direct partnership), or they are adding their own premium on top. Either way, the Plus500 platform is not the cheapest way to access the markets.

Finally, whether by deliberate design or negligence, the only window which cannot be maximized is your deposit summary. This window is also the only one which doesn't show a running total, making it difficult to easily calculate how much you have committed to your account (and therefore how much you may have lost!). Charting tools are also minimal and there are almost no outside links or additional information available directly through the platform.

For alternative platforms, equally accessible, cheaper and much more comprehensive, try AvaFX or IGMarkets. Be prepared for a much steeper learning curve however, the main attraction of Plus500 is it's relative simplicity!

french, France,
Dec 5, 2017,

plus-500 is good for mi

Hello ! me for now I'm happy plus-500.
I think it's wrong to look at the graph on another software like investing is seeing the change.

I do not think that to take me 50 € the exchange rate changes 1.00% or so the guy is poorly paid.

but still today I pass seller is the yard goes from -0.19% to + 1.15% to redessendre -0.21% so I am nothing lost because I keep the open position. but if someone plays against me ok have played. But I would be curious to see someone spend 1 day to take me € 50 while me if I earn € 50 per day I am happy.

if I manage not to lose is to cash a gain I would post another notice.

change of thread in a traffic jam is the car of go back will you double logical or not it is the reality
Reply by Plus500 submitted Dec 24, 2017:

Thank you for your comment

We were not able to fully understand your comment, but would like to add the following:
Trading CFDs involves many risks and therefore requires skills, knowledge and understanding of these risks and is not suitable for everyone.
Although trading leveraged CFDs can result in a profitable outcome, trading leveraged CFDs also involves a great risk of losing all the funds deposited in order to place and maintain the trade, therefore, you must be aware of the risks involved and should not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

You can read more about leverage and margins on our website -

Kindest Regards,
Varna, Bulgaria,
Aug 8, 2020,
Registered user

My first broker

Service use: Other

Length of use: 6-12 Months

They were my first broker. Simple enough for a newbie but nowadays there`s better choices.

May 24, 2020 - 2 Stars I`ve used them long time ago. Was a newbie and was fine. But from nowadays perspective it`s a not so good broker choice. Very old school and very clumsyл

Reply by Plus500 submitted Jun 1, 2020 Hello and thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

We'd love to know if you have any suggestions/recommendations on this matter and to share it with us. You are welcome to contact our support team at any time 24/7 if you need any help regarding our product.

We are sure that your feedback will only help us improve further.


Social Media Team
Bruges, Belgium,
Dec 20, 2013,

I'm a beginner trader and used this broker because the software looked easy to use at that time. However, the more you learn about forex trading you begin to see that their application is way below par. You have no drawing options on their charts (lines, fib, ...).
On top of that they do not allow scalping and refuse to give a clear definition on what they consider scalping.
When I heard reports of people not getting their money back I took out my money (got it back, minus my losses off course... beginner trader...)

Don't go for this broker, there are other brokers enough. If the complexity of MT4 spooks you then find a broker that offers ctrader, I find it rather intuitive.
Coventry, United Kingdom,
May 9, 2012,

They have a bad attitude about customer service. You begin to wonder how they will trip you up next. Then you pray you get some money out because they don't just pay it quickly and simply.
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2020,
Registered user

Sports direct for trading

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

its cheap, cheerful and simple but if you ever want to go an extra yard, you wont find it there. I used plus 500 as my first broker out of university because most of the students in my finance club were using them. But as soon as I wanted to develop my trading i.e. analysis, news, fundamentals, they are so limited. Plus dont ever expect to speak to anyone there be it customer service, account managers or trading, you can never get them on the phone. They are mostly automated or email/chat only. So all in all, they are great t start with but if you are serious about trading, its best to find a more professional platform.
Amelia McCall,
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom,
Sep 15, 2018,

I am puzzled why there is so much hatred towards this company.
Yes, they offer a more simplified trading software without the bells and whistles of MT4 or their support - but the software does what it says.
10+ members of my investment club also use Plus500 without issues.
I really think many of the issues are exaggerated but I could be wrong.

