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Updated: Aug 23, 2019
1.994 · 39 REVIEWS
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March 2017: CySEC has withdrawn the license held by Atlas Capital Financial Services. CLICK HERE to verify.

April 7, 2016:  Cysec has suspended the license of ACFX.  One of the reasons listed was issues safeguarding clients' funds.  CLICK HERE to verify.
2019-01-10: The company changed their URL from AtlaseForex.com to ACFX.com then closed ACFX.com and changed back to AtlaseForex.com.

Fake reviews left from ACFX employees on 2016-01-27, 2015-11-05, 2014-05-27, and 2011-11-16.  The FPA is very disappointed that these unethical incidents continue to happen.  If this is how honest a broker is with reviews, how honest will the broker be wih trader's money.

There is an FPA Traders Court Guilty verdict against ACFX.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with this company until this issue can be resolved.

Formerly known as ACFX.com


About AtlaseForex.com (ACFX)

AtlaseForex is a forex broker. Atlase Forex offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. AtlaseForex.com offers over 5 forex currency pairs, commodities, cfds, futures stocks, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.

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1.994 · 39 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Tabriz, Iran, Islamic Republic of,
Dec 7, 2016,
Registered user

cysec regulation is only name and can not do help at all for investors

hello ,
my account number in this broker is 16753 this broker didn't paid my money after 6 month and now they website and mt4 are down too ,
I sent a lot of complaint to cysec and I filled out a complaint form in cysec website , but they didn't do any thing for me , I don't know how I can get my money now ,
Oct 30, 2016,
Registered user


It's been 5 months they didn't refund me yet... I think they will never, I don't recommend it
, Malaysia,
Jun 15, 2016,

i dont think they will return trader's fund.mine $1637 still pending since last month.they got no money
Andrew Saks,
, Israel,
Jun 9, 2016,

Anyone who has not received withdrawals, please contact me.
I am researching this matter in detail and would appreciate your accounts. I promise to uphold complete anonymity at all times.
yongxiang xiong,
, China,
May 20, 2016,

I in the background of ACFX sprinkle funds, from March 20th. Until now, are also not return my money, but I on May 16, see other countries of investor money thrown back, I can be sure is that all Chinese customer funds are not returned, why? Why? Why? ACFX, do you have a bad view against us Chinese? PEACE ARMY FOREX, can you help us?

Review Moderation Team Note: Please get a thread opened in the Scam Alerts folder of the FPA's forums to share more information about your problem.
, Argentina,
May 16, 2016,

ACFX is not replying my messages or executing my withdrawals since the license was suspended. This is clearly illegal as the regulator said funds have to be returned to clients.

I will remove or amend this post when funds are back in my bank account.
Germany, Germany,
May 16, 2016,

I made equal experiences with ACFX regarding their payout process than Sergey described below.
One thing is their no-reply to requests regarding the status (they additionally switched off the online chat functionality in order to not get too much disturbed) and another thing are the strange excuses they send out (in case they actually answer – which does not happen that often).

First they told me that the withdrawal method I have chosen does not work out and I would try another one. After having tried another method they still did not transfer my funds instead they did not react to my emails for another 2 weeks before giving me the next excuse that all accounts are under investigation regarding eventual abusive trading style (arbitrage) which will take time.
As my average holding time of a trade is more than 2 hours it would take less than 10 seconds to check my account and release the payment. Instead they are artificially delaying the payout or maybe even considering of not paying at all (neither my initial deposit nor the gain I traded).

I have filed a complaint with CySEC and will approach a lawyer now in order to get my money from them if needed with help of a court.

I am currently using 11 brokers for my trading activities and never had that communication difficulties nor withdrawal issues as they are currently happening with ACFX.
In case they will ever get back their trading license, this company should be avoided for ever!
Russia, Russian Federation,
May 3, 2016,

ACFX do not return to existing clients of their funds and profits earned
According point 6.2. CYSEC Decision 7 April 2016 they must return, but they don't. I demanded ACFX transfer to my bank account 927.01$ (profit and deposit), but no anwer.
27 days!!!
I'm they client from July 2015. Seems normal broker. And now...
Beware take deal with ACFX.COM
Andris Gainis,
Riga, Latvia,
Apr 18, 2016,

Erno Borondy
1:43 pm
Hello Client. How may I help you?
Hello are you here?
Erno Borondy
Hello Sir
how can i help?
Dear Andris Gainis,

This is to confirm that your withdrawal instruction has been received and is currently being processed. Please review the following details to ensure that they are correct.

