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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
4.689 · 9 REVIEWS
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4.689 · 9 REVIEWS
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, USA,
Aug 11, 2012,

This course is a piece of junk. I am pretty sure that most of the reviews below are made by the people who are affiliates of this course. Its all theory and NO examples. All you learn about price action is WHAT IS price action, WHAT IS support/resistance. You DO NOT learn how to draw support/resistance lines, you DO NOT learn how to read charts and candles, you DO NOT learn WHEN to place trade and WHEN to get out on a trade.

Basically this course consists of brief introductions of basic concepts in trading which you can find with a simple search on Google.

90% of the course consists of random stories about a person picking up onions, about Einstein, about marriage(?) etc. which I cannot see how these are gonna help us learn anything about trading . The main reason for these stories are to put more material in the course so they can justify the ridiculous price of $99.

The course claims that you will learn how the market works. I can assure you that you can buy a $19 book from Amazon and have the COMPLETE picture of the market and psychology.
Reply by Gabriel Baryard submitted Aug 20, 2012:
Hi Jim, Shoot here from TradingApples.com. I am sorry to hear you were dissatisfied with the course, and although I do not take criticisms from those who have taken the course lightly, I would like to clarify a few things. 1. To my knowledge all of the reviews below are genuine reviews NOT submitted by people affiliated with TradingApples.com in any way. Could it be that others found the Pro Course helpful even if you didn't? Or must everyone agree with your opinion? In fact I have had very few negative reviews since I made this course. I'm not saying the Pro Course is perfect by any means, yet the fact is there has been almost nothing but good reviews on this course both here and on other review sites. 2. In your review you mention that the course is all theory and lacks examples. You state that the course teaches what price action and support/resistance is but does not teach how to read charts or when exactly to get in and out of trades. To that I say that most sensible people don't want to just be shown exactly what to do without an explanation pertaining to the reason why they are being instructed to do something. In the Pro Course I focus on the concepts behind why a trader would get into and out of a position, and not only that but I go into some depth on the matter while demonstrating methods taught to me by my trading mentor, a 25 year veteran of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. So when you say I don't tell you exactly where to enter and exit you are right, I instead teach my students how to think for themselves and understand their own reasons for entry and exits. Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime. In the section on my own personal methods however I do indeed show you where you would enter and exit, and am very specific about it. I also have a number of live trading videos posted on tradingapples.com which clearly demonstrate not only the reasons for entry and exit, but the entries and exits themselves. I think the real issue here, and you put it so eloquently yourself, is that you, "...cannot see how these are gonna help us learn anything about trading." ( referring to a number of metaphors used in the Pro Course) I think you're right. That's exactly it. For whatever reason you personally couldn't see how the Pro Course was going to help you learn trading and I don't know if this was because you were looking for specific information that you didn't see in the course or because you are just not at the level or theorizing about how markets work yet and need to learn a bit more about the basic mechanics of markets first, which I must admit would probably make the theory of trading seem like another language. Believe me I've been there, and that's why I'm not criticizing you, Jim. Either way I see it as a failure on my part in presenting this information in a way that, for whatever reason, you found difficult to learn from. I have to admit, I have been tempted to just develop a system that attempts to advise people when exactly to buy and sell without telling them why. It is a stab at the commoditization of the art of trading, and there is certainly a market for it, but I couldn't bring myself to selling out like that as 1. Most black/grey box/buy-sell signal systems simply do not work over time. and 2. It's not fair to those people out there who are genuinely trying to learn the art of trading that I've invested the last 7 years of my life trying to perfect and share with others. Jim, your review is valuable to me, and the next time I update the Pro Course I will consider every word of your review. Having said that, the other positive reviews make me think I've actually made a pretty good Trading Course that I hope will continue to help people take control of their finances and learn to trade.
Pat McCandless,
Mar 12, 2010,

I just went through Shoot's course again and I was pretty surprised at how much I picked up even after going through it so many times already. It just really inspired me to share this course with everyone and give it my full backing because I know how helpful it had been to my trading.

I first found out about Shoot at another trading website where I studied his live videos that he put out and read the conversations between him and some of his other students to get a better idea of his approach. (I've never had a lot of money in the first place so I'm the type of person who researches as much as possible about things I'm looking to buy.)

I think the thing that hooked me the most was how simple this guy kept everything. I never saw any indicators, oscillators, moving averages, or any of that crap on his charts. With the little info I had taken from this I started playing around with it on my demo account and back testing, etc. I started seeing how this stuff really had some potential, but how the hell could it be so easy? I thought, Maybe he says that's all he's using, but he probably has something else up his sleeve that he's not telling us about. Basically, I couldn't help but be really skeptical cuz I couldn't afford to just give away a hundred bucks.

Anyways, after some more hesitation and skepticism I finally just did it. For 99 bucks and seeing how others I was talking to had nothing but great things to say about it I didn't see any reason not to really. I will say that had it been more than 99 bucks I probably would've passed and that would've been a huge mistake. He also gives away some lessons so you can see what type of stuff you'll be learning.

Look, if you're searching for that holy grail of trading you're not gonna find it here, but you're not gonna find it anywhere else either, trust me. (I know from experience) This course isn't gonna make you rich as soon as you're done with it. What it does is give you the foundation that you need to start heading in the right direction. It's the meat and potatoes of market mechanics and pretty much what the big cheeses don't really want you to know. If you think there's a system out there that will get you rich quick without putting out the time and effort why the frick isn't everyone rich? Come on

To put the blabbering to an end, I really owe my progress and where I'm at now with my trading to Shoot and all the guys on the discussion forum. Without them I'd probably still be flipping through the hundreds of overpriced get-rich-quick schemes out there or maybe even quit. So thanks guys. Job well done.