ALL withdrawals I've processed were sorted the same day..

Support could definitely be better however.
Pforzheim, Germany,
Jun 22, 2019,
Registered user

Good Broker !

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I never had problems with verify and withdrawals even the bonuses before had no conditions and i could payout.

Only thing is that the platform charts is a bit how to say ‚ not so good overview but it’s ok.

Best Regards
Reply by Plus500 submitted Oct 4, 2019:

Thank you for your comment, we are glad to see that you are satisfied with the platform and service that we offer. Keep in mind that we are updating constantly our product, so if you have any suggestions for improvement don't hesitate to contact our Support team to hint it. :)

Feel free to contact us 24/7.

Plus500 Social Media Team
Jul 9, 2010,

Plus 500, it's very dynamic, easy to use and it gives a lot of bonus to the trader and I hope theres a lot more to come.
More power.
Dhr Restje,
The Netherlands,
Jun 30, 2011,

Update: They really did pay me out my profit. The transfer took about one week. My conclusion is now that Plus500 is working normal as as forex-broker.

2011-06-03 No rating
Very basic platform.

Positive: Very big choise for indices, shares and funds. Can trade Gas and Platina.

Negative: Charts are useless. Tools are useless. Unclear what company is behind it. I send one email, to ask if they have conditions in more languages ? But never got an answer.

So far I did not take a withdrawal, I hope they pay when I do. :-p

Conclusion: PLus500 is not really convincing, but if they really pay, I might stay. Just to keep them as a reserve-broker option.
Sep 24, 2011,

Before i start trading, i read a lot of bad news about plus500.
Now, i am active in this platform and it is good, providing chart and you can select the indicator that you like.
The most important part is i SUCCESSFULLY withdraw my money, just take a bit long time (1-2weeks).
Erm, something bad is the return rate quite low compare to anther platform.
calgary, AB ,
Oct 16, 2009,

its pretty interesting to see that the maker is isreali( paul).
anyway i have been using them for couple of months, i like there platform, i was really suspecious about the fact they dont have live or phone support. but they usually get back to my email question within one day. there service is meant to be used daily. margin interest will kill ur account if u keep it for more than one day. there website states that you will get charged premium if you open an order before 7 am EST TIME, and keep it through out the day. or open an order before 5 PM EST TIMe and keep it through night. but for some reason i always open order after 7 am but always at 12 noon they charge me interest.

they never go against you. you can compare it with other brokers. i dunno what paul is talking about. there withdrawal is pretty good. i am really happy with there service i deposited 1000$ after 3 weeks i made 2300$ i withrew my 1000$ to my visa. even tho they dont have that option, i selected wire transfer yet they refunded my visa. and weeks ago i withdrew another 1500$ profit, yesterday it showed on my visa. and now i am working with 1600$ thats profit. its been really profitable for me. i like there service. i hope they stay like that, i am hoping i can keep making money without having to deposit any money, since i am dealing with pure profit at the moment.
May 23, 2011,

It works fine to me.
I can easily trade according to my strategy and get my earned money in a week via wire transfer directly to my bank account.

In terms of graphics and charts, maybe it's not the best platform, but it gives you enough tools to work.

