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Updated: Sep 22, 2014
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Robert L,
Nov 2, 2009,


I think you are mistaken, It is true FFX is doing business with 102capital but you have realised this is bad publicity for you.

Micheal Jehan is the main promoter for ffx and he has been quoted as saying the folliowing:

This is a comment from someone who was in meeting with management in London:

It was a meeting in London this week with Mr German an this was the result; The summary of the London meeting with German Cardona and Juan Falcon

As you all know our funds are blocked in the USA and have been for some time. FBI is investigating Crown Gold bank in USA and due to that FBI have blocked all funds in the bank of all the clients of the bank. This unjust action against FFX was taken based on authorities suspicion Crown Gold Bank was not carrying out regulations of laundered money. Because FFX has fallen victim to such unjust action the founder German Cardona has hired one of America�s best know lawyer to sue authorities for the losses caused by this action. The funds may be blocked for 3 to 4 months. This means capital can not be withdrawn, but interests and commission can be. We will soon have the proves of this case and the name of the lawyer defending FFX so investors can know for sure that this is not made up but real. Previously we said the fund was frozen but it is not so, but it is blocked which does not involve any wrong doing by the company.
Debit cards are now shipped out every week and in six week time all who demanded a card should have one. This week funds will be sent to those who have activated their cards and will be done in the coming weeks. Everyone who wants to withdraw money has to order a card.
The funds in Europe have been very successful and by that reason it is possible to speed up the process and possibly in two months time things should be back to normal. So everything is getting better bit by bit. One month ago things looked very bad but now many good things are taking place. So to be realistic to withdraw money might be the latest first week in July for some and first of August profits are possibly up to normal. We are checking into if there has been any miscommunication between FFX and Pacific Mutual which has caused wrong messages to investors concerning the cards.
German Cardona has invited us for another meeting after one month to give us updates.
There in no deadline now with 102Capital. Every European investor has to migrate to 102Capital if they don�t their capital will be sent back to them as soon as it will be unblocked and available in the USA.
In Swiss we have two platforms where our money is growing. These two platform are our own. The names will be up soon. Around those platform new company will be established. These two platforms are under the P&P Private Bank (PPP Bank) and platforms can only be owned by a bank.
We will soon send you the link in the Bank of Italy where investors can see it proves 102Capital is a licenced and regulated company. 102Capital is a Broker House which means it is regulated as an investment bank.
In the fall many new programs and products will be launched and investors will be informed.
We encourage Investors to stay cool and know everything is done to secure our money and if anyone can not accept this he has to turn to Obama who has all banks under strong supervision of authorities and many inconvenient things are taken place in America as the result of these financial crises which affect all and everything.
Oct 27, 2009,

It's false what Robert L. said.
Since 2009.02.06 the company explained in their website "A seguito delle numerose email di informazione ricevute e di quanto apparso su alcuni siti internet, precisiamo che codesta società non ha in essere alcun tipo di accordo né commerciale né societario con la Evolution Market Group, denominata anche Finanzas Forex." which means "Following the numerous emails asking about information that we have received and following what appeared on some website, 102 Capital specify that this society have none type of accord neither commercial neither parnership with Evolution Market Group, denominated also Finanzas Forex"
Robert L,
Oct 12, 2009,

This company is actually doing partnership with Finanzas Forex and so we know how this ponzi scheme has been running. Finanzas Forex decided not to pay clients and made an excuse of funds being blocked in USA. You have to ask yourself why that is? Maybe because their funds were held with some Crowne Gold online pay company and FBI, customers, etc decided to close the companies doors since too many ponzi scams were using Crowne Gold payment system. Now Finanzas Forex looks like they want to extract as much money as possible from european clients and have hired italians agents to gather new money to pay off existing clients. This will grow very slowly since this is not USA,COLUMBIA,etc. It is sad but there will be so many people crying after they find out a few years time that this is a scam. I can bet that this company will not pay their clients after 1-2 years and make some bad excuse. This is HYIP scam. No investment is made in forex.

All of the above is the same for Finanzas Forex. That was a scam too.