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Updated: Nov 1, 2018
4.667 · 3 REVIEWS
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4.667 · 3 REVIEWS
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Jan 11, 2010,

I visit Tradeprofits regularly when I am browsing around for forex inspiration.

Tradeprofits is run by Jakob, and as the tag line on the site indicates the site provides a lot of "random thoughts and ideas about everything related to trading".

Jakob is very open and honest about his investment approach and very keen to share his knowledge and experience with other traders. This is also reflected in the free signal service provided on the site.

I would recommend anyone interested in forex trading to go have a look at Jakob's site. It is already a great source of forex related inspiration, and in the short span of time I have followed it, it has improved continuously.
Oct 31, 2009,

Trade Profits / Jakob appears to be one of the few signal services which uses a genuinely talented trader who has learnt to trade and is not reliant on some mechanical high risk system. I like his service for several reasons. He does not over trade -usually less than 10 trades per month. He uses excellent R:R which means that one trade ( as in September) can turn a losing month around. His trades put the emphasis on risk percentage per trade not pips. He is very responsive to any queries and really cares about giving a great service. I am amazed his service is still free but again this shows he is willing to share his success while he builds a strong client base. Overall this service avoids a lot of the pitfalls present in so many others and will hopefully be around for a long time to come.
Sep 27, 2009,

I have been reading this website for about three months. This site is good, they review other Forex Signal and they provide an honest review.

Tradeprofits.net is managed by Jacob. I did write an email to him, and I asked him to review one of the forexsignal in the market, and he did it for me. Thanks Jacob.

He also provide his FX Signal, personally I consider his signal is Good. He is not a newbie, he wants to share his knowledge with us. Recently, he delivers his signal through twitter to our cell phone, unfortunately this option is not available in my country. I do hope Jacob will change it to Skype to deliver his signal to our cell phone.

Four Star for his signal. I wish Jacob the best.
Aug 29, 2009,

Trade Profits is run by a young gentleman named Jakob. I only recently stumbled upon this site when I was researching a forex signal service he is reviewing.

From a few email exchanges with Jakob over the last few days, I can say that he appears to be considerate, genuine, and earnest. He also appears to be eager to improve his site to better suit the needs of his visitors. And also quite willing to go out of his way to assist me.

Although I have not fully utilized or read all the areas of his site, it does seem to have the potential to offer something for anyone interested in trading forex: from trade signal reviews to providing trade signals to educational reviews to forex news.

My minor concern at this point with the Trade Profits offerings is that Jakob is only one person, and he is not a full time trader (correct me if I am mistaken on this, Jakob), so I can only wish he has the long-term time and energy to maintain the site with regular updates of his reviews. For example, I notice at least one of his older reviews appeared to be intermittent, and not very regular.

So it is still too early for me to rate by using the star system here; at least my early impression has been quite positive. I will come back and update as time progress, and as I explore this site more thoroughly. Meanwhile, I wish the site will prosper, and I wish Jakob the best.