I can't understand why some people blame the platform for loosing money... when reality is that they loose due to their own mistakes...
españa, Spain,
Jun 13, 2018,
Registered user

plus500 I have my money

I have received my money today, it has not been because I was due to this delay but I have to say that I have received the money, perhaps it is due to mastercard because my bank can not track the ARM code nor can it expedite the return, but being sincere although the terms that say plus500 have not been met, I have received my money and everything is ok at this moment to be honest. Maybe I was alarmed by the delay in seeing other cases in which people had not received their money

Jun 9, 2018 - 1 Star Ticket 3753882 3755999 I made a withdrawal of funds 10 days ago and I still do not have my money .. where is it? they do not know .They only say that they have sent it but it is not in my bank account and they only know that they are working on it. Professionalism? Do you trust in plus500?
I made two withdrawals earlier this debit card this month and everything was correct, but now in the 3 withdrawals of money 10 days have passed and I have not received the money, they give me an ARM number that is untraceable by my bank and they just tell me that they sent it and they do not give me a solution.
I have read in the forum and have seen the same case several times ,

hey have kept my money and only give me an ARM number that does not prove anything. The transfers once sent did not take me more than 3 working days

I'm worried because by reading the other cases none of them recovered their money. I'm going to report at the FCA
and in
and to publish it on all social networks until I get my money back
that they have stolen.
how a company that makes millions of euros can steal from its users
Such ridiculous amounts and bad press?

They know that the number RNA is untraceable by banks and that
If that transfer had been made correctly, I should have the money in my account.

I do not have many illusions to recover the money because I have read that these cases are common

Hello everybody,

I became Plus500 member 28Mar2015.

Initially things went well;
First withdrawal (1000€) arrived pretty fast in just five days on my PayPal account.
There was no need to consult their Customer Support.

Then came time to make my second withdrawal (2000€) on 10Jun2015.
To this date I've not received it - one month has passed !

I've mailed them many, many times and at the moment I have three open "tickets" on their Support web site ...

30Jun2015 I got a one reply:
"Withdrawal #370373xxx was approved as a refund to card #8xxx.
You should see the funds within 5 business days in case you have online access, or on your next monthly statement."

Well - this never happened.

Their customer support is lousy.

Once you send a complaint you get automated reply in seconds telling:
"Thank you for contacting Plus500 Support.
Please note that we are currently experiencing a larger workload than usual and it will take us longer to respond your query."

And yeah - no live support nor phone numbers .

I wonder will I ever get my money back ...

he only thing they do is tell you that they are checking it out, when after being with them for a year, whenever I made withdrawals, everything was correct and I never complained about anything.

How can you say that the transfer was made if I do not have my money in the account - card? They know that the transfer has not been made or that it is wrong and they should
of returning my money immediately or is it that they like to steal in this way?
Reply by Plus500 submitted Jun 15, 2018:
Dear David,

We can see that our Senior Staff has provided you with a thorough explanation of your withdrawal request, in your correspondence with them ( #3755988).

In case you have open questions, please place those within the correspondence.
We can assure you that they will gladly assist.

Athens, Greece,
Nov 27, 2018,
Registered user

A decent Broker

I have to confess that Plus500 has become a very good broker.
They have the best mobile platform ever , fast enough , with rare requotes , many trading instruments and much faster withrawals than before,
Attila T,
, United Kingdom,
Mar 18, 2013,

I had a pretty good experience using plus500, their account verification process is fast and the withdrawal is also considerably quick. I used PayPal as payment method, deposit were made instantly and the withdrawal took 3 days, exactly as their customer support advised. All transactions went very smoothly, without any hassle at all. Their customer support always responded to my queries via email within a few hours. The platform is the only thing that they should improve, especially the graphs and the indicators.
Athens, Greece,
Apr 30, 2017,
Registered user

Highly recommended!

I really cannot understand why there are so many negative reviews for Plus500.
I am one of the very first clients of this broker (for more than 6 years!) and I have to say that Plus 500 is really one of the best brokers out there.

a) the BEST platform, very easy to use, and very informative for every condition of the available trading instruments.
b) So many instruments available!
c) Usually good spreads and fair execution without requotes.
The opening price is holded no matter to which direction the market headed afterwards. This means that you can be profitable even instantly (while other brokers like Xtrade or Fxpro accept your order ONLY if you have slippage!! Otherwise they requote).
d) many deposit options, real negative balance protection and the last months even more fast Withdrawals (really much faster than before!, wtg plus500!).

