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Updated: Nov 30, 2018
3.106 · 121 REVIEWS
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FX Primus is a forex broker. FXPrimus offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile online forex trading top platforms. FXPrimus.com offers over 30 currency pairs, metals, cfds, indices, and equities for your personal investment and trading options.


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3.106 · 121 REVIEWS
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Yusuf S,
Uk, United Kingdom,
Nov 28, 2018,

At 17.05 today 28/11/2018 when the eur jumped fx Primus didn’t allow my trades to go through to take profit of several k. In fact the account was left in a plus 5k shortfall. The lockout was well over a minute. I have pictures to prove it. The spread also sometimes jumps to more than 80 pips as done within the last week or so. I have several pictures to prove it. I have had to close the account and I have emailed the support team and I am waiting for a response. I will keep you posted. But for now avoid at all costs.
Aug 20, 2018,
Registered user

Conversation with Nicolas from FX Primus

I had a great conversation with one of FXprimus’s nicest reps, and he assured me the issues are being looked at and upgraded,

I am happy at the solution they provided.

I hope all goes well with both traders and the company.


Aug 17, 2018 - No Rating to give you guys update, FXprimus just contacted me and provided me a credit of 1790 although it wasnt the 2200 that was in my account before getting liquidated, but I appreciate their effort in having this matter looked at and a solution provided.

I still stand by my earlier criticism of them having a slow network in depositing funds and browsing their member area, and I wish and hope they upgrade their services to better standards, and also provide other methods of credi card deposit instead of just having skrill as their sole credit card method of payment.

thannk you

Aug 9, 2018 - 1 Star Hi
Avoid this broker as if its a plague, I traded with them for over 4 years, deposited more than 40k over the years with different accounts I have with them , and had many little issues which costed me big over the years, and every time I mentioned to them the problems they first act as if they are looking into it, and give you empty promises over their live chat, then they issue a ticket and their customer service always comes back blaming you for their short comings, then they stop answering you or replying to you and will avoid you.

I will mention few of the recent problems I experienced
the first one nearly liquidated my account, the second one did actually liquidated my account and I have picture proof for both of them which I will add here for every one to see

as I was trading and had few large trades open and I was on a winning streak all of a sudden my charts and my price action and balance on my account froze and I did not get any feed, so I went online asking the online chat rep what is going on as my mt4 is frozen, I mentioned to them that I have accounts with other brokers but their mt4 works but yours doesnt, funny enough they told me it was my internet I told them I AM CHATTING WITH YOU ONLINE, that means I am connected and its not my internet but rather your server, I told them to connect me immediately as the market is dropping and I need to be able to manage my open positions so I dont get stopped out of my trades , they said they will open a ticket and are not sure why this was happening (completely useless, imagine the anxiety and devastation you are going through and how sociologically they brush you off without care) any how the market reversed and I was safe, their support emailed me back blaming my internet and stated it could be firewall, I emailed back and said I have no firewall and my internet is one of the fastest internet in Canada and I also was using the internet to chat with your online rep so its not my internet but rather your servers

you can see from the image below he missing candles are the missing of feed
this went on for half an hour, I could have lost my account then

second time was the week after, again I was on a wining streak that week and I had large trades open, the market revered against me and I tried to deposit more money into my account to avoid margin call and eventually liquidation of my account,
( I have to say here that loging into your account and trying to deposit money takes atleast 3 to 10 minutes due to their super slow servers, it feels like 1998 dial up connections waiting for a page to load thats how slow it is, I mentioned to them many times in the past to fix this issue they said they are working on it, and yet to this day they havent fixed the sluggish member area log in)

