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Updated: Nov 14, 2018
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Note:  There have been issues with suspicious positive reviews for this company.  We recommend caution dealing with this company.


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Cologne, Germany,
Feb 19, 2012,

I have been with 99pips for quite a time now. They have been successful when other services and traders failed badly - especially over December and Janurary. I don't even remember any negative month - and if there has been, it was minor. Therefore, I cannot reproduce the statement from John.

I know the owner of 99pips. He is a very experienced trader and I even consider him a friend after all that time. We chat once in a while. It is hard to find successful and good service in that market. He is one to be trusted, honest and yet steadily successful. I recommend 99pips!
Vancouver, Canada,
Dec 20, 2011,

I joined 99 pips.com 50 days a go
and all I can say they are not traders , my ac is dawn 500 pips this month and it keep getting worse , they stay in loosing trades for weeks ,so be carefull before using there signals
Sep 7, 2010,

Just signed up in August. So far good results and quick customer service. I like the "hands-free" option.
Mar 7, 2010,

I joined 99pips last month (Feb.). Only 3 trade calls. 1 winner, 2 losers, but b/c of the risk:reward ratio they implement, I came out 1% ahead for the my first month. They do post their trades winners/losers right away. However, I am disappointed they didn't have more trades as they had way more signals in all their previous months. I emailed them about this and their response was that the markets changed in February. They would rather not make trade calls than give losing calls, which I am totally for. But on the other hand, the markets change every day. Anyway, I will give them another month (March) to see what they provide. I will post another review at the end of this month. I really am hoping to see more from these guys. As I mentioned, their R:R is very good at 1:3.
Jan 9, 2010,

Great service, great results, great strategy, very simple and easy to follow up! I tried so many services before... was looking for something with few positive trades a month, I really hope it will continue like it is now. THANKS GUYS, GREAT JOB!!!

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 star rating removed. "Varen B" is not posting from Europe. The owner of 99pips.com created an FPA forums account from the same location.
Atlanta, GA,
Jan 8, 2010,

Just signed up for signals. Already made 300+ pips by following them. Great customer service.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 star rating removed. "Joshua" sent an email to the FPA. It was an advertisement for 99 pips, and he said his name was Mark Wilson.