If any of the details below are incorrect, or if you have not requested this withdrawal, please contact our support department immediately.

• Date request: 4/11/2016 8:46:56 PM
• Amount: 4771.79 USD
• Method: Swift
• Account id: 98532

Best Regards,
Accounting Department

its been 7 days since I ordered withdrawal and received this e-mail. Funds are still in MT4 account.

Erno Borondy
can i also have your email address, Sir?
1:46 pm
Erno Borondy
1:48 pm
one moment, Sir
your request is in the queue Sir
we apologize for the inconvenience this delay cause to you

2016-04-08 2Star Vu Nguyen
Hello Client. How may I help you?

when I try to trade meta trader 4 says trade is disabled
98532 is my account
 Read

Vu Nguyen
10:28 am
We would like to inform you that due to issues related to abusive trading performed by a number of our clients, ACFX license has been suspended from 7th April 2016 in order to be able to define the situation and reply to CySec on the matter.

We would like to notify you that during the suspension period we will not be able to execute any kind of orders or accept any new clients. All other trading functions remain as is.

Review Moderation Team Note: We recommend you read the Cysec announcement. While the license is suspended, you can ask them to close all open positions and to return your money.
Sarawak, Malaysia,
Apr 7, 2016,

ACFX license has been suspended by CySec today. i cant execute my trade either.
Greece, Greece,
Mar 16, 2016,

I am writing this because Atlas Capital (ACFX.com) behaved in an illegal way with my trades. I started trading with them the past month. Although i do not prefer to trade in Cyprus, the status of Atlas Capital ( a part of a big organization with a bank behind) convinced me to give them a try. Also, they had a very good swap charge with the product Spot Oil i wanted to trade. So everything started around beginning of February, and during the month i opened a total of 5,3 lots of this product. This is the same period that oil gained a lot. Until recently, all of my withdraw were processed and fulfilled without any problem. But everything changed on March 9th. The previous night, ACFX.com changed the swap charge from -8.5 dollars to -104 dollars, on a triple-swap day. I found this when i woke up on March 9th and closed all my positions. because i could not trade with them any more. Of course, i though that was immoral to do, but any way i know they have the right to do so (although a raise of 1250% is very alarming). The same morning i tried to withdraw my earning (38k euros) from my 5.3 lots to find out that my account had been unverified, so i could not make any withdraws. I contacted my account manager and she said to sent again the proper identification papers. I did so through all means (email, upload etc). The account manager could not provide any answers regarding when my account would be verified again. I never got an official reply through email (and i sent many) or phone, just on the chat and Skype. So on Friday night (March 11th) i got an email from the dealing room (not the accounting or the compliance department) that my account was found having a strange behavior etc (you can read it below, as with my answer) and that they charged all my open positions for all the days they were open, with the new swap (-104 dollars). That is something around 11500 euros! That happened of Friday night. On Thurday (March 15th) i managed to withdraw the rest of my profits (they verified my account again after the charge). Now, i want to get back the money they got from me.
Greece, Greece,
Mar 11, 2016,

So i have been trading with them for a month. Everything was ok until two days ago. Although i had verified my account from day one, suddenly i found out that i could not withdraw my funds. And that's because i was "unverified" again for a reason i do not know. I contacted the support through chat, because i didn't get any reply on email. They said to sent again verification papers and that the problem would be resolved the same day. I did that with all the ways (email, upload etc). But nothing happened. The day passed and we are on the second one but still nothing has changed. And today i cannot contact the support. No replies, nothing. My funds are locked in my account. I am really disappointed with ACFX. I will review again my score and come back with a comment if something changes.
Germany, Germany,
Mar 6, 2016,

Despite of the fact ACFX has stated below my last comment that a dramatic increase of spreads do not occor and there are no differences between demo and real accounts, I have just made screen shots of EURCHF showing a spread of 30 (!) pips in the real fixed spread account whereas there is a 2.6 pip spread on the equivalent demo account (unfortunately the screen shots cannot be uploaded here in the forum to deliver some evidence).