Highly recommended.
Reply by Plus500 submitted May 3, 2017:
Hello "BlackViper",

Thank you very much for your comment, we are so glad to see that you are satisfied with the platform and service that we offer.

We will do our best keep offering the best possible service.

Kind Regards,
london, United Kingdom,
Nov 13, 2013,

Reliable choice , especially for UK based broker, One of very few fully FSA regulated broker, Hassle free secure paypal deposits and withdrawal, therefore no deposit or withdrawal fee, Withdrawals are relatively quick , Platform is very good for new traders as it is very easy to calculate lot sizes and it clearly shows how much money you are putting at risk and what exactly are potential gains or losses. All in all reliable UK based broker ! Keep up the good work
Feb 6, 2017,
Registered user


I will speak about my story with Plus500.

From a long time I liked their Platform because it's easy to use but since 4 years I was afraid to open a real account with them because of the negative reviews on the Internet.
Finally I decide to open a real account with them and this what I saw:

- Verifying my account took only several hours.
- I trade for several weeks without any Problems.
- I received many bonuses (small money on the account) while trading.
- After I closed all opened positions I decide to test their withdrawal Process, I couldn't take the bonuses of course because I didn't finish their requirement but I get my deposit amount + about 120% Profits, the Money were in my Paypal account after about 1 business day.

but I found their Platform need more development, for example it's never save your chart zoom level so I need always to fix the chart zoom.

Best Regards
Reply by Plus500 submitted Feb 9, 2017:
Hello Tarik,

Thank you for your comment!
We are glad to see that you are satisfied with the platform and the service that we offer.
We will do our best keep offering the best possible service.

Your feedback regarding the chart was forwarded to our technical team.

Should you require any assistance from our support team, feel free to contact us 24/7 via chat or mail (

C, United Kingdom,
Apr 25, 2020,

Easy to make money

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I started on plus500 and made plenty of money, I did learn plenty thanks to there demo and I also found it very smooth signing up, withdrawing money very simple.
Mario Zebbugi,
Malta, Malta,
Feb 23, 2012,

Plus 500 is not a scam... I had deposited 2,000 and read your comments that is a scam.I panicked and withdraw 1,500 and spent 3 days worring because of you a**holes.Today Ive recieved them in my paypal account .They are legit I dont know why all this scam talking its al bullsh*t,all these clowns are saying that its a scam didnt invest properly and lost money and they want revenge on 500plus...I know its hard to believe but they are registered with FSA you can check yourself and I dont know why I believed you fools...Ive learnt a lesson from this dont listen to fools find the facts(FSA is a good proof)
Feb 18, 2017,

Just opened account with plus500, in 2 weeks ago and I was shocked to see the reviews on the internet about plus500.
but i will show my experience I had in 2 weeks with them:

*opening account and verifying my account was so easy. upload my ID and address proof from bill.

and also they can send code to your address by post to verify your address, so you can use this code so they know that you are on the right address, but still waiting for this code. but it takes up to 2 weeks to arrive to your address.

**To deposit money was fast and was like doing (copy-paste), for me that good especially if you want to inter a trade fast to catch the trend so you need fast process for you deposit .

*** Chat service to ask and get help is always ON and you get someone to help you in few seconds after you click on chat icon. I chatted with them on Saturday which most of brokers have their chat offline and the chat pop up with someone to help, so you can chat with them even in the weekend :D

****about Withdraw still didn't make any withdraw with them, but I will update the rating and I will tell you about my experience when i decide to withdraw

Now I will tell you why I write this, I believe most the low ratings and bad reviews based on people who had some problems with broker and maybe this problem solved but he never come back to update the case

and of course if you are getting good service and fully paid with your withdraw you will not take from your time to tell people about good news, cause most of people like to bring and talk about bad experience. so that why i decide to start talk about good thing and I hope any one who has good review to come and share it :D

but after I tried their platform and read more about the company I still feel they are good and when they are good to serve you they deserve 5 stars and i hope any good trader who has good experience with them to tell people, we are here to hear both reviews and experience not just the bad one!

so I will keep updating this for you guys but at the moment i will give them 5 tars :)
Reply by Plus500 submitted Feb 20, 2017:
Hello Hussein,

Thank you very much for your lovely comment.

