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FapTurboEvolution.com Review

Updated: Sep 13, 2018
2.946 · 19 REVIEWS
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2.946 · 19 REVIEWS
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Jan 16, 2011,

I purchased FAPTurbo Evolution in 2009. It did not perform as advertised due to Dukascopy liquidity issues with the large number of purchasers. I decided to keep my $599 copy of EVO in lieu of a refund and wait for better days. Well ... better days are here but my copy of EVO will no longer validate on the EVO server. I have sent several emails to the following addresses with no reply: support@fapturboevolution.com; fapturboalex@fapturboevolution.com;
Furthermore, the EVO forum is no longer available even though the website is still up and running. If this was not a scam then I challenge the FAPTurbo organization to explain why not.
Nov 26, 2009,

After a brief spell of demo trading I started trading live on Aug 6th. Trading small lots (Dukascopy small is standard lot by normal standards!) and using Donna's conservative settings I did very well. $2000 up by September 8th. In the next month I lost all this and stopped trading waiting for the new version of FTE. I went live again with FTE 1.3 and default settings on 12 th October. I hit several large S/Ls in the next four days ans lost $1000 and stopped trading again.
I am now demo trading and it is bumping along at about break even
Oct 19, 2009,

FAP EVO = Piece of crap. In 2 weeks my account went down by -18%. Avoid dealing with these bunch of scammers and liars.
Oct 19, 2009,

I am very disappointed. Evolution has lost me over $15,000. I am not new to trading and have used robots for a long time. I didn't alter the settings or tweak anything at all and it lost me all this money in such a short space of time. Very bad.

To make matters worse,Evolution DO NOT RESPOND to customer support requests and the attitude of one of their forum moderators is very bad. The moderator in question made me feel very stupid like i didn't know what i was doing. You are lucky if your message even gets on the forum, they delete almost everything negative even if written in a nice way.

I will never buy from these people again.
London, England,
Oct 16, 2009,

Definitely a loser and I agree possible in the fraud category given the hype, price and performance. I'm down nearly 30% in 3 months. Only winners are the FAP Turbo team and Dukascopy.
Peter Strickler,
Oct 14, 2009,

I already had an account with Dukascopy and have always been happy with their performance, so when I heard about FT Evolution and the incredible results I thought I give it a try. The first 3 trades it made cost me 1700 of my account balance. I noticed there was a problem that you could not tell the robot to go long or short, so I disabled the loosing pair, but over thye weeks the robot kept making more and more loosing trades. Even the beta tester account of Donna forex has been decimated. At the same time the creators refuse to answer any support questions. It is so bad clickbank extended the refund periode to 90 days, you just need to call them. I'd classify this one virtually in the fraud category.
Oct 8, 2009,

Fap turbo evolution claims vs reality:


FapTurbo Evolution Is The FIRST Forex Robot In The World That Doubles Your Account Consistently And At The Same Time GUARANTEES Performance UNAFFECTED By Broker Tricks And B.S. (Execution Delays, Bad Spreads And Off-Quote Errors)...


Result on live account after 2,5 months of trading: -21%

15.07.2009 Deposit 7500
16.07.2009 7515,19
17.07.2009 7321,61
21.07.2009 7599,89
22.07.2009 7224,59
23.07.2009 7187,57
24.07.2009 7657,96
27.07.2009 7644,19
28.07.2009 7935,32
29.07.2009 8073,49
30.07.2009 8558,17
31.07.2009 8868,11
03.08.2009 8808,47
04.08.2009 9051,73
05.08.2009 9334,51
06.08.2009 9505,57
07.08.2009 9834,48
11.08.2009 9925,26
12.08.2009 9968,73
13.08.2009 10056,93
14.08.2009 10130,85
17.08.2009 10113,6
18.08.2009 10360,4
19.08.2009 10536,86
20.08.2009 10743,57
21.08.2009 10752,26
24.08.2009 10733,37
25.08.2009 10875,33
26.08.2009 10281,82
27.08.2009 10410,97
28.08.2009 10509,79
31.08.2009 10505,72
01.09.2009 10597,28
02.09.2009 10693,77
03.09.2009 9893,35
04.09.2009 9542,48
07.09.2009 9053,21
08.09.2009 8999,6
09.09.2009 9124,17
10.09.2009 9240,77
11.09.2009 9272,29
14.09.2009 9303,09
15.09.2009 9140,03
16.09.2009 9274,69
17.09.2009 9393,88
18.09.2009 9497,66
21.09.2009 9521,62
22.09.2009 9518,13
23.09.2009 9777,56
24.09.2009 9465,15
25.09.2009 9059,6
29.09.2009 8623,9
30.09.2009 7782
01.10.2009 7971,42
02.10.2009 7643,58
06.10.2009 7618,03
07.10.2009 6757,75
08.10.2009 5937,13
Oct 3, 2009,

I also have found the promised liquidity at Dukascopy to be non existant. The performance level of execution, also, has a lot to be desired. However, what is a worry is the adminstration's performance. Four weeks ago I emailed the FaptEvo crowd requesting a refund and to be advised of the necessary procedure. This request was submitted inside the 60 period. To date I have emailed four requests for a response and a telephone call. In return I have received two auto generated acknowledgements of receipt .
Sep 30, 2009,

I wonder how many emails and voice mails it's going to take before Steve, Mike, Ulrich or whoever the higher up management of FTE is, will assist me with the FTE problem I've needed assistance with for over 3 weeks now? I'm being systematically ignored by your support team and supervisor.

Please develop a councince as well as software and man up, step up to the plate and help a repeat customer instead of ignoring me and hoping I'll just "go away"! Your treatment of your customers is disgraceful. Please contact either Violet or Mary in FTE support and they'll fill you in as to what this is all about.

Anyone thinking about buying their EA software in future BEWARE of thier customer service followup and unethical practices.
Sep 20, 2009,

EVO was Hyped as the 8th wonder in the forex universe, together with Dukascopy, a broker where liquidity problems felt with our regular MT4 brokers would be quickly forgot.

The reality could not be further away.

Some beta testers can still show some awsome results, but they were initially testing the product in an evironment that was not real (few participants in (what turned out to be a limited) Dukascopy liquidty pool). Now and lately some of those testers at least have been showing big losses like everybody else.

It's also true, like another member pointed out, that EVO forum is only open to members that say good things about the product. The only one of my posts that was published was simply truncated in the part when I complained of low liquidity problems with Dukascopy. The other posts were never published neither I received any answer to my email asking why the posts were not published. I'm not sure if one shouldn't trust people that behave like this and the only thing I regret is not have asked for a refund in due time.

Maybe Evo is a good robot but DukasCopy supposed large liquidity is simply not there. Investors were mislead by this supposedly liquidity/lowspread advantage that would overbost Fapturbo performance. Right now I have my EVO robot stopped and money standing still waiting that the liquidity problem can be solved.

Maybe I end up by having to close down my account at Dukascopy and loose my robot investment money.