Currently it is middle of the night and I would actually accept some minor spread increase, however adding that kind of mark-up has nothing to do with the behaviour of a serious company (also seeing that at same time my ECN brokers are showing a spread of 2.7 pips, which shows that there should be also a decent spread offering possible for ACFX).

If you are looking for the worst spreads ever seen at a broker, the fixed spread account of ACFX is the decision to go for!

The comments posted by ACFX below saying that there is no issue with there fixed spreads show even more that it is difficult to trust that company as they could at least admit that the fixed spreads are not fixed at all and above all that at some instances of the day by far worse than any other broker on the net (at least I did not come accross worse spreads)..

2016-02-04 1Star
Review: I was looking for a good fixed spread broker. ACFX demo account has shown to be very reliable with 100% fixed spreads however the real account is in fact complete the oposite. The spreads are far away from being fixed and are widening particularly after entering into a position. Often a "fixed" spread of less than 3 pips get as wide as 18 pips which is not fun as stops are being hit unnecessarily and losses are generated (or wins for the broker).
From my perception this broker is not recommendable.

Added by ACFX Representative on 2016-02-16
Content: Dear,

Unfortunately we don’t agree with your claims and comments regarding our fixed spread accounts. Firstly we need to point out the fact that our demo accounts are having exactly the same spreads as live accounts. Please find our fixed spread account conditions on this link http://www.acfx.com/en/start-trading/forex-majors . Any client interested in our fixed spread account can open demo and live fixed spread account and compare them to be sure that trading conditions are the same. Please note that 99% of the time spreads are as mentioned in our website. Spreads are a bit changed, and for sure not to 18 pips on majors, during important news announcements or during low liquidity trading session and the change lasts only few seconds depending on the case and this is clearly mentioned on our website.

In case you need any further clarification regarding our account types and trading conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us through live Chat or email support@acfx.com .

Please note also that if you are interested in very low spreads with no commissions, you can try our ECN Pro accounts. Again, we can guarantee that demo and live account trading conditions, are the same.

Kind Regards,
ACFX Representative
john adam,
cebu, Philippines,
Feb 4, 2016,

acfx taken millions by slutdown there server and said it was a tech. promble.... this happen on feb 4, 2016... the market went up for 113 pips. on the euro/usd.... its a bad when you cant control you trade.....
Reply by ACFX2016 submitted Feb 16, 2016:
Dear Mr. John, First of all I would like apologize for any inconvenience this issue might have caused you. At the time you mentioned, we were experiencing some technical difficulties with our MT4 network for a short period . However you could always control your trades either though our web trader or by calling dealing . Since we value all our clients and as fully regulated company, even after the event was sorted we asked them to contact us in case they had any issues and we corrected all the trades which were effected for all account types. I understand that you might feel frustrated but however saying that this was done on purpose is completely not fair and untrue to say the least. Please send us an email at dealing@acfx.com mentioning deal numbers and account numbers and will come back to you with a possible solution. Kind Regards, ACFX Representative
Ciara Viery,
Toronto, Canada (Really Serbia),
Jan 27, 2016,

I am active trader in ACFX. So far I am very satisfied with their services. They have lower spreads, fast executions, very good and professional support team. From my experience I can tell that ACFX is the one of the best brokers.

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed.

