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Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Scam Confirmation

2010-02-16:  The FPA has confirmed a Scam complaint by an FPA member against this broker. This broker also tried to place a number of fake positive reviews and forums posts for itself.  We also believe that their claim of winning a broker of the year award in 2009 is totally false. This broker appears to be completely unregulated. is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. We recommend against placing money with this company. If you have an account with them, we recommend you withdraw all funds immediately.

The FPA encourages all US clients of ForInvests to contact immediately. has won the

2010 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Award

Click here for details.


Website is down.  Looks like another scam company has bit the dust!
1.602 • 9 REVIEWS

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Jun 22, 2011,

Nice customer care this serious so called broker has. After few simple questions about my account i had with them. They told me i am a a**hole and should go to any other other broker in the world ..but they are really right any other broker is better than this fraud. They not guarantee stop losses, massive server delays when you wan´t to close in profit ..worst ever seen ..don´t invest at forinvest ..carribean fraud with swiss flagg ...poor swiss country gettin in the dirt from this FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

2011-05-20 2 Stars I tried (small amount) even with bad and scam reviews of this broker. Deposit and withdraw is very fast with this broker -no problem. BUT main thing is they have very often delays in open and close a trade. Sometimes 10 up to 30 sec. so your profitable trade ends into minus -this is terrible really ..STAY AWAY
May 21, 2011,

Look at this url for damning evidence of fraud at forinvest.

Look at the dates of the post#1 and post#2 and the dates on the attached files of screenshots and log files. It is damning evidence of their fraudulent activity.

Don't get scammed by forinvest like myself and soo many others.

They are not a broker but instead are scammers.
May 19, 2011,

I just closed my account with these guys and they are scums. I closed my account(with around -$30) as soon as I seen their crooked practices. I wish I knew a good lawyer so I can help people get their money back and put these dishonest, fraudulent scums beyond bankruptcy.

They have MANY dirty tricks to cheat their victims. They usually make you profit when you have demo accounts but live accounts are entirely different story. I had demo accounts with them and no problems then I opened a live account and they were manipulating signals and prices left and right. I quit as soon as I saw what they were doing because I had another demo account open from another broker open at the same time.

Some examples:

1) Some trades they won't let you close while in profit and others you'll lose money when you close and ARE IN PROFIT.

2) They ignore takeprofits & stoploss to cheat you of money.

3) They also often manipulate price when you open/close orders.

4) Intentionally delay opening and closing orders when it goes against them.

5) No custom indicators besides the BASIC ones that comes with the install of the mt4.

First I tried to shut the orders WHILE IN PROFIT and it kept giving me error messages such as:

1) Off quotes

2) Modification denied. Order is too close to market

I closed one trade while the ticker was RISING(PROFITING) while I WAS IN PROFIT and the ticker was arcing straight up(TOWARD MORE PROFIT) WITHOUT DIPPING ONCE. For minutes I couldn't shut down profitable trades including this one. Ultimately THEIR SERVER ROBOT shut the trade while I was in profit and the ticker was rising without dipping(not once) and I somehow ended up LOSING $50+ and that's not including delaying my close order which should have been around another +8 to +12 pips in my favor. And from this last trade they outright robbed me. I was up around 10% or more above my initial deposit from other trades. I finally closed eventually after minutes of pushing close button over and over again. And I was around -$20 to -$30+ below my initial deposit from the last trade.

I stopped and closed the mt4 client and zipped the folder. I emailed them and I asked them to withdraw my money and shut down my acccount. I knew better than trying to sort this out through e-mail with crooked scum brokers like them.

Even as I speak I wonder if they'll even mail me the rest of the balance of my account.

Latest update folks. Finally after two weeks I received an e-mail from alertpay telling me I received $185.70 from forinvest group. Which is around $90 less than my final balance when I closed my final trade and e-mailed them to withdraw my balance and close my account.

It's bad enough I got scammed from my trades but they got greedy with there schemes and scams I had enough and filed a complaint with alertpay and almost 2 weeks later I get a call from the scammer himself. Judging by his accent he sounded russian. Called me over the phone and woke me up and accused me of lying. I was pretty enraged by now and completely lost my cool which I don't regret. I was screaming almost at the top of my lungs.

