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Updated: Mar 30, 2018
2.837 · 5 REVIEWS
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2.837 · 5 REVIEWS
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Sydney Australia,
May 2, 2011,

I had a similar experience to Kwok Chau. I purchased the software in February and backtested it recently over the last 3 months for UST's five preferred currency pairs. Three of the pairs produced positive results whilst two were negative. However, the gross totals of the five pairs were negative using one, two and three managed contracts (-680, -570 and -410 pips respectively over 3 months).

I was told that my results seemed to be very different to everyone else's (I had end-of-day results for some of the trades and I had an 80% fit on those) and perhaps I should just consider the narrow timeframe of 6pm to 9pm NY. A quick look made me think that there was no improvement in the results but I need further time to check out the relevant 109 trades. I can only go so far and, to be honest, I have already formed my opinion.

I was unable to receive a refund but do have lifetime access to the proprietary indicators. Given the $297 cost and the limited value of these indicators, I don't think I got a goood deal. Quite possibly, the results may be better if Imicro managed each trade, but the idea was to limit the time spent in front of the screen!

did cancel the monthly subscription
Apr 1, 2011,

I am not as smart as BDL to be able to break down someone elses indicator and understand its programing. I have been using UST since Sept 09. I guess every trader has his/her comfort zone. Mine is when my 4hr time frame sets up I go down to the 30 time frame and use the UST levels in that time. The 30 min targets gives me more pippage than my 4 hour time frame. All I can say is it is awesome.If my 4 hour system and UST seem obsecure its my indication to stand aside. (Sometimes its not how much you make but how much you didn't lose lol) To be honnest I couldn't trade UST as confidently without it. I have found their support response to be timely and efficient.
Ohio, USA,
Feb 25, 2011,

I have used the system for 8 months. It is essentially a moving average crossover system that generates entries and exits based on a mathematical calculation of the difference between price and a moving average. The results will not be anything near what is posted or advertised as those are "theoretical" returns. For example, most traders will exit at the first target, but often results will be reported based on the second or third target should they be hit. You can expect about a 50% to 60% on average winning trades over losers, assuming you take nearly every trade. If you try to "cherry pick" you will likely lose money. The support they provide has been prompt and I have no complaints there, but I have not asked for a refund either. Like most vendors, their primary goal is to market and sell products and services. They use all of popular marketing techniques to pressure quick decisions. They like to sell systems, then follow up with fee based subscription services and update packages. The positives is that you can learn trading strategies from them and if you are clever enough to decipher the hidden indicator codes and programming, there is useful information that can be applied to your own trading strategies. In the end I do not trade their system, but using some of their indicators and techniques I was able to construct a much more reliable trading method. The UST and SevenSummits trading systems are from the same outfit but are very different systems.
Kwok Chau,
Hong Kong,
Jan 31, 2011,

I bought this system in Nov 2010 with 30 days refund policy if the system does not generate 500 pips in 30 days. When I asked for refund in Dec and ask them to prove to me the system has generated 500 pips net in that 30 days. They asked me to review their weekly video. All these video are promotional nature without any details of trades.
Personally I don't believe their system has generated that sort of pips, so I want proof from them.
So far I still have not gotten any solid reply. I probably will never get back my money. So be careful, guys !
R C T,
Hannibal, Mo,
Jul 15, 2009,

UST is a decent system. It has good support from some fairly honest guys. I like the system but if you only use metatrader you can not get out of it what they lead you to believe because the best trades come from their tick charts in TradeStation. TS is unrealistic for the little guy trying to make it. The platform fees and data are outrageous. Until the UST team develops a relationship with Sierra Charts I will only say the system is good. Lots of set ups reverse, stop out and then go the other way. Beware, the pip counts for targets 1, 2, 3, don't include stop outs, They are gross counts from only good trades, not net counts from all trades. If you are going to get it, wait till it is freshly offered with the $200 credit and some free time on the "owners club". You learn a lot there but once again, $97 per month for a little guy is not realistic.