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Andrew Barnett

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LTG Gold Rock

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1.879 · 19 REVIEWS
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Brisbane, Australia,
Jun 20, 2020,
Registered user

They make plenty of false claims

Service use: Other

I have been a member of LTG GoldRock for 3 years (2018) spent over $8,000 . Hype they sell a DREAM. A very expensive one at that!

Apr 25, 2020 - No Rating As a current member of nearly three years. I can attest that after spending $8,000 plus dollars that I have not benefited at all.
The 'first' sales pitch about limited places in the initial webinar where he talks at great length about his vast riches as a 'professional currency trader' and the exceptional lifestyle of financial abundance. Secondly he then speaks of your earning potential as a professional currency trader. How this is achieved through 'passive income' or earning monies while you sleep due to time difference the markets are open in New York's Wall street etc. Thirdly he speaks of passing on his vast knowledge so that you can become 'one' of the 'chosen' few and enjoy a lifestyle of financial abundance by becoming a member. Fourth due to overwhelming demand we only have limited places left but for a small out of pocket expence of 'only' $199 as a 'Freedom member' the road to financial independence has begun. Andrew (AB) and his team will teach you 'everything' you need to know through a step- by-step process with no prior knowledge of currency trading required. AB is going to 'unlock' the secrets of this 'unbelievable' 'opportunity'. Thus, enhance your financial earning potential through currency trading and substantial 'passive income' available. This is the offer of a lifetime where this small initial investment now will reap big financial rewards in the longterm. Fifth but I am not willing to waste my time and my companies resources on people who are not willing to make a commitment (financial fee). If you are really serious then becoming a member (full lifetime member) then $6,000 payment required upfront. But (payment plans available) discount if you pay in -full have complete access to weekly FX Trading Room lessons and daily GoldRock Insider Reports. Sixth you must join and commit at least the initial $199.00 plus additional $6,000 by a specified date 'otherwise' you will miss out on the opportunity for 'lifetime membership' and will instead acrue annual membership fees Seventh, to prove that AB's methods can be replicated demonstrated by 'trader of the month' appears each month. Eighth , 'Share Smart' Varsity Lakes another elite membership training costs $3,000 up front with additional monthly fee of $70 plus. Ninth, full membes privilege to attend multiple bootcamps (seminars) these Master Classes usually last 3 days. The same 'sales ' pitch used as outlined above AB and his special guests on 'high probability training plan' how 'joining' (special guests members) teach skills about becoming a 'professional trader' and earn 'passive income' set you up for life free yourself from nine- to five- daily grind of working. Each particular bootcamp often has different special guests who are from foreign countries these overseas guests again offer a lifestyle of riches for a fee (to prove your commitment) so Training involves webinars. further monies usually between $2,000 -$5,000. I believe Andrew Barnett to be morally bankrupt at best. He entices members through misleading and predatory (false promise) and exaggerated claims.
Melbourne, Australia,
Jun 14, 2019,
Registered user

Mixed feelings

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I joined right at the start as I found the presentation by Andrew Barnett convincing and well structured. Back then I didn't know what to expect, all I knew I wanted to learn to trade Forex. The learning centre for the members was full of terminology recorded with a robotic voice. I ended up with information overload and confusion in my head. Trade signals were offered with no extra cost. I followed the signals - mostly losses. I would call the organization a scam. The traders do provide solid education. The emphasis is on education ie general. Now almost ten years down the track, my conclusion is that Gold Rock is a lifestyle club. You get to go to boot camps, first 2 or 3 were free. I enjoyed the boot camps. One important grievance that I have is I'd have to pick a methodology myself out the multiples presented. I found this task to be too hard in the end - I was mentally exhausted and stopped attending the online classes.
If the program began with teaching us 1 methodology well, then expand, the club membership would have been worth it. This was not the case, unfortunately. The LTG Gold Rock improved the structure of delivery, but I admit I've wasted some years by joining early, though the cost was about 60% of the current price, and a small amount of money. Andrew Barnett is a very good facilitator and presenter. I am puzzled by a huge difference in ratings between Trust Pilot and Forex Peace army. Here it's all bad. (??)
Forex Peace Army
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Mar 31, 2019,
Registered user

LTG GoldRock

A very committed teacher of forex who you can ask questions about what he thinks of the market almost any time. His knowledge of forex is unbelievable.
Australia, Australia,
Jan 4, 2019,

