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Updated: Aug 12, 2019
2.026 · 11 REVIEWS
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About AeronInfo.com

The AeronInfo MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor. The AeronInfo automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform has been forward tested on live and demo accounts by the Forex Peace Army.


Performance tests

StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Aeron Forex Auto Trader-195.8844.8-115.152
Aeron Scalper EA+5.19141.1+125,381
Aeron EA based on Grid with SL & TP-6.7424.8-82.299
Aeron PAMM account+0.9146.8+53.091

Performance results may be delayed. Please click the test to see detailed current report.

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2.026 · 11 REVIEWS
Forex Peace Army

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Consumer Reviews

Bulandshar, India,
Jun 26, 2018,

slow and steady profit making tool

This EA is good only if you have enough balance in your account. Because of grid pattern, it require more money, but if deposit money is not a problem, then it can be a steady profit machine.
Apr 16, 2018,
Registered user

Probably Fake

Well, in demo mode this EA is kicking butt. After reading the reviews here of what it does in a live account, however, I'm walking away. Money is too hard earned.
Saudi Arabia,
Jul 17, 2017,

did not work for me

profitable as the stats shows, refundable, did not work with my trading account at xm, support team is always late to respond, allot of cancelled orders.
hawaii, USA,
Jun 22, 2017,
Registered user

I dont think this ea is good yet ...

This is day 4 ....and I honestly don't understand how peace army has such a good trading record....This ea at least the last version is a slow looser software. at least with the setttings It only is set at trading 4 pairs..but in reality only trade two ...eur jpy and usd jpy......the eur us that has the best spread ...no a single trade in 4 days....weird. First I tried with the other pairs that peace army was using....not good...then with the recommended 4 pairs....only uj did break even while eur jpy lost more and more ....
I don't think this is ea is good at all .....I will ask for refund soon and try one more week in a demo account

Jun 19, 2017 - No Rating Hello here is 24 hours later.....Well I had sent two separate question by email to client support....and they replied booth within 24 hours and IN DETAILS.

Next.. there is a reason they recommend you to only trade 4 pairs ( uj, ej, eur chf and eur gbp).....in the new version....because it works so far. Going in a 500 account as same setting they have account in profit $ 11.00. Now like many of you I had added chf jpy and the others in the peace army and theses cost me $ 46 ....SO I LEARNED : DO as recommended. what is weird is why they don't recommend eur us that has the min spread! 
Best ...


Jun 19, 2017 - No Rating I have been testing the ea for the last 7 hours on LMFX ECN account. It seems to work well with them . Market is not very busy. So far I am trading the recommended pairs and the ones I see listed in the FPA. So far it itis trading eur jpy a lot and uj and cad jpy and chf jpy. profit in uj and ej......too early to tell....It is very busy putting pending orders and cancel a lot of them when not in range. interesting ea .

Jun 19, 2017 - No Rating I have been testing the ea for the last 7 hours on LMFX ECN account. It seems to work well with them . Market is not very busy. So far I am trading the recommended pairs and the ones I see listed in the FPA. So far it itis trading eur jpy a lot and uj and cad jpy and chf jpy. profit in uj and ej......too early to tell....It is very busy putting pending orders and cancel a lot of them when not in range. interesting ea .
Kua Lumpur, Malaysia,
May 4, 2017,
Registered user

Aeron EA is totally rubbish

I bought Aeron Ea after testing it with WVC west vally not the genuine broker but stupid clearing house scam, the ea only worked with their demo, when i tried it on my real ac superforex, even the Account had no spread low comission, this stupid EA opens buy and sell orders in same time, lost alot of money, tested with hotforex, xm, enxness, fbs, octafx, even it fails to execute any single order on their demo even i set the stoup out 30, spread 10, still it doesn't work. when i contacted them for the refund they nonesense recommend me to must use it with wvc clearing house, their website has no client cabinet, you can't fund your ac direcly or withdraw directly, scamers are partners with these ea sellers. lastly they refused to pay the ea cost back to my ac. I would honestly suggest to all pro and newbie don't ever try this ea, you will loose the money to buy it and further you will loose your hard earning, its not goingto work. i can provide the proofs of my live account with losses if someone needed. stay safe and don't try these shetty stufs.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Apr 3, 2016,

