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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.564 · 4 REVIEWS
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3.564 · 4 REVIEWS
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Oct 6, 2010,

total nonsense , all signals are countertrend and have to be fixed with other methods, r/r ratio are auwful as you risk a lot for a very small first targets , if you happen to miss it you are a loser and have to risk twice in order to fix the loss.in the 3 weeks i am there most trades are losing and they keep adding strange methods instead of simply trade with the trend.if you take the other side of the trade they recommended you are winning a lot, never saw such a c***.....
Jul 26, 2010,

As Julie from NZ points out, the signals issued at the Danielcode are not always correct. But as Brandon points out you must wait for the signals be to be elected before you enter the trade. The new Trade Room helps to teach traders how to use the system and seems to be very useful. The statistics on the website claim that 85% of the signals that are elected turn into winning trades. My personal experience supports that claim. Once you learn how this system should be traded, it seems to work very well.
Brandon Reese,
Pasadena, CA,
Apr 7, 2010,

One of the few sites that offers signals based on price, not hyped up end of world stories/scenarios. I would recommend starting with T.03 signals, which have to be "elected" on a daily basis. There are other signals available but it can be easy to get overwhelmed. This stuff works!

In addition, the site offers so much more than trade signals. The true knowledge is in the danielcode charts themselves. Subscription fee is very low, and there is no commitment beyond monies payed up front.
New Zealand,
Oct 21, 2009,

Have been a member and remain strangely sceptical and amused - the service predicts in advance price levels, but the T.03 signals for buy or sell are sometimes wrong, but sold on the basis that if it says sell and that is wrong, then it must be buy otherwise - sort of reverse theory.