We are aware that there are some negative reviews about Plus500 however, such reviews do in fact reflect a small percentage of customers and there are also positive comments from satisfied Plus500 customers, as yours.
We are glad to see that you are satisfied with the platform and the service that we offer.
We will do our best keep offering the best possible service and value any feedback.
Should you require any assistance from our support team, feel free to contact us 24/7 via chat or mail (

, Israel,
May 6, 2012,

I deposited there 1026 USD and
I made withdrawals of 2973 USD - and I got all of that money !
(a pure profit of more than 1900 USD !!!)
Muscat, Oman,
Feb 20, 2013,

I'm really surprised of all bad comments about this service. I tried it myself. they are honest on all type of transactions. I withdrawed 4 time in less that 4 days . The feature of withdrawing from the platform is great. I never had any problem with them. I'm trading from almost one year . The response from customer service is very fast via email. My Cons is agaist the platform which starts slowly and not enabling you for hedging
United Kingdom,
Mar 6, 2018,
Registered user

Smooth withdrawal and easy to use platform

Was easy to open the account, trade and then make withdrawals. As long as you know what you are doing trading CFDs the rates are very competitive. I had no issues depositing or withdrawing. Withdrawing was faster with plus500 then with IG.
Feb 4, 2011,

I never understand why peoples are making fake comments about brokers, I am trading with plus500 since July 2010, I had started with AED 2800(united Arab emirates currency 1 $ equal to AED 3.67) so I trade in gold then in oil, I made good money 1st, I withdraw AED 2000 that came in my bank account within 5 working days via money bookers. After few weeks I withdraw again AED 3000. After that I lost around AED 6000 Due to my own mistakes. I deposit about 3000, in month of December and January I deposit around AED 45000 and I started in forex (EUR/USD) (GBP/USD) I earns good money I withdraw from plus500 AED 35000 and that money came in my account in 4 working days and still I am having good amount of money with +500, they do not having live chat but there e mail replay is very fast so it is not end of world. Losers stop bad words against plus500. keep it up plus 500

Review Moderation Team Note: We can never understand it that some people accuse anyone who claims to have had a different experience with a large company of leaving fake reviews.
LOS ANDES, Argentina,
Jan 19, 2017,


Reply by Plus500 submitted Jan 29, 2017:
Hello Hazim,

Thank you for your comment, we are glad to see that you are satisfied with the platform and service that we offer.

We will do our best keep offering the best possible service.

Should you require any assistance from our support team, feel free to contact us at any time via
our Contact Us page (


K.S. Lai,
Jan 17, 2011,

Plus500 is a reliable invesment company, I start to joint Plus500 on November 2010.It easy for me to deposit money for invest in forex n commodities. On 11 January 2011 I withdraw for the sum of RM635 and on 18 January 2011, I received my money by the sum RM604.55(the RM 30.45 I think is the bank comission). Thank you Plus500 for your efficiency and I trust u...and continue invest with u..... Lai.
Santiago, Chile,
Nov 7, 2017,
Registered user

plus500 is a great option if you know what you are doing

plus500 is excelent all the way. The real problem with many of negative votes is the amazing miss understand of what you trade.
I use plus500 without problems for years there are some goods and some bads.
the goods: fully regulated, great chat and mail support, fast id document processing for accounts

The order in kaos: as i can see "very much order" internally they are very structurated. I know that because my DNI ID is about to expire soon and they send mails and alerts in the platform to re-validate my ID with my new documents.
I abuse about that and don't send the information to see what happend, and they "suspend my account and put a message". Exactly what i was expected about a fully regulated broker. so i send my new ID and in less than an hour the platform go live again.
In the other hands my other brokers "never realize" about my DNI expiracy so based on that information plus500 have a great internal order and structure that send me peace of mind! They are relly aware about the information process.