anyhow after 3 minutes of waiting for the pages to load (imagine the stress you are under plus having to wait for the page to load for 3 minutes to deposit money into your account you may not even have that much time) I got an error disabling me from depositing money into my account, I tried many times after that again it failed every time, I contacted their useless online support saying I dont have much time please find a way to have this issue fixed so I can deposit money into my account as I am about to lose my account, the support told me to wait while they check, I told them I dont have time to wait fix this issue now, he only came back when I lost my account and said dont worry sir we will investigate and if its a problem on our side we will reimburse you, he opened another useless ticket and few hours later the support contacted me back saying it was a problem with Skrill not them, after that I replied mentioning I dont care who;s problem it is since its not my problem you are responsible for this loss you could have fixed this issue while I was on the online chat (also Skrill is their only method of credit card payments at this point, in the past they had other companies and if one failed you could use another method to fund you account via credit card) so they did not respond after that and I emailed the president of the company using the email address provided her on this forum thinking that I might get a solution to my problem, and to this day I did not receive any reply and the ticket is closed.

you can see the failed attempts to deposit money in the screen shot below

this was a smaller account and I lost 2200$

my suggestion to you all is to search around and find a good solid company to trade with, they only care once you are in the door and then you are on your own, they will not take responsibility for their shortcomings nor care what happens to you,sure they assign you a nice rep for you to talk with as your account manager, but he has no authority and simply is like a friend any problems you have they will brush you off with one email, always blaming your internet, skrill, short of staff due to being busy, slow servers at high traffic, all of this at one point will cost you your account which it happened to me.

dont be fooled by their reps coming here trying to act they care for you and are willing to fix the issue and look into it , if they cared for you they would reply to you and would fix the problem initially when you raised the issue to them internally, not when I am trying to warn others of the big scam that is going on in their company.

good luck to everyone out there avoid FXprimus.

take care
Mar 2, 2018,

Just another one-man operation based in cyprus..... stay away from them

Horrible company and a scam artist!
Stay away from them and don't send them any money.
They closed my account without providing ANY EXPLANATION OF ANY KIND.

Here is what happened, I was looking for a broker that could accommodate deposits and withdrawals from ewallets like Skrill and Neteller and I came across Fxprimus, so I opened an account with them and they requested for my KYC documents and I send them the docs and they verified the account without any issues.

About 2 weeks after the verification of my account, suddenly I couldn't log into the member area where the deposits and withdrawals are made. I chatted with the live chat support, and they opened a ticket for my on their complaint portal, and it was assigned to Ivane Chan, and oddly enough just after 2 days, without any correspondent, Ivane Chan marked the ticket as resolved and closed the ticket and I still couldn't access the account.

I tried resetting the password, it didn't work at all, in fact I didn't even receive a password reset link, i searched everywhere, in the junk/spam,,,,everywhere and I wasn't emailed anything, interestingly enough I still keep getting their market analytics reports but when it comes to important issues like password reset, I ddin't get emails from them.

Anyways, fast forward to the next day, I decided to email my account manager who is supposedly in charge of my account and should be able to help in a situation like this, his name is Evagoras Iacovou (can be looked up on facebook and Linked in) and he didn't respond either, at this point i was outraged, so I wrote an email to their support team at support[atsign]fxprimus[dot]com and they didn't respond either.

7 days passed and I still didn't get even one email from fxprimus official support team, or my account manager and my support ticket I had opened via their live chat had magically been marked as resolved.

I decided to give them another chance, so again, I reached out to the live chat support and a live agent chat named Alexandros, opened another ticket in their complaint portal and assigned it to Mayumi Sakamoto to follow up with and the exact same thing happened as before, the ticket was marked as "resolved" and closed without any communication with me and the account still remained inaccessible.

To this date, fxprimus has not communicated with me, in this regards, despite my repeated attempts in reaching out to them, they have not provided any reasoning as to why my account has been disable/or is inaccessible.

I am outraged by fxprimus way of treating its clients, save yourself all the hassle and headache and worry and DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT with them, this is just another fraudulent cyprus based broker. a one-man operation.
Reply by FXPRIMUS Support submitted May 17, 2018:
Dear Henry,

We are sorry to hear that you are having a bad experience with FXPRIMUS so far.
Reviewing your account we were unable to approve your account as we don’t provide services for your registered country.
We invite you to read more about the restricted countries for our customers on our website. Please do not hesitate to post additional feedback or questions on this forum or with us directly at support@fxprimus.com.

