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Updated: Nov 28, 2019
1.769 · 4 REVIEWS
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1.769 · 4 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Apr 7, 2011,

Their platform is not that great, but worst of all they have changed their terms of service and then would not transfer my account to another broker without still charging me their ACAT fee. Customer service is terrible as well. These people will do whatever they can to nickel and dime you rather than focus on running an effective business.
Sep 22, 2010,

I have the same issue when trying to enter a trade; "deal not accepted, rates changed" and now I can't even put money into my account from the same account I used before. When I called their support line the girl said that they don't see any transaction come through to them so I had her tried it from her side and it work just fine.But I have to say, the customer service is not bad at all. It just the platform is not good enough and also the candle sticks is different if you compare it to other platforms.
Sep 1, 2010,

I have tried it with a mini account and also find it lacking. When the action is fast you get a "deal not accepted, rates cahnged message" - it seems the fast fun action they advertise is only for the large program traders. Today I am searching for info b/c the stop loss I had on one such winning trade gone bad actually didn't stop! the chat customer service girl again blamed the high volume/fast action... if the platform can't handle the action why use it? Like the other user I wonder if its an intentional way to squeeze the reail customer.
Newport, RI,
Feb 6, 2010,

There a IB for GAINS. They also use the same trading platform as Forex.com
Nov 7, 2009,

Zecco's spreads are decent enough, but the performance is definitely below expectations. Whenever there is a lot of movement in the market, especially during London open or NY open, the software gets slow/ sluggish. So what used to take a few seconds for placing the entire order now takes forever. Every click take a few seconds to response. Even if I try to just switch to a different graph, or just click the drop down menu to enter the number of 'Lots'; it takes long enough to the point where one can easily loose patients. Imagine trading news with Zecco. It gets terribly sluggish during news hours. But when all the money making hours are over, the software is back to normal and works absolutely fine.

When I tried to get some help from them, the representative asked me to call them only when the problem occurs. They also suggested me to uninstall the app and reinstall it(which didn't help at all).

I still wonder how could an app work absolutely fine for all the time except the peak hours. It it that their server is not able to handle the traffic (this is hard to believe because their servers are meant to be extremely fast), or is it intentional?

Any comments/ suggestions are most welcome. In fact, I'm desperately looking forward to switch to a different broker.