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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Ken McInnes,
Jun 8, 2011,

my report is late... however, you may know the culprits, (Chen??) who market this pathetic trading tool, and avoid them in the future. I got few trade suggestions from the 'bot and they were 50/50 chance of even moving in the correct direction of the trend... (it appears to reads candles to make trade suggestions.)

I opened trades as soon as possible once I first bought and downloaded the area 51 'bot... and I could tell it had no value, so I immediately contacted the sellers thru Plimus.. I was outspoken that this was a fraud, and Plimus refunded all my money....

I have since played with this 'bot, for amusement, and thats all the value it truly has... the demo account is down substantially since I opened it, a few weeks ago........

Nov 10, 2009,

The few signals and trades given have been consistently wrong.
Produced by scammers for the unsuspecting. Thankfully it was only tested on a demo acct but nevertheless the cost of it was a very expensive lesson learned about Forex scammers. Also beware of their latest scam called Forex Ultimatum, using the same high pressure sales tactics, etc. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!
Nov 8, 2009,

I purchased this product. So far 1 winner in many tries. Most of the time, after I get a buy signal, I get a sale signal. I would love to have Forex Peace Army do a scam investigation. The developer had an ad that said only a few left, I think it was 6. Of course this stayed up on the site for several days, which I thought strange, since I bought one. Then, told in ad after so many, will not sell any more. Well, the ad said only 6 left, I believe that was the number and about one month later, the sales ad is still live.

I believe this is unethical advertising. The product does not work very well at all. I tried getting a refund on the basis that we were misinformed, but no refund policy.

My best analysis of this situation...save your money. If they cannot offer a refund policy, it's not a product you want to buy. It says the developer doesn't even have confidence in it.

Bad experience.

LES, Mississippi
Nov 5, 2009,

People why you ALL buy Words and Dreams and not a real product and expect a miracle ??? !!!
-No refund policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-No examples of LIVE transactions!
-There is no video that shows how the product in action!
-Limited number of the product License(It makes no sense!!!!)
-A pressure strtgy(BUY FAST,DONT THINK)

Keep the money that you all worked hard for :-)

Nov 1, 2009,

This product is so dodgy and comes from John Chen who is peddling this scam under 2 other names. I tried to get a refund but found out that there was a "no refund" policy so had to take this on the chin and learned a very expensive and stupid lesson.

Following is the communication between the vendor and I from the Plimus refund request, for an interesting read:

Refund Request Comments
Date created User Comments
09/23/2009 06:40 Customer Resolve (without a refund) - Question answered
09/23/2009 04:47 Customer Reply to the software vendor - I have forwarded the email.
09/23/2009 04:01 Vendor Reply to customer - We checked both the customersupport.area51forex@gmail.com and forexprocustomerservice@gmail.com and we found no email from you.
09/22/2009 04:54 Customer Reply to the software vendor - What email address should I forward it to? That was the whole point, there was no email address mentioned anywhere, so I sent it to all that I could find as per my initial post.
09/22/2009 03:57 Vendor Reply to customer - It'd be appreciated if you could show us which emails you sent us. We could not find ANY emails from you. If it's a reasonable TECHNICAL support question, you'll get an answer. If it's not, you won't.
09/21/2009 19:19 Customer Reply to the software vendor - Just got another sales email with a link to http://www.area51forex.com/webinarlive/. Were you actually a part of creating this webinar? As you mention that copies are limited because you want to provide "unparalleled support". What did you mean by unparalleled support? I would have thought that meant being responsive and providing a high level of support, not unparalleled in providing none and being unprofessional. Please clarify what you mean by unparalleled support.
09/21/2009 04:07 Customer Reply to the software vendor - So, does your product not come with any support? A product without which questions can be asked - that is a first. If you consider answering a question as providing personal consulting, well it just goes to show that you obviously don't believe in your product. Are you Keith Peterson, Brandon Milner or Rich Kerber? You sound so professional on your blog and emails.
09/21/2009 03:11 Vendor Reply to customer - Please note that you've bought a product, not personal consulting. No-Refund Policy: All sales are final and are non-refundable. By completing your purchase, you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible goods and as such are not entitled to a refund of said goods, regardless of the reason why.
09/20/2009 09:01 Customer Reply to the software vendor - That's fine if this isn't from a scammer. I have tried to contact you multiple times with no response. If you are legit, then please give me a proper support email address so I can send my questions. What else am I suppose to think when no such detail is made available.
09/20/2009 01:39 Vendor Reply to customer - No-Refund Policy: All sales are final and are non-refundable. By completing your purchase, you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible goods and as such are not entitled to a refund of said goods, regardless of the reason why.
09/19/2009 19:17 Customer Other issue - Dear Sir / Madam, I purchased the Area51 Forex System and I have been trying to get in contact with the company but there is no published email address on their website, their member page or their manual, which is unprofessional and an indication that something is not right. So, I have tried using all the email addresses I could find related to them and sent them emails for support but have received no response at all. These are the email addresses that I sent to with the first attempted contact made on the 16 September 2009: customersupport.area51forex@gmail.com - Got this from their marketing emails - Got a bounce back from this address support.area51forex@gmail.com - Got this from their marketing emails - No response comments@area51forex.com - Got this from their blog - No response support.area51forex@gmail.com - Got this from their marketing emails - No response forexprocustomerservice@gmail.com - Got this from the receipt - No response I also posted a question on their blog, stating that I had purchased and kindly asked for a support email address as I could not find one. Not only did I not get a response but my post was actually deleted. As a last resort, I did a "whois" on their domain to try and get a contact email address but their details are hidden. Based upon the non-action by the vendor, I am assuming that they are scammers as I have made every attempt to contact them. Please mark them as such and remove them from your client base. Regards, Lawrence.
Ian Panton,
Oct 15, 2009,

I bought this product on 16th September and it is rubbish. Hardly any signals at all in 1 month of trading on 4hr chart and overall the few trades ended in a loss. The claims they make cannot be true or else I have no idea how they got them! DO NOT BUY this. I am also requesting a refund from Plimus despite the vendor saying 'no refunds' - I now understand why they say that, they KNOW it doesn't work!
Sep 26, 2009,

No trades at all on H4 or Daily timeframes. This is utter rubbish and a total waste of
Sep 25, 2009,

Do not buy !Less than 50% winning trades .It is not worth 500$.Best Regards Ovidiu
Leo. B,
New York,
Sep 25, 2009,

I've been running this on demo for about 5 days. I am concerned about lack of customer service. I received one buy signal on an H4 chart and it was a winner 3 lots at 65 pips each. If it works like that for real I would be happy. However, I am concerned by lack of trade signals.
Costas Kyritsis,
Sep 23, 2009,

I was ready to buy the area 51 ,as it was a set-n-forget system promising high rates of return. Nevertheless I noticed a few detailes, that made me decide not to buy

1) No backtest proofs for 1,2, or 3 years as they claim it has worked. They expect to believe them
2) They announve a webinar. I registered and to see it. It was not a webinar it was a pre-recorded video.
3) In the page of the video was written a number of online viewers right now (higher than 1,000) that remained the same for many hours even days! Obviously a lie
4) In the same oage was written 5 copies left. And the copies was again 5 for hours or days! Obviously a musleading lie to buyers.

Well from these few details it was easy to deduce that they have deceiving marketing. But if their marketing is unreliable and deceiving so could it be their product.
I decided not to purchase it.

Kind Regards

Costas K.