Warm regards, FXPRIMUS Support
Dec 20, 2017,

Fxprimus is not a reliable platform. I was trading cryptocurrency with Primus but my account was forced closed due to the reason given “lack of liquidity”. I believed that all Traders are being forced close and took all their losses.
Reply by FXPRIMUS Support submitted Jan 18, 2018:
Hello Kay,

Cryptos are a very volatile and risky product. We were forced to close all positions of the traders due to the fact that there was not enough liquidity on the crypto exchanges market to cover the enormous size of the trades of our clients. As it is well known, all the cryptos we were offering have a set limited circulating supply; i.e. if the limit is reached nobody can buy more cryptos while in FX there is no limited supply, and hence the difference.

Note that the majority of clients have closed their positions in good profits due to the cryptos markets surging at that time.

We can assure you that our platform is very reliable with 99.99% uptime, as well as all our withdrawals. You can find lots of information circulating online about many other brokers not being able to pay their clients their profits as opposed to FXPRIMUS which is very reliable in this respect.

We hope our response provides the clarity you need in this matter.
Mr Tee,
London , United Kingdom,
Oct 24, 2017,
Registered user

This broker will lead to misery

Another day, another shady broker in Cyprus. Ok so what this company do is lure you in with promises and nothing is to much trouble. They pour honey on you. Then once your trading with them they switch your account to their un regulated entity in Vanuatu and pull the regulatory protections out from under you. Its at this point that the honey turns to wax and things become impossible. Your spreads widen and they slip you heavily on market orders. Also, when your sitting on a winning trade they refuse your exit orders while your profits whittle away. Their trick are so obvious I didn't even bother to call them about it so as to save myself the stress of having to listen to their undoubted pathetic excuses. I just pulled my money and walked away. They are truly sneaky.
Reply by FXPRIMUS Support submitted Jan 18, 2018:
Hello Mr Tee,

In regards to Vanuatu, Primus Markets INTL Limited, is licensed and authorised to carry on the business of dealing in securities as a Principal by the Minister of Finance and Economic Management of the Republic of Vanuatu, with Company number 14595.

In regards to your account, if you would like to us to perform a trade audit on your account, please email support@fxprimus.com with your account ID, order number and trade dispute and we will have our trade team view and revert back to you.

KARACHI, Pakistan,
Aug 31, 2017,

MY A/C ID 584343.
Reply by FXPRIMUS Support submitted Jan 18, 2018:
Hello Syed Afzal Hussain,

In reviewing your account, we note that you benefited from one of our cashback bonuses during your accounts existence and in good faith, we also note a few instances of resetting your account balance. Note that per the TnC of certain bonuses, the stop out level can increase; all clients must agreed to these T&C's before the bonus is credited to the trading account. If you would like to review the Terms and Condition of the promotion once again, feel free to email our support team and we will be happy to provide it to you.
Oman, Oman,
Aug 23, 2017,
Registered user

I will rate them 5 star and recommend any one who is looking for a good Forex Broker to choose FxPrimus .

FxPrimus is very honest Broker . I have been trading live account for 4 years now with them and their service is excellent.
They have good customer support team and a dedicated account Manager for each trader, All my account Managers assist me very well in solving my trading problems.
They have now upgraded their system and their MT4 Platform is very smooth in trade execution .

FxPrimus is the Best place to trade online foreign currency.
Yousef Ali,
Ryad, Saudi Arabia,
Aug 23, 2017,

Reply to FXPrimus support

thank you for your prompt reply.

