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123LearnToTrade.com (Brendan Egan) Review

Updated: Apr 8, 2019
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Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

123LearnToTrade.com (Brendan Egan)

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price actionstud,
, United Kingdom,
Apr 11, 2016,

The site isnt actif anymore, You cant even register or use the contact form
Dr. Stephan D'Augustino,
Chicago, Illinois, USA,
Nov 8, 2011,

I recently found this website from the peace army and enrolled in their program. Overall I found it to be an extremely informative course. I struggled at some times to retain the information but after going back through it a few times I believe I have retained all the major points from the course and am now applying them to my trading. Thanks.
Brendan Egan, 123LearnToTrade Founder,
Chicago, Illinois,
Jul 15, 2010,

Thank you, Maria, and I do agree with you. I receive a lot of testimonials from my customers on my website, including some videos and some text, and post them on my review page as well. You can view those reviews here:


I think the FPA has a great website here and a great resource to spotting scams from legit sites, however the unfortunate part as you identified is that anyone can review any product without confirmation from the company owner that they actually are a customer.

Review Moderation Team Note: It's not a perfect system, but we do managed to filter out a large number of fake reviews, both positive and negative.
London, United Kingdom,
Jul 3, 2010,

There are people who want forex courses and systems for free.
They will first buy and then ask for a refund. If you do not refund, they leave bad and negative feedbacks for you.

Also there are some jealous guys or competitors who cannot withstand seeing 5 Stars. Even though they have not purchased your course, they will still leave negative feedback to drop your 5 Stars to 4 and then change their names and again leave negative feedbacks to drop your star rating to 3 and so on.

Felix should look into this seriously.
Brendan Egan, 123LearnToTrade Founder,
Chicago, Illinois,
May 2, 2010,

In response to Mervyn's complaint regarding the course, I would like to provide some background information on this case as Mervyn contacted me regarding his dissatisfaction with the course:

-Mr. Georges purchased the course on 4/27

-Mr. Georges viewed approximately 300MB of a 1300MB course, meaning he
viewed the introduction of the course and did not get into the advanced topics (he watched the first 15 lessons which is the introduction to the course providing background information on myself and my trading style)

-Mr. Georges then requested a refund and stated the course was for beginners

-I advised Mr. Georges to view the entire course, and if he was still dissatisfied I would go over the topics with him in a free coaching session, which I normally charge $77+ for

-Mr. Georges refused the offer and never viewed the rest of the course

I know some clients will never be satisfied, and I am certainly unsure what Mr. Georges wants if he didn't even view the materials he purchased. I have received nothing but positive reviews on the course, and it is unfortunate that Mr. Georges feels this way about a course he did not even view.

Additionally, if you search hard enough in enough books and other
websites, you may find some of the materials in the course. If you really want to spend several hundred dollars on trading books and months searching trading websites for some of the same material, then by all means Mr. Georges I encourage you to do this. If you would rather spend just $97 to view a video course by a full time trader who put all of his concepts together in an easy to follow course with dozens of examples, then I encourage you to stop by my website. Trading requires a good amount of capital as well as even more responsibility, and if you are not willing to take the time to study the course and watch the videos then trading clearly is not the right profession for you.

Anyone interested in viewing the details of Mr. George's case can view the following image which shows part of his IP address as well as how much of the course he has viewed.


As always if you have any questions about this or about the course, feel free to contact me at info@123learntotrade.com

-Brendan Egan

Mervyn ,
New York,
Apr 29, 2010,

I am very dissatisfied with the quality of this product. This product is nothing more than a repeat of basic information that you can get reading a few books on the subject of technical analysis. You can also find the same information for free at babypips.com, elitetrader.com, and traderslaboratory.com. I personally think the purpose of the course is to get you to spend additional money on coaching. I wasted $97 on this product. Avoid at all cost.
Cape Town South Africa,
Apr 21, 2010,


I did the 4 hour coaching session with Brendan. Really excellent at what he does. Service very good, also the coaching was really good practical and easy to absorb.

I really recommend this coaching. Best buy I have done in all my trading time. Money well spent

Brendan Egan, Founder of 123LearnToTrade.com,
Chicago, Illinois,
Feb 10, 2010,

Hello All,
I would like to welcome you to 123LearnToTrade.com! We have a mission of not only helping people learn to trade and invest, but to allow them to be one step closer to the coveted state of financial freedom.
We teach traders utilizing multiple teaching techniques--including through blogs, forums, videos, courses, one-on-one coaching, and more.
I invite you to stop by our site, take a few moments to register, and start learning how to trade with us!

If at any time anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, I want you to be assured I am here to help. I can be contacted directly at info@123learntotrade.com

Take care and good luck trading,
Brendan Egan
Founder, 123LearnToTrade.com