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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.105 · 6 REVIEWS
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StatusAccountProductP/L Weekly,%Weeks testedP/L Gross,%
Forex Harvester 2-0.4656.5-22.987

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3.105 · 6 REVIEWS
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Ontario, Canada,
Sep 23, 2012,

The owner of Harvester switch to signals trading and take down harvester robot site and support. Now, all those who purchased Harvester robot and paid with their hard earned money cannot use the robot because it stops working and when disabled and re-installed again, an error is popping up saying "account is locked for registration".

The product comes with full support and lifetime usage and buing anything from you is a waste of money and time as the trust has been lost. I would like the owner to respond to this as he is a member of this forum.
Jun 20, 2011,

I've just stumbled across this thread.

I'm a huge fan of Forex Harvester. I currently run 2 live installations - my original account and a second account (lower risk and on a broker which 1 hour later).

The way I run my EAs is that everytime I hit profit of 10% of my investment capital I withdraw it - no compounding. Despite this, Forex Harvester still managed to repay all my initial capital (and then some) within the first year.

My results are here: http://www.lovefx.co.uk/html/ea_robots.html#Harvester

The support from Mark Marshall is great and without the spam emails which so many other EA vendors like to send :-)
Little China Man,
Guangzhou, China,
May 19, 2011,

Just want to drop by and point out the official performance of the bot by pointing you the the MyFxBook record. I'm not sure how to good reviewers were doing in view of this...
Screen capture:
Mark Marshall,
Boston, US,
Mar 1, 2011,

This is a response to both John from CA and Eric from the UK.

It is astounding how many of the reviews here contain mere speculation with no facts or proof.

I challenge John to prove that I "steal" signals and EA's and repackage them. The fact is he cannot provide such proof.

We create, develop and support our OWN products plus provide a managed service traded by manual traders.

The original Harvester has been around for more than a year now and is a favorite robot of a number of our clients. The new site has many unedited testimonials and we are happy to provide others on request.

I have issue with someone stating an opinion but accusatory name calling is childish at best, especially with no proof.

I further challenge Eric to prove the claimed "disaster" upon the release of Harvester 2 recently. There are two different emails sent to all clients strongly recommending that they test the new version on demo first.

That is common sense. Truth be told, there is no way for ANY robot to be tested on ALL brokers before release.

Further, if Eric's account has not recovered, I would like to see proof and a definition of "recovered". Most of our clients who continued using the original were able to recover from any losses.

The fact is that Harvester 1 has now had 26 sessions in a row without a loss, allowing ample time for recovery.

Once again, we have PROOF upon request. To be called "incompetent" without proof is laughable.

Finally, we trade right along with our clients and have just started a live, real money account for Harvester 2. Results will be public and posted right here at FPA.

In the future, it would be better for all concerned to contact us directly with any concerns so that we can have the opportunity to address them.

Reviewing ANY robot based on rumor, innuendo and speculation is irresponsible at best.

Feb 19, 2011,

Mark Marshal is helpful enough but I have been trading this EA for close on to a year it's made two big losses which my account has never recovered from. I just trade it as a little interest.

The developers of Harvester are trying to produce a good EA their version Harvester 2.0 is a direct result of the two big losses. Put it live two weeks ago needless to say I did not trade it live or test. They then had a trading disaster and the next webinar was based on "You should never place an EA live until after you tested it" they blamed their customers for the loss!!
The fact the EA fouled up is not considered after all their testing.

Harvester 19.5 has been profitable for 20 weeks plus but the amount of money it makes is not worth the time I have spent on it.

Harvester 19.5 and Harvester 2.0 have both been stopped from trading and modified again and replaced by another version. I object as I was content to trade Harvester 19.5 the week when Harvester 2.0 fouled up I made £24.00 with Harvester 19.5 on a £5000 pound account.

It's not a scam but incompetents
Oct 29, 2010,

This Mark Marshall is simply and unethical and bad person.

He steals signals and EAs and then repackages them into 'his' signal so buyer beware, you might get a nasty surprise as I did!
Mark Marshall,
Boston, US,
Oct 27, 2010,

I am the head of support for Forex Harvester. In response to Pal, the original automated Harvester did have a very high risk/reward ratio by design. Many of our clients have actually done better than we have due to results varying among brokers.

We are currently working on version 20, which has many new user settings and a much better R/R ratio. We are always working to improve our product.

Managed Harvester is another option and is currently about just under 21% since 08/16 in live trading. You can also check the demo results here.

For proof of other client's live results and more detail on how Harvester works, feel free to contact me directly at mt4support@mt4trading.com
Orlando, FL,
Oct 9, 2010,

I don't understand any of these comments or ratings. The link to the live trading account shows steady small profits injected with rare but DEVESTATING losses wiping out all gains and leaving the account at a 20% loss after five months. How is that considered a good robot?
Mark Marshall,
Boston, US,
Sep 1, 2010,

This is a response to the review from DK below from the "creator" of Forex Harvester. One thing I cannot stand on forums and blogs is misinformation!

We NEVER said our account was up 50% at any time. If the reviewer can produce proof, then I will respond.

In fact, our live account was up about 32% back in May 2010. The account is publicly viewable here http://www.myfxbook.com/members/MT4Trading/harvester-live/18004

We have nothing to hide. In addition, the robot is one of few that is based on an actual trading strategy. I am disappointed that FPA decided to stop testing without letting us know.

To my knowledge, we are the only group of its kind who is offering a managed version of Harvester, traded by manual traders.

In addition, we offer a variety of other programs within the group enabling our clients to diversify and build a trading portfolio.

Finally, we provide the best service and support in the industry, bar none.
Jun 28, 2010,

Talking about pot calling the kettle black. $147 junk Calling others $97 hunk of junk. Trading on micro account you will see a drawdown of $160 and if you are luck and all your trades close with profit $6.

The creater claimed that their equity has grown by 50% in since months. Funny I just had it for one month using default settings, my account is down by 20%. I was told that I should give the EA weeks to show me what it can do. Now would that be 8 weeks so I cannot get my refund or would it be few weeks more before there is no more funds left in my account. Seriously I am not planning to sit around for it to blow my account to proof that I am right.