First he scams me of the profits I've earned through my trades, then he tries to steal around $90 from the remaining balance, then he calls me and wakes me up to accuse me of lying without using the word "liar". I was cursing over the phone and was basically pretty steamed. I have not been this angry in awhile. I'm not sure if he knew I was monitoring the trades but I'm pretty sure he was aware of it.

Here's one of his tactics that he uses to try to screw over his victims. He calls pretending to be the scammer's phony company's attorney trying to intimidate and mindf**k his victims. I think forinvest is just one scammer that pretends to be a brokerage company who runs a hacked broker server with a virtual dealer plugin and multiple e-mail accounts. The so-called "lawyer" wouldn't even tell me where the so-called company is located.

I had to get ready to prepare for work so I didn't have time to "chat" long. By now I've been screaming and cursing at the top of my lungs over the phone for close to 45mins. To make a long story short he said I had to e-mail him and he would send me $90. I told him I would think about it.

After work he called me again and again. I went ahead and e-mailed him and he transferred NO LESS THAN $90. I think possibly that alertpay locked his account so that he could not take more money from unsuspecting victims. So basically he wanted me to drop my dispute as soon as possible. I went ahead and e-mailed alertpay as soon as I received NO LESS THAN $90 but warned them of that lying, cheating, scammer.

I hope people can read this before considering opening an account with what I believe is a scammer pretending to be a brokerage company. It'll save them some money.

If you got scammed like me then report them or sue them.
fayyaz ahmed
Apr 19, 2011,

they have contected me and asking me what plz see in this chat ... hello
fayyaz123pk: hello are you the owner of demo account 1151045
fayyaz123pk: no aren'y you Tahligan Pars? aren't?
fayyaz123pk: i only understand english plz
fayyaz123pk: no
fayyaz123pk: i am not ok do you know how to exchange money to WebMoney in Iran? do you know any agent who do that?
fayyaz123pk: i have an ib account with forinvest .com really?
fayyaz123pk: yes
fayyaz123pk: long time a go i do not get any commission do you have clients?
fayyaz123pk: i have what is your IB number?
fayyaz123pk: but to be true the clients was afraid to open account with you ok
fayyaz123pk: i still not get my comission that i have made in my account so you do not have clients now, could you naswer?
fayyaz123pk: i tell you i have do you know how to exchange money to WebMoney in Iran?
fayyaz123pk: go to the webmoney website ok
fayyaz123pk: congratulation
fayyaz123pk: on the eward
fayyaz123pk: i swa in form what? what award? Iam asking about webmoney
fayyaz123pk: award for the best scamer of the year 2010 do you know !! are you kidding
fayyaz123pk: no really not Iam asking about webmoney exchang
fayyaz123pk: i just read the artical and you answer in a very stupid way go fk the artcle out there
fayyaz123pk: i think you doing this
fayyaz123pk: i am just telling you what i see we do not care of such silly things we have business
fayyaz123pk: yes i know and we have many many clients each day
many IBs each day this is very silly and you are too stupid
fayyaz123pk: i really just not expecting from you this laguage you deserve much worse
fayyaz123pk: and not wana answer you in this what you telling me Iam asking in a polite way
fayyaz123pk: thank you for your politness you answered in very strange way
fayyaz123pk: i am thank full to you to provide more evidence that you are the bludy
fayyaz123pk: scammers and Iam thankful that you prove me that you are just a mthr fkr fk u
fayyaz123pk: nice job is typing... go to some one who fk your mom and sitr
Feb 28, 2011,

Forinvest Group is a honest broker. I have made withdrawal
several time without any problem occur. I have a proof.
Withdrawal is just a minute. Representative also helpful.
Please stop talking bad about this broker. Thanks

Review Moderation Team Note: We're glad you've been able to get your money out. The FPA has multiple reports of people being unable to withdraw money. The FPA has proof of ForInvests representatives lying in our forums. Our opinion remains unchanged - is a scam.
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