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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
1.4 · 8 REVIEWS
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1.4 · 8 REVIEWS
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Pyle Bopkas,
Jul 10, 2010,

I talked with Forex Exclusive Club and their obvious response to this problem was blaming on the market.

However, after reviewing what was the problem, it turned out that the problem is not the market as Forex Exclusive Club has claim but the neglect and unsupervise of the "Black Box" that supposely been program to place lots in trade.

Black Box on July 2, 2010 has placed over 50 lots of trade against the money management principal. The market went the other way resulting over 50% of the account loss.

The MTI monitor stopped monitoring before July 1, 2010. The owner of Forex Exclusive Club felt that their account was going to be good.

I emailed Forex Exclusive Club about the recent loss and was told that making big lots in trade could make other trade positive. The response showed that Forex Exclusive Club is runned by amatuer manager. The manager couldn't afford a supervisor to watch the account. They were warned about having supervisor watching the account and didn't listen. The trade that place over 50 lots in contract was left running over many hours resulting over 100 pips loss. The bad trade could have been stop to save for the 30% loss instead of the 50%.

Overall, I found Forex Exclusive Club guilty of neglect, irresponsibility, and amatuer trading.

I request all traders, investors, and anybody who looking into this service or have money in this service to heed my words and avoid this service.

All email conversation between me and Forex Exclusive Club plus the statement that showed the big loss.

Forex Exclusive Club,
Jul 5, 2010,

Dear FPA members,

it is our duty to inform you that due to recent market circumstances that affected our trading system (broken corellation between currency pairs eur/usd and usd/chf), there has been several lost on client accounts and ours also.

At this point and in this market conditions we've decided in the next period to work on perfecting the system in order to achieve profitability that we have had in the previous period.

Best Regards,

Forex Exclusive Club Support Team
Jul 2, 2010,

I also wanted to signal that the management of Forex Exclusive has not been regular. My account has remained 3 months live and suddenly with 4 operations from many lotts (strange thing because the average of the lotts was 0.3) it has been reseted. I am convinced that they play on the commissions that they take from the broker. Who can do check-ups in this sense?
R Miller,
Jul 1, 2010,

I just got an email from this manager saying that my entire account balance has been lost. Last month they lost 20% of my account and they showed on their website a 6% gain. It will be interesting if they show a 100% lost for June on their website because that is the return that I received. Like others have said in this discussion they make huge bets when the market goes against their bet and that what it is, a bet.
Marvin Tapessur,
Jul 1, 2010,

Well today it happened. They crashed my account. Very poor trading skills here. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!
Perth, Australia,
Jul 1, 2010,

Stay clear away from Forex Exclusive Club, obviously some very poor money management and handling of accounts. My account has been wiped out from 2 major draw downs.

DO NOT BELIEVE THE STATISTICS ON THEIR WEBSITE. They are NOT following actual trading of customer accounts. I emailed them and asked them to "fix" the problem 6 weeks ago and they turned the trade monitoring back on. It seems that it has conveniently turned off during these 2 DD's and still not represented on their percentages page.

I suspect that the month of June will miraculously show a nice positive gain when in actual fact it is more like an 80% DD.

This dishonesty should mark them as a scam in my opinion.

2010-03-30 4 Stars I have just began a live account with ForexExclusive after a long detailed skype call with the team in Eastern Europe. ForexEclusive have been very helpful and willing to share information. I will post more information as it comes about however I have been very happy with the level of service and fast responding replies to questions. The account is at about 3% up as of 1 week.

This account requires setup with E-Global in which have not been as efficient on email replies as fxexclusive however all the transfers I have made (split out due to daily transfer limits) have all made my account with expected time frames. The next test for them is the withdrawal process......I hope soon ;)
Hans K.,
May 25, 2010,

Forex Exclusive Club managed my account (20.000,- EUR) since two months.
Their customer service is great,but trading??????????????????????????

I had two huge DD with 80%. The first DD market reversals and I made a gain.
The second DD (big USD/CHF sell positions against the trend) crashed my account yesterday.

A/C Summary: 25.05.2010 00:06
Previous Ledger Balance: 21 216.20 Floating P/L: -2.26
Closed Trade P/L: -20 795.36 Total Credit Facility: 0.00
Deposit/Withdrawal: 0.00 Equity: 418.58
Balance: 420.84 Margin Requirement: 2.00
Available Margin: 416.58

Instead of itself to excuse I got these mail.

Dear Mr. Hans,

we have noticed that there were some closing of orders and changes in TP. Have you allowed access to your account to anyone else?

Best Regards,

Forex Exclusive Club Support Team

That sounds like a bad joke, only Forex Exclusive Club had access to my account.
Forex Exclusive Club,
May 17, 2010,

Dear Mr. Antoine,

we've checked our account statements and must say that we do not have a client by your name and from Amsterdam, so we don't know what to answer about your poor performance and withdraw you will make. Please share with us your account details and we will give you proper answer.

Best Regards,

Forex Exclusive Club Support Team
May 14, 2010,

What the hell are these guys doing?? Explain yourself and let us know what you're doing to fix the poor performance as of late.

Keeping quiet is only going to have people withdraw funds.
Pyle Bopkas,
United States,
Apr 21, 2010,

Either the guy that used to work in their company has left or they aren't doing their "supervisor" job.

They claimed it is market related.

I dispute that because why out of the past several months would you break the pattern and then trade against where the trend is moving?

Secondly, why did the "system" and when I say system because these service so called "Black Box" did put 70 lots (worth about 70 cents total) against a trend then tried recovering with a fraction of a penny on a trend?

Do yourself a favor, improve the system and I will leave my money in your account but fair warning, do the drawback again and I will forced to withdraw immediately.

You have not charge one penny and I have not bail out of the account. Please work on your problem, hire someone who know stuff if you have to do it. Don't care about pride, humble yourself and get what your service are designed to do.