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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
4.429 · 7 REVIEWS
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4.429 · 7 REVIEWS
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OlympianFx Admin,
Mar 14, 2011,

We are now Providing For FPA Readers 100 % Free trial as we have build a new Mt4 copier system 100 % automatic
All FPA readers are Welcome to try our signals For free no charges
till end of March -2011
Jun 29, 2010,

Hello Traders.

My previous posting is now more then three month ago. I am still a member of OlympianFX. I would like to give some additional information as I am today much more experienced with this service and I think some feedback helps you all.

First of all, the signals didn´t disappoint me, actually my results were always better then the posted ones. You get the trades copied via an sql ea direct to your mt4 platform, totally handfree. So you will never have to worry to miss a trade. Then you have two possibilities. You can manage the trade via provided trailer software "or" you can manage them totally on your own. I did manage them alone and got far more pips then their main trader Mastoras. He most of the time trades with trailer to protect profits fast. As i saw after all this month their trades are good and need some time. So its better to leave some space and not to trail very tight.
My performance was in April +469 pips, May +671 and June +544 pips. I have to admit that I could have done much better but I closed many trades far too early as I put the sl to break even after +35 pip most of the time. Without that my result would have been above +800 pips in April and in May.

Right now you can test their trades for free for I think 14 days. They also provide a Trading Room where you can always find a whole bunch of traders if you need advice. Also the main guy Mastoras will always share his knowledge and answer you all questions.

Give it a try an I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

This time I will not give any stars as the previous time I rated it already with 5 stars and this rating is still valid.

Many pips to all of you,

Jun 29, 2010,

This people have a great service, very easy handling via coupier or mailsignals and they are out to give you the pips, not to collect your money! Few signalservices out there have the performence as they have on my account!! If there would be 6 stars - I would give mastoras and his team the top performance!
Mar 10, 2010,

I am with OlympianFX now for a bit over one month now. I am trading forex many years and believe me i have invested tons of money into all kind of forex services. This is how this service works:

1.) If you become member you will receive their signals via their webpage or email. They also provide a Alpari investor account wich you can access to copy their trades with an account copier direct to your platform (you can take a package where the copier is included).

2.) There is something similar to a trading room, its a shoutbox. If you login to the websignals area you will find it on the right side. There will be also always a Olympian guy online (during european and US sessions) to answer you all your questions you might have. Very helpful as with the most signal providers it is a mission and a half to get somebody in a chat if you have questions.

3.) It´s important to understand how they work. It was also new to me. They will provide you with the "entries, stop and take profit". But as they trail their trades you will need to do that as well. The main support guy Mastoras will help you with any question you have to set the best trailing method for you. You will also get their Olympian Trailer Expert.

4.) The performance on their webpage is ok. I was also checking their signals on my mt4 charts and as far as i can say all results match the history of theirs. I also had a couple of trades with them and the results are refreshed realtime after the trade has finished, very quick (not like some other providers wich need some months to update their performance).

5.) Result in february was over +300 pips (19 trades), this in can confirm because i saw them in real. January was around +290 pips, december +9 pips and november +726. Thats all approximately, don´t kill me for +-5 pips.

6.) Right now there are not many trades as the want to take safe setups and the market just doesn´t provide good possibilities. Lately they provide all subscribers with free weeks if there were no trades, i think it´s a fair deal.

My personal result: Honest guys wich want you to make money. If you want you can even put your mt4 on the myfxbook page and this guys will monitor your trades and how to improve your results. I know its a hard time for all of us, markets are choppy and difficult to trade. I give Olympian five stars because of the honesty, the excellent support, the availibility and all of the above mentioned points.

Success to you all!
Ajay Patel,
Feb 11, 2010,

I joined Olympian FX two weeks ago and all the signals they have provided have been winners my account has grown at a good rate.
Mastoras and the team at Olympian FX are an honest bunch of people and are always willing to help with any queries with honest answers.
I will be staying with Olympian FX and I highly recommend them to anybody looking for a signal service.
I feel very lucky to have come across Olympian FX
Keep the pips flowing?
Jim candler,
Jan 27, 2010,

I am with them almost 2 month december has no trades but they extend for free till January.
The service is a bit expensive but all entries are good and well secured from news.
Support is good and as i have understand they are also developers .
my first month was profitable on pips but the profit was not enough to pay the subscription as i am trading mini lots.
If the prices get better i will sure subscribe now i wait the month to end.
Vlassios Bakogiannis,
Jan 23, 2010,

I am With olympian Fx 2 months now the signals my opinnion are accurate the Support is Excellent and always somenone there ready to help december they did not trade but they provide us 1 month free i think they are really fare.For my account size the subscrption for the 12 copier is a bit Expensive but with 4 copier i have good result less trades. I hope the prices get lower.in the future i give them 4 star for now as they are still new
Jan 23, 2010,

I tested and saw the accuracy of the OlympianFX signals in mid Nov 2009 and decided to trade them on my live account starting 30/11/09. The performance was not up to expectation and I attributed it to the arrival of the year end holiday, where my other EAs and another signal service I'm using also start to see frequent stoplosses.

The good thing is due to the year end performance falling below their expectation, and also December has minimal signals, OlympianFX extended all its customers' subscriptions till end Jan 2010. I'm very satisfied with this sensitivity they have for their customers, which also demonstrated their confidence in the profitability of their signals.

I started receiving the 4-pair signals again on 20th Jan 2010, and also on 21st. So far all the trades end up +ve for my account, and I hope the future performance will be that good. I think that is a good start for the year. Results can be seen on their website. I also published some of my stats on myfxbook where the link (not sure if I can post here) can be found on the OlympianFX forum and another popular forum.

Support is good, and readily available during its trading hours via the Shoutbox on the website. It works like an online chat and I personally feel it is far better than email support because I can get very prompt response. From what I know they are still putting in a lot of effort to work on tools that will maximize the profit of their signals and to benefit their customers.

Subcription fee is not cheap though, but it can be justified if the accuracy of the signals continue to perform well.

I would like to give 4.5 stars, but since there is no 0.5 star rating, I'll give 4 star, for the great support, sensitivity and accuracy of the signals. I'll continue to trade the signals, and some months later, maybe I'll come back to update the number of stars they deserve.
George Voul,
Nov 29, 2009,

Very pleased. i am using this service about a month and i have only good words for them. The support is Live and over 18 hours per day!!
What ever time i login there is always someone there to help on the chat live. they trade live with us and they are very serius about news time.they dont trade at all.they even connect to my pc to setup the copier trough remote connection.. The most importad thing is that even in dificult days with news i managed to get out with profit.not big always but with a profit!!
that copier is just crazy it trades 12 pairs!! anyway there is a trial period so everyone can see if i am saying the truth or not.
peace all
OlympianFX team,
Nov 29, 2009,

OlympianFX it's a new website that provides forex signals in real time. Created from a team of multinational mathematicians, market specialists and developers.