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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.549 · 37 REVIEWS
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January 2011: Large numbers of fake positive reviews have been submitted for this company for over a year now.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with this company.


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3.549 · 37 REVIEWS
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Carl Wright,
Norwich, United Kingdom,
May 19, 2012,

Beware of this provider. They seem to be linked to ForexNa in some way (notice the contact details of this PR - http://www.prlog.org/11615652-forexnacom-has-launched-premium-forex-signals-service-signals-to-be-sent-to-mobiles.html).

ForexNa are gamblers who will reduce your managed account to zero.
, Pakistan,
Jan 29, 2012,

I was fairly new to this trading business and wanted to save myself from the losses.Forexwink helped me a lot in this regard. I took a 3 day trial and it double my investment and since then, I have been getting profit by the Forexwink services.
Once in a while, I got a loss by their service but not everyday is a sunday, when you are in trading business You have to trust your judgement and the the signals provided by the fore account manager.
Forexwink is the best service that I have seen.
Whenever I have contacted them, they were very quick to respond and clear my doubts
5 star services...
Raj ,
Oct 4, 2011,

Forex Wink managed service is the worst service I have ever seeen. they reduced my account to 40% in less than a week no risk management, no understanding of th emarket conditions and they are worst than a novice to the forex market. so if you want to protect your funds .... stay away fro them
I wish I could take them to the court but I dont have that much time
Sep 2, 2011,

Attention: ForexWink have crashed my acocunt with 10k EUR Balance in 2 days, with 4 trades. ForexWink has no SL. :((.
Aug 12, 2011,

Trader has no regard for position sizing. Wiped out my account to less than 10% of original balance, all in four trades within a few days. I asked him in the past to scale down the position size. He didn't.

Finally chatted with him on IM about this. "Maybe ur right" he said, and his resolution? For me to re-fund the account, and he would trade it, without fees, until it doubled.

Life is too short to throw more money at someone who has such disregard for it.

So perhaps you're like I was - seeing overall positive reviews, and the occasional negative. The positive ones are the ones that got lucky. The rest of us are left holding the dredges of empty accounts.

Stay away from this one, unless you trully have the money to speculate. Expect no remorse, or professionalism in either money management or communication.
Amman - Jordan,
Aug 5, 2011,

I have been trading Forex since 2005 and because of the nature of my job, I was unable to track the market during my last year so I decided to choose someone to trade on my behalf. I start using Forexwink in October 2010 and since then they are making consistent high profit. My account is growing month after month and I recommended them already to family members and many of my friends. I give them 5 stars for their hard working. Low drawdown and excellent return on investment that exceeds 50% in some months.
Feb 3, 2011,

When I got started in trading I gave forexwink a go. The first few calls were instant runners and I was delighted. Silly me expected all the calls to be like this, and not knowing enough about money management I neglected to size my positions according to the Stop Losses prescribed. This led me to a number of losses, and instead of looking at what I had done wrong, I just lost trust in the signals and ignored them from then on. After 3 months, I cancelled further subscriptions. One Saturday I decided to go over all the signals and plot them on the charts. Imagine my surprise when I saw I had ignored a mass of good calls. Some trades had gone wrong, of course- even the best analysts can't get it right every single time. But the positive pip count dwarfed the negative! I have been studying the markets for a year now, and am making good profits every week, but I'm still not yet as profitable as I would have been had I stayed with these guys. If you want to chat with me to make sure I'm not working for forexwink, I'm sure you'll find a way to pm me from here. I'm now going to copy and paste this to another couple of review sites, because if you MUST rent signals, I'd rather you did so from someone I trust
Hery Barata,
Jan 13, 2011,

Dick Chan (HK) and GP (Bulgaria) were right. I have same condition with Dick, it took 2 weeks my account remains less than 50%, and they keep promise that they will rise up the balance but no guarantee.
So, I decided to change my review. 1st time were good, but next, everything turn bad. They trade with no risk management, yeah it's not their money. I am very dissapointed, but I can not blame on anything except myself. Terrible mistake that I have to count on forexwink.

2010-12-22 5 Stars I have tried their 3 days signals and the accuration are very very good.
Then, I decided to join their manage account, and guess what ?
They almost double my account less than a month.
I think it's hard to find manage account like them. The result minimum 30% at least.
Negative reviews in this forum only try to give bad images, that probably came from their competitor.
Forexwink trading are very agressive, that will result many lots with huge profits, although sometimes drawdown.
I think every professional trader will accept that profit and drawdown are parts of the trading.
Thanks to Abdel, my money manager.
I'll be back in few months for next review.
Dick Chan,
Hong Kong,
Dec 30, 2010,

Let me give the conclusion about this forex signal / manage account provider. Basicly, I do not agree with harry barata. He just have the short time with forexwink. He will know what happen with his account in the future. A lucky when their performance was good.

Pros :
- as the signals provider they are very good, we could subscribe to
their signals

Cons :
- they do manage account like a gambler (the name is Abdel), open a position without consider the margin, promise drawdown at least 30%, but when the market went against them, they keep fight and drawdown become larger than 30% from the account.
The trade sometimes good, but it could become bad, even very bad.
- Not sure who is the founder David Thompson or Abdel, or this is the same person, Abdel ?
- By not providing performance they try to hide the real result.
- My account down remains less than 50% from the first initial deposit less than 1 week. If you were me, you will judge them what ? A gambler or trader ?

Last word, don't believe what they said or promise that price will go up or down or profit become larger than 30% a month, you will be REGRET in your WHOLE LIFE. Your money will GONE.
Nov 29, 2010,

I Think ForexWink is a very good signal service. I've doubled my money in a month following their signals that are very clear.
I got answers in few minutes everytimes from them.