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Updated: Dec 10, 2018
2.184 · 8 REVIEWS
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ICM Trading is an online forex broker. ICMTrading offers the MT4, MetaTrader Mobile, and ActTrader global forex trading top platforms. ICMTrading.com offers over 10 currency pairs indices, commodities, and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

ICMTrading.com (iTrade Capital Markets Ltd)

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2.184 · 8 REVIEWS
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Edmonton, Canada,
May 5, 2015,

ICMarket !!!!! STAY AWAY!!!
I opened a demo account with them, I download there mobile app and I start practicing on there Ctrader platform. I contacted there partner 123freesignals.com to try there signals. they let me tried it for one week and after one week they asked me to open a live account in order to continue receiving the signals. Friday 17, 2015 I opened a live account with $2000. I check my balance and I closed it then I log in with my demo account and continue practicing by placing some trades. After a while I log in to my live account on my computer and I discover that those trade was made from my live account. I contacted the costumer service and they told me that it was a problem in there mobile app and the error has been escalated to their vendor spotware and all issues should be resolved.
I was expecting IcMarkets to correct that and refund me my money but they didn't instead they said that they recognise that I have been inconvenienced and they are willing to offer me a good faith credit of $100.

They admit that it was there mistake but who paid for it ?? Answer : the costumer

Thank you IcMarkets
Delhi, India,
Dec 30, 2014,

All the reviews here are from 2009. Can anyone please help in knowing how are ICM services and how safe it is?

Sep 23, 2011,

I have never traded with ICM, actually never traded at all. Today I checked my balance on my credit card and ICMTrading has charged my card CAD 4061. I have talked with th eanti fraud department from my card and they told me that ICM has done this to several other clients.
Beware, if they take your money when you have no relation to them, I guess that they will have no problem charging the card you willingfuly provided.
Jul 23, 2010,

i have got same experience like white,jordan.i'm using ICM for 4 month.so far it's good.their platform is stable.i never have problems.i'm using cloverix for trading.i choose cloverix because i saw in FPA,cloverix is still getting income in many weeks.the result is very good.in 4 month my account from 500 become 3425.you can see my result in http://itrade.mt4live.com.i choose ICM because i saw FPA using ICM for their demo.so far,it running smoothly until 1-7-2010 i request to withdraw money.they didn't transfer my money and said that paypal have problems with ICM,since they didn't work with paypal anymore.in 22-7-2010,i have this email
Dear Sir,
As per section 10, paragraph 'd' of your Risk Disclosure Statement:
"Should quoting errors occur due to a dealer's mistype of a quote,
errors in an automatic price feed, or an erroneous price quote from a dealer, such as but not limited to a wrong big figure quote, ICM will not be liable for the resulting errors in account balances. ICM reserves the right to make the necessary corrections or adjustments on the account involved."

After reviewing your account we note that you have been consistently trading on price quotes that were not reflective of the true market prices. Your trading patterns showed that you performed arbitrage trades. Our platforms are for speculative trading - not for arbitrage trading. We have refunded the balance of what constitutes your original deposit and advise you to trade with a different broker.

Martin Williams

iTrade Capital Markets Ltd
tel: +1.284.494.5504
fax: www.icmtrading.com/contact

honestly,i am very beginner at forex trading.so i have to use the ea,in this case is cloverix.i even don't know what arbitrage trading is.in my time,cloverix work 2-5 am in the morning,and i still sleeping.so with this posting i advice other people.dont use ICM with ea's.they said that they only accepted FapTurbo, Piptronic and IvyBot for ea's.thank you for letting me write in this forum

Mar 15, 2010,

Please note that ICMTrading is suspected to have connection to GCI Trading which is a scam on FPA website.

they might be a white label of GCI or maybe the same broker...

Gauresh Indulkar,
Feb 24, 2010,

I have been trading with icm trading for the past week. I made something like 8000+ dollars of profit with their forex options (modified long straddles) and around 1000+ dollars trading forex.
My initial deposit was just 500$. I will also tell you how I did this if anyone is intrested in knowing as its not that difficult.

