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Updated: Jun 16, 2015
1.292 · 26 REVIEWS
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2010-02-10 SCAM ALERT: The FPA has received final confirmation that the original version of USDBot was a copy of a free EA.

USDBot is blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. If you purchased this software, we recommend you seek a refund.

UPDATE:  This scam company's website is down.  One less pirated EA for sale.


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1.292 · 26 REVIEWS
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Sep 4, 2010,

Easiest $139.00 they ever made. Doubt they make anything w/ Forex.

Wrote to them several times. Couldn't even put on my computer. Never did. Informed them of that, and didn't even get a haha, gotcha from them. Certainly no refunds.

Hope someone catches up w/ them. They will assist in maintaining Forex as a questionable at best trading platform.

Anyone wanting to prove anything like that in the future to me, will have to give the product to me, first. I'll be glad to pay, once proven to my bank acct.

Other than that, keep Forex away from me as I only have USDBOT as a reference, and it is on the bottom.
Mar 12, 2010,

I purchased both of the bots (standard and advanced) about a month ago, and tried them both on different demo accounts without good success. I even gave the upgraded bots a chance (when they came out about a week or 2 later), and they were just as bad as the originals. I was fortunate enough to get my money back before the FPA declared the 'scam', so I consider myself lucky. In my opinion, one more bad bot 'hits the dirt'.

2010-02-05 11:28AM 1 Star I, too, bought (got suckered into) the 2 auto bots and tried them both out on reputable demo accounts (Forex-Meta and FXDD). The base bot did no trading at all over a week+ period even on the 1H chart, while the advanced bot lost more money than it earned. After purchasing a number of so-called great EAs, I can tell pretty early in the 'game' when one of these EA wonders is going to be bad, and these bots were, unfortunately, no exception. I got my money back on both (thank you Clickbank) and recommend that others do the same.
Feb 19, 2010,

Be carefull of this EA . In my live account they have a really bad performance. I try to chancel it with the member support - no way. So i chancel my trial with click bank.
Jeffrey Bruce,
Oklahoma City,
Feb 19, 2010,

USDBOT destroyed my small FOREX account. I set LOTS at .01 It made trades of .01 .02 .04 .08 .16 before margin calls closed all trades. What boiled my blood more was the 8 day fight with USDBOT support closing my ClickBank refund ticket 6 times never answering any of my questions. They copy and pasted a generic response and closed the ticket. After more than a week of the endless loop of evasive game playing by USDBOT not honoring their "BAM NO QUESTIONS NO HARD FEELINGS INSTANT REFUND" guarantee I decided to fax ClickBank a letter explaining about this nightmare with the unscrupulousness vendor. ClickBank was excellent and I had my refund shortly. Analogy...I was a scuba diver 80 feet down on my last tank of air. USDBOT destoyed my account. I was hoping for slow/steady gains (That's why I set LOTS at .01). I am not sitting on a fat wallet (wife disabled and work hrs cut). This account was my small glimmer of hope for some financial growth. USDBOT took that away from me..... It will be a long time before I can trade again. I should not have gone through 8 days of hell with these crooks. Why the USDBOT sales page is still on the internet is an outrage. I am truly grateful to ClickBank for helping me recover my refund.
North Somerset UK,
Feb 18, 2010,

Well like everyone else I bought the original version, which I am happy to say I am still running on a demo account. When I looked at it tonight it had taken over £4000 on a £5000 deposit in 3 days !
Now I know that a demo account is not truely accurate compared to live. But I have to admit I guessed some of the settings and whatever I have done has put a rocket up it !
Well I will have to wait and see if it dies just as quickly.
Does any one know the name of the oiginal robot and what its performance was like ?
Feb 17, 2010,

I am still trying to get a full refund on USDBOT. Vendors like this have also resulted in me having problems with making purchases thru CLICKBANK. Hope members know that with constant refunds, CLICKBANK will disallow your future attempt to make purchases! It is unfortunate that genuine buyers in search of good products get scamed and to make things worst, CLICKBANK also penalises you!
Ohio, USA,
Feb 13, 2010,

This EA is a piece of crap! There should be a rating of minus 5 stars. Thankfully, I did not trade this EA live. It lost money in it's original version and then when you get V2 and set the time frame to 5 minutes, it lost half of my demo account in 24 hours. What a waste of time. I had to reopen Clickbank refund request like 4 times. They kept making excuses and saying to give it more time. Time for this crappy EA is up!
Feb 13, 2010,

I have bought the usdbot and the adaptive strategy and both are a disaster including the new stealth and v2 upgrades. Demo is down to 300 bucks on one and 1300 on the other. My advice is dont waste your money or get a refund!
South Africa,
Feb 12, 2010,

Luckily I trade it on demo and lost $3000 in a week. USDbot is a scam. Have received my refund.
Phil Wyatt,
Chard UK,
Feb 12, 2010,

I bought the USDBot when it first came out, loaded it onto two live accounts with Alpari and Forex .com, still running now but only on 0.03 lots. I got the big hit like the other guys but because I was using such small lots (my bank is only £2,000) and sensible money management it managed to pull back with a small profit.
I am currently up £102 since it launched but had no trades until I installed the V2. I was thinking at last I have found a bot that works, but now I have read this I don't know what to think.
I must admit I had some suspicion when I got a reply back from him and it showed his address was a Flat in Maidenhead! (Done well for hinself)!
Maybe I should get out while I still can!!!