Nevertheless instead of asking to provide in a public area (FPA) private details that are according to your terms and conditions "protected", you should try to prove that you are not using Vanuatu licence to swap Partners away from CYSEC Regulation.
I can prove by sending to FPA all information that shows your practices on switching all your clients and IBs to Vanuatu Regulation.
Therefor after proving that you don't switch partners to Vanuatu Regulation, I can send a statement to FPA that shows your practices on reopening positions + proof that my previous comment is genuine.


Aug 14, 2017 - 1 Star An ECN/STP broker Hidden in a Market Making Vanuatu Regulatory

Have you ever traded with this broker? Better not... Here is my own experience as a Trader.

FXPRIMUS promotes itself as a pure ECN/STP but while I was trading, My spreads increased abnormally of 22 pip to touch my stops.
I am not talking about a trade on (Exotics) MXN/USD but a simple trade on EUR/USD where we all know that all brokers now never reach this spread.

After a complaint, I got suddenly my positions reopen, Which shows strictly that this broker is not ECN/STP and shows it practices...
No positions on a ECN/STP can be reopened as they are sent to liquidity providers that cannot reopen back for the broker... Outrageous!

Do you know that nearly all of their Partners/IB/Affiliates are switched on Vanuatu Regulation? So who really cares?

Second Thing, As a Trader and an IB, I've got forced to switch my Parner account to Vanuatu regulation... and as I got business running I could not tell to all my clients to close their positions in order to get out of here...
They now force all of the IB/Affiliates (partners) to switch their business on Vanuatu which shows clearly that you are trading with a scam broker!

So What is left for the IB or the client then?
Not much. Only their eyes to cry how they can fight to get their money in case if they have an issue such as mine. Bear in mind that No one can really complain to such regulatory! it's just a box letter with their names hidden in a beautiful no where island....

I Invite all the Clients to be really careful and to ask their account managers before doing anything a Certificate signed by FXPRIMUS (and be careful to mention the CYSEC entity and not the Vanuatu one) that their account is a real STP/ECN and will never be switched to Vanuatu regulation.
I Invite as well all Partners/IB/Affiliate to stop their activities as they are under Vanuatu Regulatory and will never be covered in case anything happen.

Share my post on all forums and website. It might help you, but let's not be selfish! It might help other people!

Reply by FXPRIMUS Support submitted Aug 22, 2017 Dear Yousef,

We've had compliance cross check our database and don't have record of your name/country combination in our system. Additionally, we've checked with support and don't have a record of your complaints either. Please provide any support ticket numbers here so we can address/assist further.

@ FPA Admin

We are of the opinion that this post is not from an actual client, but rather an individual attempting to damage our pristine reputation. To this end, may we suggest if there is no reply from this individual by weeks end, a disclaimer is placed that this post is not verifiable as an actual client.

Thank you,

kuala lumpur, Malaysia,
Aug 22, 2017,
Registered user

not suitable for news trading as spread will widen >10pips

not suitable for news trading as the spread will widen a lot sudden >10pips and hit your stoploss which may be >10pips away

so for example you enter a short trade and put your cut loss 10pips away, you see the price falling and then suddenly your stopped loss which is >10pips above is triggered and you are wondering what happened and of course they will tell you because the spread has widen so much so that your stop loss has been triggered

unless you remove your stop loss during news time or set your cut loss 30 pips away but that would give you other stress if you have a big position

in short, if you trade news, stay away from this broker
Melaka, Malaysia,
Apr 17, 2017,

Slippage too extreme, support staff always spin the issue regarding slippage. Late tick data give different candlestick and server always hang prior big news. Very bad. Once a very good broker, but not anymore.
Reply by FXPRIMUS Support submitted May 1, 2017:
Hi Neotrade,

There can be a degree of uncertainty during market news in which trading conditions can be volatile. FXPRIMUS consistently monitors market conditions and volatility to ensure they are offering a fair and efficient platform in which to trade on. If you would like to us to perform a trade audit on your account, please email support@fxprimus.com with your account ID, order number and trade dispute and we will have our trade team view and revert back to you.

-FxPrimus Support