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Updated: Dec 12, 2018
4.311 · 15 REVIEWS
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4.311 · 15 REVIEWS
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a city in canada, Canada,
May 2, 2012,

No improvement, no reporting of losing trades. No feedback to customer..Disaster

2012-03-26 3Star She is honest. But performance sucks since the beginning of the year. She has not made any comment or given feedback about that so far.

I will update review in a few months
Canada and U.S., USA,
Jan 3, 2012,

I'm gonna put it this way. I hate forex signal services. Until now. Let me explain. Almost a year ago, i belonged to 4 signal services and was just losing money on all services, even when they all reported huge gains. All lying through their teeth. A close friend of mine recommended Simply Signals and said Caden, the lady who runs the site was unbelievably good trader. I checked out the website and thought by looking at her results that it had to be falsified results. I was really hesitant to join but my friend showed me his live results and I said what the hell. It was the best decision of my life. Caden wins. I don't know how she does it so often but almost every trade I've taken with her in the past 4 months has been a winner. My whole account history screen is green, except for a couple trades that had stop losses moved to lock in some nice profits. I watch her results weekly and they match her calls, every call, to the T. I mention this because I thought she was lying. No one's results could be that good. Hers are and they are 100% accurate. She doesn't sugar-coat or exaggerate a thing. It's incredible. I've now given up every other signal service and refuse to ever use anyone else. I have no need. I make great money with Simply Signals and I've always thought if it ain't broke don't fix it. I'm gonna stay with Caden as long as she's sending signals. I hear she's gonna be doing managed forex account soon and when she does, I'll be first in line. Thank you, Caden. Really, you're the best.
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA,
Dec 30, 2011,

Caden's signal service is easily the best I've used (and I've tried over half a dozen). Her straight shooting, no-nonsense, honest approach is exactly what I was looking for. If you want to get rich overnight, look somewhere else. If you want to make serious money slowly and steadily, then look no further. Caden always answers questions in a timely manner, and her website is a treasure trove of Forex trading wisdom. I doubled my account in 2011, and can hardly wait for the first signal of the New Year.
Oct 30, 2011,

Really a 5 star service. I have started using SimplySignals only last month and I am really impressed: great profitability so far, published performance is 100% accurate, and many detailed rules and tips. So you do get much more than the signals--and the pricing is great too!

Get it while you can!
US-east coast,
Apr 17, 2011,

I've been with Caden @Simply signals for over 1 year now. The most straight forward and honest signal provider I've ever worked with. She is more than that... She answers any questions personally and promptly. She is straight forward and honest. Her results are not 'manufactured, or altered".. Honest.. consistant results.. A true professional.. Get her signals while you can. Your account will love her.
United States,
Jan 14, 2011,

I began my live trading career several years ago and have been trading with Simply Signals since January 2010. It is by far the very best gap trading service I have come across. I initially was trading Sunday gaps on my own with some degree of success. But it was not until I started with SS did things really take off with it. Caden has an awesome way of trading gaps and a unique risk management strategy as well to limit any downside. I thought I knew a lot, but she definitely taught me a thing or two. I can't recommend her services highly enough!

Olivia Leyton,
Los Angeles, CA,
Jul 29, 2010,

Simply Signals is by far the best signal service I've ever used. If you are a beginning trader, or somewhere in between, or, you just don't have much time to be looking for trades, this is an excellent way to go.What's especially important to me is that Caden herself provides really good 'customer service', in that she's always available to answer questions. She also has live trading sessions that clients can participate in, and an on-going trade room with new live trades that she and her partner post regularly, along with the management of these trades. She provides you with a very sound money management system to use in your trading, for all market conditions. I think the 75$ monthly charge is very reasonable for what you get. I think that if people are unhappy with the fact that there are losing trades, too, sometimes several in a row, then they should get busy perfecting their OWN chops as a trader, so YOU can make the better trading calls, if you can. In the mean time, what Caden offers is a HUGE HELP. You will have losing trades, but your profitable trades will more than compensate. I'm not sure what more you could want....100% profitable trades? All the time? It doesn't exist.
Jul 7, 2010,

Caden runs an extremely honest service. I have been doing business with simplysignals.com since August of 2009. I have found her signals to be excellent and her reporting to be 100% accurate. She loses some trades, but limits losses using sound money management. I've actually had periods where I was down in pips but UP in equity because of Caden's money management system (which by the way is given to her subscribers free.) Caden recently added trading rooms to her offering. The trading rooms are held in a webinar instead of a free chat room which is very nice, and her and her colleague trade is like watching machines. There is no emotion, no excuses, just wins and losses.

Caden provides what this business needs. A credible business without a ridiculous multi color sales page with mega fonts and get-rich-quick promises!

Trades: 5 stars. (I have made money every month with ss. I cannot say that about any other service.)

Reporting: 5 stars. (It's accurate. What more can I say?)

Accessibility: 5 stars. (Does this woman ever sleep? I've IMed her at 3:00 am "Caden time" and gotten a respose, then again at 07:00 "Caden time.")

Convenience: 5 stars (YM, SMS, Email, Web)

I want to say something isn't 5 stars, but there just is nothing left to rate.
Jun 23, 2010,

To treasury Research Inc. I am not sure what you are or represent specially in Spain who knows where they did come from and anybody can verify your credits. The Ms. or Mr. James Caden continously manipulate his/her results and this is what i found fraudelant and if he/she, so right why refusing to resond to BBB in Florida and quite for my understanding nobody from that office even verify his/her address. Unfortunately, the forex is full of this c*** and this is the only way they could make some money. I can send you the e-mails of his/her buddy friend who act as an auditor who himself advise to do so and you understands the auditor with such integrity or may your firm what credibility can have. She/he still owe me $500 and I will make sure to send a letter to BBB that the problem has been resolved and that will create more credit to him/her than having her black listed in whole state of Florida if not somewhere else.

2010-07-24 If she is so honest and making thousands of dollars daily, how she is struggle for a refund. Does is looks all these five stars a little a fake about a cre..p with an ugly dog.
Jun 1, 2010,

I have been with SimplySignals now for almost 2 months now. I was going to write a very long review.. and then stopped.
Simply Signals has been / and is the Very Best Investment I have made in my trading in 15 months. I started looking into EA's... and have I couple I still use (and many more in the graveyard).. I've advanced my manual trading immensely... Cadens sevice if a perfect compliment to 24 / 5 trading. I can't always make decisions during my normal work day.. but whe I get Cadens' IM's on trades... It takes 2 minutes .. and I'm IN baby!! Her performance is unquestionalbe....Her attitude is .. "IN YOUR FACE"...
Trading Caden is like anything else.. .Believe in the system..Believe in Simply Signals... Performance Speaks... @@#%@#$% doesn't.
You will not go wrong. The more I read this now.. the more it sounds fake... It is not. Check out her site.. read...
Her system works... I don't always agree... but her system works.