No System -- No consistency - Waste of money

Been with LTG for a year --- NO CONSISTENCY in the systems that Andrew tries to follow -- I don't think they can be called systems because they constantly change.
AB is MORE interested in promoting himself on social media than he is in looking after paid members.
If you are interested in LTG -- save your money and follow AB on social media -- you get it all for nothing.
I paid $5000 ---- and now the latest grab for money is to charge extra for everything --which in most cases is regurgitating what I have already paid for,
There are MANY cheaper and far BETTER options available -- Don't waste your money here
  1 trader has found this review helpful
McInnis, Australia,
Sep 14, 2018,


claim to have a system what gives 2 trades signals each day and only 2% of your account to protect from risk. If everyone is using the same risk management and doing the same 2 trades why do you claim some are making 100% and others 10% a month? it would be the same %... ohh wait because it's made up!! they ask for more and more money and dont each anything you cant find for free on youtube. Dont waste your money, total scam!!
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Apr 29, 2018,


Scam - your better flipping a coin. They cover under education because their trades are so bad.
  1 trader has found this review helpful
nsw, Australia,
Jul 15, 2015,

I have been with LTG Goldrock for a few years and I dont think much of them. The funny thing is they are always changing their systems that they use. I dont get that? Is it a good thing or bad thing? Obviously if a system is changed maybe its not too good to start with. Since I have been with them thy have had stopped the Zinger trade, the phoenex, and some others.They have new and different strategies all the time. I find the moderator very hard to listen to in the trading room too. One time I told him about some information on divergence which he didnt know and wanted me to email him the info, which I gladly did. I never even received a thank you reply, nothing zip!!! Hopefully now he knows the difference between regular and continuing divergence, as well as that there exists hidden and extreme divergence.

You shouldnt waist your money on them. I am sure there is better out there and for a lot less money.
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HK, Hong Kong,
Jun 23, 2013,

Gold Rock is not an ethical educator and should only be trading on accounts with an unrelated party.

I recently spoke to an ex senior member of Gold Rock who said that the owner of go markets recently purchased LTG.

Funny how gold rock is now saying i have to open an account with go markets. I guess they're not making enough money and need more in rebates. Just dont let anyone from gold rock trade on your account as the trades will be going straight into go markets back pocket.

surely the regulator will put a stop to this soon
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Perth, Australia,
May 1, 2013,

It's been nearly 3 years since my original review and I can say LTG Goldrock have modified their approach to Forex Training and are now a lot better.
If you follow Andrew Barnett's Wave 5 trading strategy it works. Most people fall down because they don't follow the rules and/or invest too much money.
Try investing 0.5% of your capital per trade (max 4 trades at a time) and you'll see changes.
Also aim for a 200% profit over your anticipated stop loss and trade the 4hr and daily charts to avoid market fluctuations.
Don't blame the company for your mistakes; blame yourself for not being disciplined.
The LTG Goldrock Facebook site is also a great place to get news updates.
Success to your future and stick with it.

2010-06-17 2StarI've been trading with LTG for nearly 12 months and they lose more often than they win. To date I have lost over $14,000 trading the LTG way. I've heard YTR (Your Trading Room) is similar to LTG but have a much better success rate. Save your money and invest in something better.
Damian Faithfull,
Tooborac, Australia,
Nov 12, 2012,

ltg goldrock , they will suck you in with a seminar that is flaba gasping to the desperit investor ok ! then they will promise there are not trying to sell you something for around 20 minutes untill they have you engolfed into the frame of mind that you will make so much money in this dream of spend what you like you are now a millionare lifestyle be aware of this be warned i love other people cheers Damian Faithfull

2012-10-17 1Star ok here i am 2 years after being with LTG GOLDROCK and yes i once spoke very highly of them ! as you will read in a post above!! guys and girls be very careful there are a lot of sharks out there in this world and im afraid to say LTG GOLDROCK SHOULD BE WELL AVOIDED !! dont spend a dime on them!!!!!!!! let alone get sucked in to thier other programmes after you pay $7000 to start and they slowly slowy take your money just like thy have a relationship with a broker if you know what i mean !! stay away

2010-06-27 5Star I did all my trading education with Ltg Goldrock and would do it all over again happily.The team is of top quality, thier methodolgy is second to none on the market. Anyone having difficulty with thier trading should seriously consider some training with Ltg Goldrock. I am a very succsessful trader who will be here for a long long time thanks to Ltg Goldrock. Any questions are welcome i am accountable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LTG GoldRock?

LTG GoldRock stands for Live Trader Global Gold Rock, is an online education platform.

LTG GoldRock provides learning courses for trading leveraged products such as forex, stocks.

Is LTG GoldRock a good forex education company?

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Is LTG GoldRock regulated?

LTG GoldRock is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under license number AFSL 286510.