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Updated: Aug 12, 2019
1.994 · 39 REVIEWS
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March 2017: CySEC has withdrawn the license held by Atlas Capital Financial Services. CLICK HERE to verify.

April 7, 2016:  Cysec has suspended the license of ACFX.  One of the reasons listed was issues safeguarding clients' funds.  CLICK HERE to verify.
2019-01-10: The company changed their URL from AtlaseForex.com to ACFX.com then closed ACFX.com and changed back to AtlaseForex.com.

Fake reviews left from ACFX employees on 2016-01-27, 2015-11-05, 2014-05-27, and 2011-11-16.  The FPA is very disappointed that these unethical incidents continue to happen.  If this is how honest a broker is with reviews, how honest will the broker be wih trader's money.

There is an FPA Traders Court Guilty verdict against ACFX.  The FPA recommends caution dealing with this company until this issue can be resolved.

Formerly known as ACFX.com


About AtlaseForex.com (ACFX)

AtlaseForex is a forex broker. Atlase Forex offers the MT4 and Mobile forex trading top platform. AtlaseForex.com offers over 5 forex currency pairs, commodities, cfds, futures stocks, gold and silver for your personal investment and trading options.

AtlaseForex.com (ACFX)

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1.994 · 39 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

harvinder singh,
Jun 19, 2010,

atlas e forex (atlas) as wee all know about the name what is stands for ( stand for what you say) .this is my my story I started with small amount just to test how these people act with over seas clients . I opened my account with $204 and it was a micro account and spread was wide so i requested to shift my account to classic and they did it next day , and i traded and i felt i need more funds to put in my classic account because lots size was big and i had a loss because of big lots size so i again requested them to shift me micro untill my money gets transferd in my neteller account and they did not do it but i traded that very day with same classic account and i waited but my request with back office was not taken but eventually i traded that day and suffered loss . I dont blame any one , but promotional adds like bonus is a crap i did not get a single buck bonus, support is awsome and they listen well , just listen and listen
Aug 6, 2010,

I started with Atlas a couple of weeks ago and I am pleased with the operation in any way. I did get my bonus of 100,-- EURO . I did not withdraw money yet. But sofar I grade 5 stars.
Dubai, UAE,
Dec 11, 2010,

My previous comment has appeared without a broker rating. Hence posting this one with a rating. I believe the right broker should get their right rating to reflect their performance. Hence this post. I hope this helps others too.

2010-12-03 No rating My review here is based on my experiences in opening a real account with Atlas eForex...Online chat with Dominika was very helpful and patiently answered all my questions honestly...account opening was smooth and quick...I will further put my comments based on my experiences further once I trade with them in the next couple of months.
sukhwinder ,
India (Really Cyprus),
Nov 16, 2011,

i am trading with them from last two month support is perfect with hindi languege as well . i am very happy with them and i got my bonus as well . behind of them is a atlas bank its all good about them

Review Moderation Team Note: This review did not come from India. It came from the offices of ACFX.com in Cyprus.

Per FPA policy, the 5 star rating on this review has been changed to Zero stars.

The FPA does not appreciate review spammers.

Portugal, Portugal,
Nov 30, 2011,

Hello. I am newbie in Forex, 3 months (2 on demo and 1 on live). I've demoe'd with several brokers until I tested this one. My vote is 3* due to the limited experience I have with them but the outlook so far is positive and I hope to revie it later with a better figure. And now the facts:

1. Open classic account (lowest level) ($500USD)

2. They credited bonus as promised

3. Liquidity seems good so far, fast execution

4. No network failures except momentarily, those that I had for 30 seconds or more were due to failure in my own network, at work, not their fault.

5. I have lost some money, but also have made several profitable trades, all profit and all loss were due to my own credit / failure, I have not yet a positive balance (hey, I'm in real Forex for only 1 month, and my major loss was due to fumbling with my keyboard)

6. They have withdrawn bonus after 30 days, but I was expecting that since I didn't fulfilled the volume size required for withholding the bonus (nor was I aiming at that since, immo, it was too high)

7. There is some slippage (so far I noticed 3 pip slippage to stop your trade - stops 3 pips before hitting S/L) and I once noticed a 5 pip slippage before closing with profit (had to close by hand), but in average is also 3 pip slippage - closes with profit 3 pips after hitting T/P.

8. Their bonus policy is a bit "stretched", it is almost impossible to "earn" the bonus (at least for a newbie). I would have to trade 23 lots in a month's time with a $500 account... A bit suicidal, so I accepted the bonus as a 1 month "parachute" against possible drawdowns in case something went impossibly wrong but, otherwise, ignoring it since i would never trade 23 lots in 22 days with $500 :)

Bottom line: I have not yet drawn a profit worth withdrawing so I cannot say what is my experience in that (critical) point, as far as the rest goes I have not contacted helpdesk since I went live (which, in my opinion, is a good thing, as far as I am concearned I would like to live my entire trader life without having to talk to helpdesk.. ever (dream on... ;) ), execution is fast even during high volatility although sometimes will re-quote of course, there's some slippage but it is "manageable". First deposit was fast.
Overall it is a positive broker, I would grant it a 3+, will upgrade to 4 when have withdrawn money and to 5 if after a longer time dealing with them.

Steve Worrell,
, Costa Rica,
Dec 18, 2011,

The horrible execution times. I have seen orders can take 40seconds or more to close. Always requote after requote. I would not recommend this brokerage to anyone.

I transferred money into my acount via neteller which was very convenient. I wish all the brokerages accepted this form of payment. When I withdrew my funds, I received them without problem.
marwan shahrour,
, Kuwait,
Feb 24, 2012,

i had experience with this company . they are the worst . before openning account they used to call me day and night to convince me . once i opened a real account , nobody called me or answered my calls until i lost my money in trading . at that time they started calling me back to depocite account , they only can tell sorry for what happened
, Malaysia,
Apr 9, 2012,

I have been with this broker for 4 months.

The Staffs are very helpful and whenever I have problem they will help in solving the problem.

As for Withdrawal, it is the best among all the other brokers I have used. I normally received my payment within 30 mins, and fastest is within a min. which is very impressive.

As for execution, there are sometimes requotes during news hour.. however it is still ok and acceptable.

I am pretty satisfied with this broker.
, Indonesia,
Jul 27, 2012,

I have a real account with ACFX, and have been trading since Nov 2011 until now. My first deposit was $1.750 and I got $550 profit in 3 weeks, then I withdrew all the money $2.300 and in a few hours I got a message from MoneyBookers that I had got $2.300 in my account. So I opened my MoneyBookers account and transferred all the amount to my bank account then within 2 days I checked my bank account and it already got in, about 20 million in Rupiahs. By the way, ACFX also provide us free VPS to run its MT4. And I'm still trading with ACFX until now. So I think ACFX is Excellent. Double thumbs up!!
Shamil Prasad,
Kandy, Sri Lanka,
Aug 7, 2012,

i Have just joined and bit confused about the bonus that they offer and withdrawing conditions. any way so far so good..