This review came from inside the Serbian offices of ACFX. The same person also lied and claimed to be a client in the FPA's forums. This is the 4th fake review linked to ACFX offices. The FPA is very disappointed about the continued pattern of dishonesty by ACFX employees.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers. The FPA does not appreciate forums spammers.
, Azerbaijan,
Dec 18, 2015,

Terrible broker.
I was waiting for my money on a week.
They said that my account is in the investigation.
I don't advise anyone to work with ACFX.
Reply by ACFX2016 submitted Feb 16, 2016:
Dear Mr. Fakhri, Please note ACFX is retail Forex broker trying to offer the best trading environment and terms that exist in the market. However, we will not tolerate any kind of abusive trading strategies with intention of creating riskless profit by abusing swap free accounts. Most probably your account had been identified for abusing the exceptional trading terms that our company is offering to retail clients. This kind of trading activity is not welcomed to our company thus we have proceeded with investigation and acted as per our Terms and Conditions that you have fully accepted during the registration of your account. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards ACFX Representative
, Germany,
Nov 18, 2015,

As long as you make no profits, everything is going fine. However, as soon as you start to make money, they will delay your trades SO long until they are loosers.



Look at the execution times and slippage my EA reports as well you can see it in the Journal. But you also see, the ping is only 95ms. I am also trading a second account there for a friend with the same EA, he hasn´t made much profts yet and interestingly the execution is quick and good on his account, proving that they are manipulating my one because I´ve made to much profit already.

I´ve also sent this to their regulators (CySec) and will pursue the case in court if needed. They are clearly a SCAM, so stay away from them.
Reply by ACFX2016 submitted Feb 16, 2016:
Dear Mr. Lorenz, You already have been informed by our Dealing Department twice that the expert advisor you were using was trading with wrong (old) prices. This may be occurred due to a misuse of an expert advisor which is trying to manipulate the execution process of our Contracts for Difference and the trading environment. We have also sent you the server log files to prove the above in ad. Due to the above reason and in line with Company?s Terms and Conditions (clause 10), your account has been disabled from trading. We would like to point out that we didn?t deduct any of your profit and we allowed you to withdraw the whole available balance (deposit 80.92 EUR + profit 44.26 EUR) although we had all legal ground to do so. We have also send you the server log files with the wrong price requests and also suggested you to speak with the provider of your Expert advisor for further details as to how his system operates and make sure of its functionality, how to configure it properly and its legality. Kind Regards, ACFX Representative
Patrick Zerkawski,
Poland, Poland (Really ACFX in Cyprus),
Nov 5, 2015,

Good service fast withdrawals. I use robots on stp never have any problems with service

Review Moderation Team Note: 5 Star rating removed.

This review did not come from Poland. It came from the same location that an ACFX employee in Cyprus used to contact the FPA.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review has been set to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

Unhappy Trader,
, Nigeria,
Jul 23, 2015,

I didnt understand the bonus terms and conditions properly when i started trading with them but now it is clearer to me and case resolved with ACFX. thanks

2015-06-24 1 Star Also to mention that the review below says there is no requote on their mt4. This is total lie. All you have to do is sign up with them and request a bonus and you will see mad requotes and mt4 going dead as i described below among other things they will do against you which would be too long to write here. To trade with ACFX means to lose your funds because if you win you are in trouble after a short while.

2015-06-13 1 Star STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM BROKER!!!!! A typical market maker broker PRETENDING to be an STP broker. I have traded with them as a client and referred clients to them as an IB and both myself and all my clients had different terrible experiences with them. If they offer you bonus then make sure you lose your funds on their platform because if you are profitable they will cut down your profit withdrawal after a short time of trading with them.

Whether you take bonus or not, their mt4 server always goes dead as soon as market gets volatile meaning preventing your EA from working properly and preventing you from closing your trades either at a loss or at profit.

I cannot begin to count all our experiences with them BUT if you have doubts about what i said then give them a try and see for yourself. Till date, my issues with them have NOT been resolved.
Nguyen Nam Minh,
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam,
Jul 20, 2015,

Be aware of ACFX as markets maker in a bad attitude. If trader(=me) win the trades, then they will take back such won trades of trader and breach the customer agreement roughly.
Masood Hussain,
Multan, Pakistan,
Jun 15, 2015,

I had not complete information about the ACFX bouns trading rules,
therefor I felt problem & talked to them to get the resolution.They briefed me in a very comprehensive way & the misunderstanding got cleared.I am start work again with ACFX because ,Fast execution and no Pequot instant withdraw great support..
Acfx is very good trusted Broker

