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forex-set-and-forget.com (Tony Manso) Review

Updated: Nov 1, 2018
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forex-set-and-forget.com (Tony Manso)

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Michael Smith,
New York, USA,
Jan 6, 2010,

I started using this one in July when it was brand new. It started out kind of rough. However, since then there have been several upgrades and improvements that have made it more reliable and profitable. The latest version still has periods of drawdown but always recovers and in the long run ends in very nice profits. Upgrades are free and easy. Whenever I have questions or problems I can contact the author and he responds quickly to my requests. The level of support I receive is outstanding and unheard of in the forex robot market.

I use Forex Set and Forget on two Metatrader accounts. The first one is for cash flow, where I withdraw a fixed amount of money each month regardless of the account balance. To date I still have my original deposit in the account and rarely dip below that amount. The second account is for growth. I will withdraw my initial deposit when the account has doubled, which I am close to after only 6 months. From then on I will only make withdrawals once per year of half of my profits for the year.

When you buy Forex Set and Forget, you are invited to join the mailing list, where you receive notifications about upgrades, tips, and more. I even received an email advising me to turn off the robot during the last two weeks of December because of changes in market behavior during that time. Also, the author has a group on skype where people can talk directly with him and other Forex Set and Forget users. Unfortunately, I do not have skype so I can't say anything more about the group. Just know that it's there if you are interested.

To summarize, I highly recommend Forex Set and Forget. NO, it will not double your account every month. NO, it will not turn your $500 deposit into $1 million overnight. YES, it will grow your account and do it safely and consistently. YES, there is ample support to help you get started and advise you along the way. I would even dare say that it will help you become an experienced trader as you watch and study what it does.