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4xPipSnager.com (Jason Sweezey) Review

Updated: Dec 11, 2018
3.92 · 28 REVIEWS
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4xPipSnager.com (Jason Sweezey)

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3.92 · 28 REVIEWS
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New York, USA,
Nov 14, 2013,

This system is horrible... the guy is another marketer trying to take advantage of people who know little about trading. Probably lives in his mother's basement and spams out emails all day. I would love to hear the justification behind each trade.
john ,
Mar 24, 2011,

I have been using this system for over a year now. Every now and then I will try something else, but always come back to this. Jason has always responded to every question or suggestion that I have made, usually within 24 hours, who else does that? Yeah for awhile he was sending out marketing information for every system that hit the market it seeemed, but no more. He has become very selective in the last several months regarding any referrals for other products. In fact his emails I will always open and read. I trust Jason and his honest opinion.

Like all systems you need to try it several months before you use real money, if you are a newbie that is. Veterans I am sure will readily adapt. The system is so simple, but you do need to understand a develop a good understanding of target potential for a given trading day. If you will do exactly what he tells you, in his given set of rules, you cannot go wrong. This is a sweet safe system, that really really works, The more you use it, the more you will learn to make money with it.

2010-01-22 5Star Bought the system a week ago, no losers yet. I agree that is a good idea to use it with the 5 minuite charts to determine direction better, However, I have to admit that I have made more than a few trades just using the 1M, As with any system the more experience you have the better off you will be.
Sep 14, 2010,

I've read the comments on here regarding this system. And it appears they fall into 2 categories, people wanting the system to sell or people who have no idea how to trade.
I didn't buy the system but I have seen it.

When this guy posts the ideal trades, it's after the event. His wording suggests hindsight.
There is no specific entry (so very subjective), no trade management or specific exit.
He uses terms like we got 10 pips here for sure, well how would you know you could get 10 pips when the entry/exit is NOT defined ?
Its total rubbish, so do not waste your money.
Adelaide, Australia,
Sep 7, 2010,

I religiously traded the 2 time blocks each day. They are quite convenient for me, while day light saving isn't around: 3:30-6:00pm and 9:30-12:00am Adelaide time.
Tried 4 weeks with scalper system, only draw-down the result. Tried 3 weeks with day trader system, nearly broke even. I couldn't get the system working for me personally, but I do recommend you give it a go. Jason's support is excellent and I wasn't overwhelmed with affiliate offers as this review site led me to believe.
I've come to the conclusion that systems based on lagging indicators like moving averages don't work. Hopefully, I'm wrong. I found that Jason's system would mostly miss long runs on the 5M chart and wouldn't signal until half way through the trend run and you wouldn't trade it because it wasn't a near a fresh cross. I also have trouble with support and resistance, it's so subjective, yet I think it's the key to any successful system (together with momentum). When I found the lowest/highest point that price had touched at least twice and drew a line there, it never seemed to match what Jason was drawing on his hindsight emails the next day. I think some videos showing S/R determination would be useful. Like any system, it's great when markets are trending, but fails when markets are going sideways.

Anyway, that's my 2c worth. I'm clearly in the minority, so give the system a go. I have spent 14 months trading forex (unsuccessfully). I know becoming a successful trader, like becoming a doctor, doesn't happen overnight, but I have traded equities for 13 years now. I do think you need to leave your day job and give it your full attention, luckily I save plenty of money so I did just that in 2009, but eventually something's got to start working or you have to go back to the 9-5 (which I'm considering doing now as the money's running out). Good luck all.

2010-07-12 09:04 No rating Thanks Alan from Las Vegas for that very insightful and helpful review. There are no bad systems, only bad traders! I will buy this system and try your method of utilizing it as I have heard Jason's manual is very vague. I will then post a comment after a month of trading it. Cheers.
New York,
Aug 20, 2010,

I have had an 85% success rate of winning trades with 4xpipsnager. The system works, which is more than I can say for the several other systems I've tried. What's more, Jason offers outstanding support for his customers. Just be sure to read the manual CAREFULLY if you try the system otherwise, like any other system, not sticking to the basic rules will result in failure.
Jul 11, 2010,

I purchased Pip Snagger about a year ago. The system does have some merit, it got me interested in entering on pullbacks so although I no longer use it, it was of some benefit to me and I didn't request a refund.