2015-02-27 1Star MY ACFX Acc# 85466
I want to share my Expirience which i had with AC fx, Before i deposited i ask them the terms and condition and they told me very straight that we offer 50% bonus which will help me if my trades r going negative so i can have support from this , but i study very good the market bcz i am in the market from last 10 years, i Deposited 2000$ bcz i know investement is very Important In forex Market, i made very good profit of 1344$, Actually my wife was sick and needed the funds very Urgent , when i place withdraw i recieved email from them that my withdraw will be process with in 24 hour i was happy bcz it was good support from Broker.
After Suddenly i recived call from mr karan with very Attitude that i can withdraw my funds bcz i break the terms and condition of the bonus , when i asked him that explain me which terms i broke he smiled and he said that we will not show u anyhting and not even your withdraw if you want your withdraw you have to trade 40 lots in STP account or we will give you half of your funds.
i explained him i need the funds in emergency but he racist with me bcz i am from pakistan and he didnt listen my needs.
because i need the funds i start doing trading bcz i needed my funds urgently due to my wife was sick but when i made 30 lots i told him try to understand the situation but he was very racist with me. and he told if i want my funds , i have to complete 40 lots , after i told him ok , i see fake candles in the market bcz they wanted me to loose the funds
He is Indian, bcz i Am from pakistan he really show very strange face , his behavior wasnot correct and loose my lot funds
after whn i complete the 40 lots it left only 1800 $ from 3344$, which is huge loss for me and i didnt get my funds when i need and i have all the proofs against them and i will file case againt them to cysec and forex peace army as well.
Such Racist Broker, I apeal to all the guys from world dont trade with them , due to my personal relation with them and recist behavior
Sorry for My Bad English
Ahmed Al-Bayati,
Turkey, Iraq,
Feb 12, 2015,

I have been trading with ACFX for more than 3 years until today, they have been very honest, trustworthy and safe in regard of deposits and withdrawals, I have withdrawn over 1 millions dollar from them and I strongly recommend this broker because I have never ever faced a problem with them at any matter. and the reason I'm writing this comment is because there are too many scammers in the market that will suck your money or never pay you your profits which is very distributing and bad
Shahram Pishkari,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 23, 2014,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Shahram.pishkari vs acfx.com | GUILTY
ACFX usually offers bonus for his new customers but when you want withdraw they refer to "Customer Agreement PART B Clause 10" and DELETE all profit I have made !! without any special reason for that. they asked my WEBMONEY's private personal information but I denied giving them such information. my account history is attached and as you can find there is no illegal problem in trades that I have made. ACFX always mentions that they are regular broker but as my followings I still haven't received any proper answer for this issue from regulatory (cysec).
I don't know what should I do actually ...
they are not trustable and are good till you are in loss. as soon as you make a small withdraw they will vanish.

Email content from acfx :

Dear Client,
Your trading activity has been identified to be in breach of our Bonus Term and Conditions and of the CFDs Customer Agreement which you accepted when opening your account.
As per CFDs Customer Agreement PART B Clause 10 we are reversing all transactions on your account and proceeding with immediate termination of the agreement.
Your funds will be returned by the same method you deposited.
Kind Regards
Compliance Department
Jian Li,
, China (really Cyprus),
May 27, 2014,

they are good , they have a/c in CNY , bonus are nice :)
Good Support , fast execution , fast/safe depo/withdrawal

Review Moderation Team Note: 4 Star Rating removed.

This review did not come from China. It came from the same location in Cyprus that was used to make posts for ACFX's IB department in the forums.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

Per FPA policy, the rating on this review had been set to Zero stars.

Malaysia, Malaysia,
May 19, 2014,

I have an account with ACFX. When i made a withdrawal the were processing more then 1 week but no response at all. When I chat an enquire their answer will be

"We are working on your request, once accounting department process you will be informed by e mail".

"i can not give you exact time, As withdrawal request processed by accounting department"

This is their answer. Horrible broker. Please avoid.