New York,
Jan 27, 2010,

I have recently finished the Pro Trader course. May I first begin by saying that whatever is written in this review is by no means an overstatement. It is sincere and I am very happy to say that and mean it. I had been watching the videos that Shoot had posted to Youtube and thought why not give the course a try. I was blown away by everything. Overall the course is professional, well rounded and profound. It is presented in a down-to-earth easy to understand format that if listened to will without a doubt change your trading as you know it. The fact that it was split up between video format and written format was a nice balance. I found my self wanting to go on to the next lesson with excitement as what new revelation was I going to be so lucky to receive. I found my self making money I did not think was possible with my skill level. But the topics discussed are so simple that once you actually understand them you can use them immediately and begin to reap the rewards. I feel the price of the course is a gift and would had I known what impact it would have on me I could easily say I would have paid double, triple, or quadruple what I paid. What you learn is in essence priceless considering what you can do with it. This course has set the tone for the beginning of what I now have no doubt to be an incredible, rewarding, and beautiful trading career and in turn effect every other facet of my life. I can not thank Shoot and all others who contributed to the course enough and hope that all can receive as much benefit as I have. Good luck to all. Graham
Jay K.,
Quad Cities, IL,
Jan 26, 2010,

This is the best trading resource I have to date. I've been to multiple trading websites and forums but now I spend most of my time at TradingApples.com with few exceptions. First, the free information the website hosts make available is a wonderful to get your mind wrapped around the basics of trading. From there you can head to the forums and check out what people are saying, participate in pre-scheduled white board discussions, and share your trades. The best part is Shoot's Pro Course. It is hands down the best trading course I have ever gone through. It goes through his philosophy, market mechanics, basics of trading, his strategies and more. I'm also getting coached right now and it has been a profitable and professional experience. I highly recommend giving this site a good look over.
Miami, Fl,
Jan 25, 2010,

I've taken the Pro Course and let me say I'm very satisfied. I love the way the Pro Course focuses on why the market acts the way it does. It became very apparent to me that this is the way professionals trade the market. Being a complete neophyte to trading.. I'd suggest the Pro Course to anyone! New or Seasoned veteran.
João Paulo dos Santos,
Jan 25, 2010,

At tradingapples.com I learned not only a style of trading but how to see and understand the market. This changed my mindset and 6 months after taking the procourse I improved my results considerably.You can go there and follow my trading journal, you´re going to see my develpment.
The members there are really nice and sharing experiences with them was key to change my mindset.
Matt Anderson,
Jan 24, 2010,

Wow. What a great course! Before this course I had found some strategies for trading that worked sometimes, but I never knew why they worked. After learning very simple but important concepts from the course, I can now understand why they worked, and I can tell why sometimes they did not work. Its much easier to develop solid trading strategies when you understand how the market works and why price moves up and down. I love the site and have immensely improved my trading since taking the pro course. Also probably one of the greatest values on the web as far as cost goes. Also, the website founders, Shoot and Brendan are always quick to answer any questions you have. Thanks guys.
United States,
Jan 2, 2010,

Excellent course. Definitely learned things that I will incorporate into my trading. I have a clearer picture of the markets, and now know the direction I have to go to take this to the next level. This course has confirmed some ideas I had relating to trading, opened my mind to others, and introduced some that I probably never would have thought of.( Ok maybe I would have thought of them eventually but getting a head start can't hurt.) All jokes aside I really do feel that this course has helped me advance enormously on my trading journey and for this I am grateful. I believe it is suited for traders of all levels but I can only comment from a beginners perspective (notice I don't mention newbie anymore) .The value of this course went beyond my expectations. I really enjoyed the course and do plan to review it again. Shoot thanks for sharing your knowledge and kudos on a course remarkably done.
Dan Pratt,
Green Bay, WI,
Oct 23, 2009,

Hello all, My name is Dan Pratt and I've taken this course a few days ago. I just got done with it and I think I would go so far as to say that this is probably the best educational material on trading that I have ever come by. Granted, I've only taken about 3 or 4 other trading courses, but this was clearly the best. The ideas Gabriel Baryard outlines in the course are profound and eye opening. He looks at the financial markets in a way that I haven't seen much of on the internet. I like that he focuses on understanding how markets work and crowd psychology to determine his positions and uses very few indicators, and it's not just that he does that, but that he does it so well. I was able to connect with almost everything he went through in the course. I will say though that at some points it was a little wordy and maybe a little condescending, but all in all I feel like my eyes have been opened to a lot of things. This course left me inspired to tackle the markets again. Dan
James Ruchnevich,
Gary, Indiana,
Aug 14, 2009,

I just took the Pro Course located at TradingApples.com and must say it is absolute gold. It is not a get rich quick system or a set of indicators by any means so if you are looking for this look elsewhere (although I would be surprised if you found it).

This course teaches how markets operate, how the professionals trade, and how to make money by following the big money. It also outlines several as they call them "high probability plays" that work in any market. I personally am a Forex trader and the only negative I can say about this course is 2 or 3 lessons talked about volume in trading which obviously did not apply to Forex, but aside from this it is an awesome course and when I got it it was only 50 bucks!