The platform: Is not the best, that for sure! on "graphics" i preffer metatrader or tradingview to read the charts BUT! WHAT A MINUTE! the platform is in local currency in my case Chilean pesos or the currency your country you are so that is an AMAZING PLUS! for the platform, another plus for that is the platform is cristal clear and Easy of use.
Every option, every button have a question mark with help and documentation about averything. All the CFD have plenty of information about expiracy time (CFD like bitcoins, crude, etc have expiracy date you need to know) but all the information about overnight cost, spread, leverage, etc is there in your face metatrader don't have that much options. So in my experience i read the charts in tradingview and make the trade in plus500 using the easy platform they have.

The assets: they have MANY! how many? TOO MANY!
Crude oil, CFD actions like, facebook, apple, etc, indexes of almost every country including spain and some spain cfd, forex pairs from basics eur/usd to usd/zar

as i can remember plus500 was the "first" broker out there that put bitcoins in the platform to trade and that is a HUGE BUSINESS VISION! from the plus500 Team. Now other brokers like XM.COM try to sell you the idea that now they have bitcoins and is a news for them but they don't know you can trade bitcoins in plus500 2 years before.

The prices: Plus500 have great forex spreads BUT are "expensive" based on the overnight costs and some of the CFD are very expensive costs to buy but well you can trade it if you like it.

The infamous problem with platform buttons blocked just when you need to close your position.
I see many times this gray buttons. The short answer is "LIQUIDITY IN THE MARKET"

the problem with people crying everywhere is they don't really know what kind of business they trade they are using CFD and some times when some big news come up the platform just don't let buy or sell that pair of forex for example. and of course if you are in the trade you can not close your position until the market stop and appears some liquidity so the problem as i can see is a liquidity problem in the market in general.
But this problem just affect plus500? NO IF NOT! is everywhere the difference between plus500 and for example is when you use metatrader if you close the position and you don't have liquidity the position never close or close in the next liquidity price WELL BELOW you actualy want.

So based on that i prefer plus500 that show me the thruth about liquidity than a metatrader that close my position blindly in the price they want. You can add to this equation that plus500 have an option that other brokers don't have is a warranted stop loss THAT PREVENT ALL THE PAIN IF YOU USE IT!

Sooo if you see news coming and you want to trade USE WARRANTED STOP LOSS and stop crying. try that in your broker... guess what they don't have that options they will kill your account 200 pips below you wanted price.

Reply by Plus500 submitted Nov 9, 2017:
Hello There!
Thank you very much for your comment and rating.

We enjoyed your detailed description about your experience with Plus500, and are very happy to read that you are satisfied with the services we offer.

We will do our best to keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 15, 2020,
Registered user

Fast and reliable platform

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I have been using plus500 for the last 1 year, i like their web platform better than other brokers, they do not provide MT platforms. This platform is very compatible with mobile and provides easy to u understand data points to start and close a trade.

Their margins are low and it is good for someone to make quick decision for buy and sell.

Their payment methods are standard and withdraw to paypal is 2 working days which is very convenient.

Please ensure you upload all documents and get it verified before deposit and make profit on live account

They have ontime chat service who can assist you in basic and their backend team are prompt in resolving cases

The worry is not having mt4 therefore difficult to use EA kind of services for desktop once you start becoming expert in trading.

They do not offer scalping which is a downsize, so if you are expert HFQZY trader it may not be the right platform

Make sure you have enough funds and with a right trading plan you can be happy with plus500 and enjoy their surprise bonus.

Good luck

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