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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.217 · 5 REVIEWS
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1.217 · 5 REVIEWS
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Leandro Baruch,
Sep 23, 2010,

1 week with them, bad week... not much to say...
Forex Apple,
Nov 12, 2009,

After reviewing the past comments about the service I decided to add my two bits.
1. The performance page on the website isn't updated until the trades are closed. We aren't trying to hide the bad trades not to mention you come to FPA to check them anyway.
2. There have been some losses but there have been some large winners as well. It is interesting that when there are few bad trades a few people jump ship. (not to say I haven't done that before) then there are a ton of good trades that will go through.
The traders have said that these trades are going directly to their managed accounts so they don't make their % if they don't perform that is why they don't take many trades.
3. Our response to our clients emails is lightning fast. I don't understand why Jerome didn't get the emails but because people need proof here it is: (this is Forex Apples response)

Subject: RE: Forex Apple Form Submission
From: info@forexapple.com
Date: Tue, Oct 13, 2009 9:24 am
To: JeromeReynolds@(leted for privacy)
No Jerome,
Don't worry about calling them. What happened was some of the brokers required a two step process in placing the orders. Now they all require it so we have built the new signal receiver that you have right now to have it set on all the time. So you don't have to do anything.

Thank you,
Forex Apple
4. Each of our different traders get a separate website. Its not a scrambled mess like zulu trade. Each trader will be different and have different strategies of trading. Make sure their trading fits your personality.
If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us on our website.

Nov 11, 2009,

This is the worst service I have every encountered. Nothing but losses. Their website shows -340 pips for the month of October and they had the nerve to take the monthly fee from my account even though it states if we don't make 250pips you get a free month service. That is enough right there for me to cancel my subscription!!!!
United Kingdom,
Nov 10, 2009,

Further to my earlier review I took the plunge and basically had no trades during the trial 5 minutes :-) ( 5 Days ) having then paid for a one month subscription I had a series of bad trades. Got so fed up with the losses that I removed their EA and monitored their published performance - which did seem to reflect the real perfomance for a while. I have now noticed that the published results are no longer being updated, probably because the abysmal performance continued.
To be honest you could trade better by throwing a dice at least you have a 50% change of getting a trade right!
If you have a subscription and wish to cancel I suggest you do it through Paypal not by Email to them.

Nov 9, 2009,

STAY AWAY from this company. I started with them 4 weeks ago, terrible trading with high losses. Like other systems they showed fantastic profits on their homepage, solid trades with small drawdowns, but the reality is very different: Losses, losses and more losses. A waste of time and money.
Nov 4, 2009,

These guys tried hard to get me setup but the EA would not run on my VPS. I just got "Internet Connection Error". After much tooing and frowing with my VPS provider nothing more could be done. I tried to get some more support from ForexApple but had no reply, so I requested a refund after 3-4 days and have still had no reply. So it looks like I've lost $24 but at least I've canceled the subscription.
Jerome Reynolds,
Woodbury, MN,
Nov 4, 2009,

Update to previous review:

1) Confirmed that I am not getting emails from company - amazing that they were able to send me my ID and password but cannot send me support emails ;(

2) The updated their receiver this weekend. The upgrade was easy (and interesting enough, I got the email telling me about the upgrade).

3) The upgraded software did not improve the trading... Two more losing trades (which were profitable for a brief time). Both hit their stop loss - results so far: 9 otu of 10 trades hit stop loss.

4) Recall that this service does not offer refunds.

5) This service is also marketed under MoneyTreeFX and "Freedom Traders LLC".

I cancelled my subscription today and turned off their agent. Recommend that you avoid this service under all their names.

2009-11-01 1 star First for the positive: The product/service installs very easy.

However (the following are based on live trading on a FXCM UK Account):

1) No support. I have asked twice for clarification on a comment on the website and they have yet to reply. No reply's to support questions = no support.

2) The trades don't match those on there web site. No explanation - but of course they don't answer emails.

3) 7 out of 8 trades over 2 weeks hit stop losses. The stop losses are in the $200 range based on trade 0.1 lots. The one trade that made money earned $10.

Recommend that you avoid this service.
rich g,
ohio, USA,
Nov 3, 2009,

im not leaving rating as i was only there for trial. i did use live account though. i wouldnt trade these guys if they gave me 149 dollars a month.

im down several hundred dollars in 10 to 50 cent trades. they might actually be good but im just not brave enough looking at their trades and the way they managed them to risk real money- not to mention the losses.

i dont think they took profit on one trade. dont take my word for it- i started last week of october thru today- the 4th of november. look for yourself.

DEFINATELY use a demo on the trial- i wish i had.

support was ok, they are the same as moneytree fx- took the same trades looks like too.

Forex Apple,
Nov 2, 2009,

Since you aren't getting my emails and they are probably sitting in your junk mail. I would advise you to check your junk mail. If you get a different email let us know and we will forward you those email replies.

Traders comment everyday on how surprised they are that we respond to their questions and comments so quickly.

Joao Santos,
Oct 13, 2009,

I had the one-week trial, but in that period there was only one trade last week. Somehow my chart setup did not catch the trade on 10/07. Since there are very few trades, it will make more sense to offer a two-week trial. One week is just not enough to adjust charts and see that money management is working properly before going live. I did not renew my membership, but I am hoping that ForexApple will offer two week trial so I can properly set my chart and go live with this service.