If you purchase Pip Snagger however, be prepared for a constant bombardment of marketing by Jason referring you to his "friends" selling their systems, signals and mentorship programs. He even gave my telephone number to someone who called my house more than once trying to sell me a $4000 mentorship program.

I don't know if Jason is really a fulltime trader, but his priority seems to be marketing.
Jun 30, 2010,

Excellent system. It consists of three time frames: 1M, 5M and 30M.

I like the 30M chart. 75% accurate.
I use 5M for day trading. 80% accurate. Get out the trade at 00:00GMT of next trading day.
1M too fast, but profitable. 10-15 pips profits.

Alan P.,
Las Vegas, NV,
May 17, 2010,

I've found an excellent way to trade Jason's system and it's all mechanical. I've had the system for about 7 months and here's what i do to make constant pips. I trade the london session only starting at 3:00a, est. Because the market is very volatile during this time i forget all about support and resistance. When the market moves well it'll break through S&R levels. After 3:00am est I wait for the very first set up to happen by trading by the rules of the system. I trade the GBP/USD only. I set my target for 45 pips and my stop loss at 30 pips total. That give me a 1 to 1.5 risk to reward ratio. After this I set it and forget it. I go to bed. It makes a good profit every month with the exception of 1 month that was a break even to small loss. The rest of the months were profitable the months i've traded and i did a thorough back testing before this of 1 year with only 1 losing month and 1 break even month. the other 10 months had profits of 150 -400 pips per month. So a 45 pip target and a 30 pip stop loss. Yes you'll have losing trades but you'll also have more than half your trades hitting your target and that's how you make good steady profits with no stress. So you work 2 hours per night or less for a nice income every quarter. Yes i look at my forex profits at a quarterly basis not monthly. You will be thrilled with the results. I only do that 1 trade per night. and if the market is ranging and there's no signal then i don't trade. A profitable system. What more can you ask for? Alan

2009-12-12 10:41AM 5 Stars This system does work extremely well the way it was intended. For a clickbank $97 purchase this is one i won't be refunding out of the dozens of other systems i've tried. I'm using the day trading strategy and the 1 minute scalping system. Both are making almost daily profits. This method works on trading on retracements when the the criteria is met with the 2 custom indicators. When most people are buying we're selling and when most people are selling, we're buying. That's why the other 95% of traders are losing. It works best on the European session. The other thing i like is it only trades in a 2.5 hour window where you look for setups. Usually you're done trading within 1 hour to 3 hours with a nice +40-+60 pips or more for the day. I've won 11 of my 16 scalping trades so far. And i've caught some nice 70-80 pips runs of the day trading method ,several times already with losses ranging from -20--35 pips for the losses. I'm batting about 75% strike rate. It works very well and instructions are very simple, good for the novice to the experienced. I've been trading unsucessfully for the past 3 years and this is the first system i've ordered that has made me a profitable trader on my live trading. He also reveiws the night before trades each morning with an email with the recap. Highly recommended ! Now I'll wait until the second week of January to trade again as the last 2 weeks of December the big boy institutional trades take off for vacation leaving the market very erratic. I feel good now that i can make my living trading the forex now using these method from Pip Snager. The only click bank trading system that has actually worked for me. 5 stars.
May 3, 2010,

This is not a bad system if followed properly. However, if you order, prepare to be bombarded with other Forex products several times a week. The seller of this product is more of a internet marketer than a trader.
Steve ,
Apr 26, 2010,

Its not a 'bad' system for someone who has very little to no experience with trading currencies. However, for those who have the system doesn't allow you to get a feel for where the price where bounce off of what areas (fibs, etc). So the exiting can be a little tough. Even though you have 3 options to choose from, you still need to know under what conditions to use what options. I received a refund from Jason promptly and he's a great guy in so far as answering any questions you have about the system. Again, not a bad system at all, but not every trader is different so you just need to see how it works for you.

2010-03-11 05:42AM No rating I've never had a problem with Jason replying to many of my emails within a few hours at most. Not problems here in getting in contact with him. If your decent to the guy, there's no reason why he wouldn't be replying to anyone here.