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Updated: Nov 15, 2015
2.888 · 26 REVIEWS
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2.888 · 26 REVIEWS
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Semarang, Indonesia,
Nov 14, 2015,

Buy first in 2009, and then the web shutdown, now they open, and I buy again WSS for $299 via paypal. They send link to download the EA, after get it must send again email with number of account that work with this ea, live or demo.But they never answers my mails, send 3x mails, they never answer. Yes I get the EA but WSS never give the password, useless thing, so I make claim to paypal, and paypal give back my money. BE AWARE with this web. I think the owner is dead, cause never answer my mails. STAY AWAY.
kerala, India,
Dec 21, 2013,

high risk involved ! Friday -350 pips.i started 100$,after 1 week it went 66.87 now! i am using their ea. they trading using simple strategy.daily close,open,pivot .u can see buy/sell area.but,i notice one thing,most of trades touch buy/sell area and going in to opposite side!!. they saying lie,about stop loss.ea not place 40pip stoploss.my gbp/jpy trade was 82 pips! on Friday.Eur/jpy was 53pips! you will get 150 pips one day,but next day it will go to -300!!.very dangerous style.i warning everybody.this my screen shot on Friday
Dec 19, 2009,

Have been a member for over 2 yrs, the rsults are not factial, as their is almost 4ks members only 125 active, big scam not real input from web site. Buyer beware
Oct 7, 2009,

I am using this for 3 year. Excellent software I have ever seen in Forex world.

1. It gives you Buy and Sell signal after 5pm est everyday which you can put pending order or manual trade.
2. You can also turn on "Auto Trade" option, It is forex ROBOT as well.
3. It also gives you 8 extra indicators, indicator # 3 gives you all the past trades signals on the chart which is real not manupulated.
4. I also liked their custom indicator # 7 which is MANAGER it watches 10 indicators and give you the status of all otherwise 10 indicators full up your screen.
5. 20pip target with 20 pip trailing stop and 40pip stoploss.
6. Their price $200. Manual trade signal, Auto trade facility, 8 extra very useful indicators, Previous trade signal on chart to check their past result, No one is that honest.
What else anyone need in $200.
No need to trust on thier website signal because its all on chart you can see by selection indicator # 3.
Try for 1 month in $10 it is really worth it.

If you want to see screen shots how it look like send me email.

Nazib Maidan,
Mar 24, 2009,

As far as i'm concern,those who think WSS scam though WSS is a perfect system. If you read Babypips.com,you'll know that NO system is perfect but this system is one of the best if you love to see big profit once it hit. I like this system because it is simple 1.use pivot point 2.confirm trend 3.hope for breakout upon market opening...4.try our luck with maximum 40+40 pips lost per day which is 8% of your initial capital. TP are varied from 10-300. I think this is more professional method since we all know that market usually explode when bank start operating right? It is like rush hour and we wait to sell newspaper in the morning....hehehe....WSS is NOT SCAM for those who learn business and is a SCAM to those who less knowing what is business :-P
Feb 1, 2009,

I've been using this service for 2 years and must say it is wery good.
The results are true and I've made money too. You could be successfull if you stick to the WSS rules, if you don't there will be no result.

Service is good they respond in 24 hours or earlier.

Those who did not used the rules they failed. Now there is a new EA and it is even better.

Keep the good work!
Sep 22, 2008,

It would be interesting to see their track record for September. They stopped reporting since the 3rd when they were down 90 pips for the month. I'm not sure but the results on their old web page seemed "a little juiced" especially for the early months.
WSS Support,
May 7, 2008,

Dear Nomask,

If you are WSS members. Please check your email, we have sent daily report. Our average TP 60 pips - 100 pips, SL -40 pips max. And please read WSS forum or use our EA to get SAME result with us.

Thank you
Apr 25, 2008,

(this is just a review site not discussion but had to say something)
dear wss support..!
sure i know about wss coz i was one of the users at the very beginning of my forex journey..
i didn't even question first couple months of your results although they didn't seem so real to me..Anyway..I'll tell you something simple..if i am paying for a system and that system's last 6 months performance is no more than 50 pips/month which includes 3 consecutive losing months and telling me to close trade average 20-30 pips in a currency that moves 200 pips daily then i could have a good point to criticize it..
WSS Support,
Apr 18, 2008,

Dear Turker Erasian,

You dont know anything about WSS.
We are not only use simple pivot trading we also use trend as confirmation.

If you have any question, you can contact us.