Aeron EA and FXCH and GCG brokers are fake. please dont buy aeron and please dont try to open account with FXCH and GCG talkless of funding. I av funded $5000 in FXCH broker before and ask them to trade for me and they loss the money in my account delibrately.
Please ignore Aeron EA, FXCH and GCG Brokers.
Buchloe, Germany,
Mar 28, 2016,

I bough Aeron Scalper, funded real account at ForexSwiss broker with $2000.
Before trading on live account a opened there a demo account and traded with
0.1 lot. After one day with very good results I switched with the same settings
of Aeron Scalper to live account. After some seconds it was opened a trade with
5.0 lot even though the lotsize was set to 0.1 and made a loss trade with 720 USD.
I immediately closed the MT4.

Also I tested Aeron Scalper on demo accounts from other brokers like OctaFX, Exness
and FortFS. In all these accounts the scalper made losses. Now I compared the
M1 charts of this broker and found out, that the signals with the exception of ForexSwiss
and 2PipsForex are very similar. The signals of ForexSwiss and 2PipsForex oscillate
constantly with an amplitude of about 4 pips. Aeron Scalper can make only profit
with this oscillations.

My opinion is that Aeron Scalper has a contract with this broker or was developed from this
broker to ripping off the trader. Is a big scam. Stay away from Aeron Scalper, ForexSwiss and 2PipsForex!
Ziya Khan,
New York, USA,
Mar 25, 2016,

I bough this EA, funded real account with GCG broker with $2000/-
Within seconds of putting this EA on charts of recommended pairs, my account was wiped out. The reason is; The EA only works with these two brokers - GCG an dFXCH. Both are SCAM brokers. In quiet market when I attached EA, they moved the price against my position till it hit stop loss and closed in loss. The broker does not allow to place trades less than 5 lots, and they move PRICE ARTIFICIALLY when other broker are not.
This is a total SCAM by EA developer and broker - they have colluded together to scan customers. Stay away from these folks.
I lost $2000/- in a matter of seconds - not because of moving market but due to Broker's dirty tricks. My position was in profit, and when I wanted to close it manually, they blocked it. and moved the market against me, then closed the trade in loss. My total equity was wiped out.
This is a very sophisticated scam, and even after being cautious, I got trapped.
Sameer Goenka,
New Delhi, India,
Mar 24, 2016,

I buy Aeron Scalper a few days ago. I use EA on one of the recommended broker GCG and got amazing results in my Real Account as promised. I really very much appreciate the best EA and best job.
I also run Aeron Scalper on demo accounts with other brokers that are not recommended. I find as vendor saying, on some brokers account it didn't trade and on some broker account it traded a few trades per day.
I find this vendor very Honest.
Thanks again Aeron.
Hee hun,
seoul, Korea, Republic of,
Mar 24, 2016,

this is faker,
Don't buy this,
They are faker
I lost all money
Demo is good
real lost all money
They have to go to jail
bkk, Thailand,
Mar 17, 2016,

Other time?
this is ARBITRAGE never work in real accounts. NEVER
this two broker he use in NOT real
and is SCAMS

Review Moderation Team Note: The FPA Test is on 2pipsforex/GCG, not on Forex Swiss.
auckland, New Zealand,
Mar 17, 2016,

This takes insane losses every now and then. Also in live it doesnt perform at all. DO NOT BUY
Mexico, Mexico,
Oct 2, 2013,

I bought aeron and loss all the money, in demo account 2 months ok, but in real account loss in one month 80%, i write to vendors page for come back my money and dont want it. aeron is a baad ea
Aug 13, 2013,

I purchase Aeron_EA and simply, it works...
To date, MaxDD has been under 10%. Pips profits are consistent...

Thank you for a REAL EA..

Mh. Shafique,
Delhi, India,
Mar 14, 2013,

I purchased and used on my real. getting same results or even better than here. I amazed because first time I am seeing such guys who advertise their EA without hoopla.
I am running on XE market with same pairs as here in FPA, but my account has standard type with bal $15K