However, now they are not allowing me a withdrawal of my profits. They first said that I have increased my equity at a very high rate. So they need to check my account for trading off the market rates. The next day they tell me that my account is not supposed to trade more than 50 lots so those trades above 50 lots will be cancelled and the equity will be readjusted.
They didnt adjust the equity on that day.
The next day the account manager tells me that I have traded with profits of 1-2 pips which is also not allowed on the wintrader platform so my equity needs adjustment even for that which will be done by the technical team today. (as a reason for why the equity was not adjusted yesterday).

And now its almost another day and they havent adjusted my equity or processed my withdrawals at all.
Feb 17, 2010,


This is my first post here.

I am trading with various brokers, bigger and smaller.

One of them is ICM Trading (Forex | Indices | Commodities | Futures | CFDs | Automated Trading | ICM).

I have been using their MT4 for about 6 Months and have deposited and withdrawn money a few times. So far, all went OK.

Now is the first time, that i have a serious issue.

For more than a week they are simply not processing my withdrawal request for 15900 USD, which is the total balance of the account.

Although i have emails from them that they will sort it out and process it "today", nothing happens.

I just wanted to share this and fidn out if anyone has had good eperiences with them before and started to have similar problems recently?

I will continue to try and contact them for a few days and if nothing happens, start a scam alert and recovery effort here.

I am also willing to share legal expenses with anyone who has similar issues.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone affected could give me feedback how to tackle this issue.

I am getting a bad feeling about this and will keep you posted about any development.

Feb 7, 2010,

I spoke with ICM when I saw the derogatory review. This is their response:

Hello, thank you for bringing this to my attention and yes,
please post re-post my answer to the forum or blog you found this comment about us! The forum post below seems to be from a client which was probably disappointed since we stopped our business relationship with him and paid his original deposits back to him. ICM gladly pays profits to legitimate traders and you experienced yourself that your withdrawal was processed to you without any issues and in a very timely manner.
But ICM does not condone trading that is done on off market
prices. However, we will always return the principal to traders
who attempt unscrupulous trading practices. The trader expects a fair business partner and ICM expects that from it's traders as well. In the end this client didn't loose anything since his original deposit has been returned to him and we advised him to trade with a different broker. We have a huge base of honest clients which are very successful on the markets and receive their withdrawals fast, efficient and even free of administrational costs. Our client service team is doing an outstanding job, as you ertainly experienced yourself, and it's also disappointing for us that a trader, attempting unscrupulous trading practices, is now trying to put us in a bad light. Regarding the BVI FSC comment: we are fully aware of that and have a lawyer working on this ssue, since we are fully legal and compliant. The Advisory
Warning was issues since the BVI FSC misunderstood
the nature of our business and saw us similar to a bank, giving out loans, mortgages etc. This is of course not the case, ICM does not fall under the definition of 'banking business' under the Bank and Trust Companies Act, 1990. We have all information about that posted on our homepage at http://www.icmtrading.com/icm_bvi.htm where you will find all contact details of our lawyers, information about the legal situation and also the communication of our lawyers to the BVIFSC. I will also
attach this communication to this email along with our certificate of incorporation. I hope my feedback was helpful for you, but
if you have any kind of further questions, please contact me
Best regards, Robert Keen Telephone +1 284 494 5504 ICQ# 588499153
I can say Robert and ICM have looked after me well up to this point.
Feb 1, 2010,

be careful do trade on I Trade Capital Markets Ltd (icmtrading.com) is a fraud company, if you get the benefits of trading you are doing or your benefits may be greater than the deposit, you will begin to have problems, and eventually all your money will be taken unilaterally
black&white ,
Jan 4, 2010,

I work with this company for a few month, no complains, no problems etc. at there plattforms mt4 and wintrader.
Fastest execution i ever trade (app. 10 other shops).
Faster quotes then other ECN's/MM!!! ;-)
Witdraw's in 48 h (wire..)
5 stars!
Presently higly recommended

I. D.

sorry for my broken english