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Updated: Aug 27, 2023
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1.168 • 6 REVIEWS

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Australia, Australia,
Feb 28, 2023,
Registered user

Horrifying experience

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
This company is horrific. I joined trade copy service when they were manually trading just like they said, then all of a sudden I start getting a lot of weird trades, multiple trades, up to 100 pending orders on EURUSD, multiple trades closing in heavy losses. They lost me thousands of dollars on there copy trade service. They later admitted to me that they were trading using a EA instead of manual trades. They did not know how to manage the settings which caused all the issues stated above and large losses of money, the were playing around with settings without telling customers of what was happening... I will never be joining this company again and I do not recommend anyone else to do so. They are not transparent and like to deny there wrong doings. STAY AWAY!!
Velbert, Germany,
Dec 17, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I tried the copy Service for one month.
I had a lot of technical problems and lost some money. All signals were copied without SL into MT4 !!! If I would not stop some them by myself I would lose more money.
Brazil, Brazil,
Sep 4, 2021,
Registered user

Investment plan

Service use: Other
I foolly decided to send money for their investment plan, sent $100 (luckly the lowest price), the admin authorized the transaction, then vanished and appeared 2 hours later saying the spots had been filled and I should try the $300 spot (send more money), no refund and they will never do a $100 again (???), only up from $500 so I wouldn't be able to use it unless you put more ("but your money is safe with us").I only tried the free signals, which were not that good, but can't say about the paid service
Punjab, India,
Oct 1, 2020,
Registered user

Total scam. Read to understand the business model

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
Hello there traders. I bought 6 month subscription in promotion price. And now arround after 2 months i am reviewing their service. And i wanna talk about these scammer's business model. So, they always keep arround 350 members in vip channel and how do they do it???? Answer is, they deliberately deliver signals for opposite direction in results some traders leaves the group because of loss. And they never ever post the loosing trades results in their public channel. So suppose 20 tradrs left the group because of bad results. Now again, they will start delivering accurate signals in vip group. And post these trade's results with screenshots of given signals from vip channel to the public channel. Now again some public group members will pay for vip subscription to join vip channel. Again they will provide wrong signals and again some members will make an exit from vip channel. They are repeating these things again and again...... Pretty smart right????.. This is my honest opinion. If you still want to try. Please don't take more than one month subscription. And place all the trades on demo account. Save your hard earned money. They want you to loose. Thanks
Bari, Italy,
Oct 29, 2019,
Registered user

I was their client. I bought their basic services.

Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
I was a trader from 3 years. I bought their basic monthly services that sold signals. The signals were not as precise as they say. Most do not reach TP1 and eventually end up closing with the SL. At the end of the month I could not even recover the money invested.
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Sydney, Austria,
Jul 21, 2019,
Registered user

After three months

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I would advice you to stay away from this company signals as my experience with the company was dismal. After a couple of days, and my realising that the signals were random (some certainly made no sense and they did NOT give their analyses like they do on the free channel) I asked my plan to be changed to one month plan (from a three month plan) and they rudely refused, and not only refused but started saying things I found very offensive. I would NEVER ever go back to them even if they offered me money. If you like throwing your money in the fire, look no further.

Mar 5, 2019 - No Rating I thought I would try out a signal provider to see if the hype lives up to the outcome. So I looked up some providers, and found fxprofit signals through google. Subscribed to their "free" Telegram channel, and their marketing stats (which they kept repeating over and over) seemed good, so I signed up for the VIP channel. Have been with them for a few weeks, so I think I am able to review them here. (Note I am not a full time trader, nor am I a novice. I've got years of experience on the forex markets)

Before starting, I would like to state, that I am in no way affiliated with fxprofitsignals (or any other service provider) and have no connections to them except as a user of their proffered services.

Would I call them thieves, outright scammers or their venture or signals a scam? I would not. Would I call them squeaky clean and transparent and above board and exemplary businessmen? I would not.

The warning signs:
These were there and I was aware of what I was getting into, but their figures seemed impressive, so I thought it was worth the risk. The first warning sign was the lack of transparency. Nowhere in their information could I find a name or a phone number of the real person (or persons) behind this. This led me assume that either, there were people who had messed up before in the fx scene and could not to associate their names with this venture, or there was some conflict of interest involved in revealing their names. Either way, normally I would not have gone with such a provider.
Sign 2: Also lack of transparency: in their server IP address lookup and registration results, names are again hidden by a "service provider". They have taken an extra step to remain hidden.
Sign 3: The company is registered in Bulgaria under Pro Forex LTD. The fact that there are advertisements all over the Net for company registrations in Bulgaria for ridiculously low Euro amounts, didn't fill me with that much confidence.

The Purchase:
Buying the signals themselves was quick and easy. They have numerous ways in which you can pay and the signals started arriving promptly after the purchase of the signals through the Telgram app

The system:
They are a bit sketchy on how to use their system and I presume deliberately so. They give 4 options on their site. Their system is basically a 3 level take profit (TP1, TP2, TP3) and stop loss. Summarising very briefly the main points:
Option 1, target TP1, move stop loss to breakeven (or entry) (at some point?)
Option 2, target TP2, move stop loss to breakeven then to TP1
Option 3, target TP3, move stop loss to breakeven then to TP1 then to TP2
Option 4, target TP3, close half at TP1, move stop loss to breakeven, close half of remaining at TP2 etc...
Single trade risk < 2% of equity
All sound advice, IMO

So how did I fare, or how good were the signals:
Now to the crunch of the review. In the month or so of reviewing the signals my experience was that the signals were all over the place. They give 5 to 7 signals. I had days when all 7 hit stop loss... this is a very difficult achievement as even if you are blindly guessing, you'd get a better ratio. To be fair, there were days in which all hit at least TP1 as well. All in all, it was about a 10% loss of equity for me. Others may have had a different outcome.

You get more analysis of the signals on the free channel than on the VIP channel. Meaning that while the free channel provides you diagrams / charts showing the analyses of the signals, you only get a (usually) burst of seven signals daily on the VIP with the occasion spam thrown in, though compared to the free channel, the spam is minimal.

The Hype
Forex sites are full of the dangers of depending on sites that report on the basis of pips but I am not going to repeat them here. This service, on it's free channel, brags about the "pips they made" in the previous day / week or month... provided they had it good. I found them unusually silent about their losses. While other services offer signal monitoring and "get out now" advice when markets move massively against you, you get none of that here. The pip calculations are also far from being absolutely right. For one thing, even when the signal arrives on Telegram, I have found the price has moved (usually around 3) pips. So the actual figure was different from their total right on that point. Also there are other obvious factors which made the actual pips gained/lost different to what they incessantly post on their free channel. So all in all a lot of hype.

I found that they respond to the chat on their web site promptly. However whether the responses were useful or helpful was arguable. They did try to sell me additional services when I asked about analyses of signals (i.e. their platinum channel) and they did give me some hackneyed responses like even the most experienced traders don't get it right all the time and that I should trade for a long time (undefined) to see consistent results :)

Do I think they are a scam? No.
Would I extend my signals once they expire? No.
Would I recommend that others buy their signals? No.
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