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Updated: Apr 20, 2018
1.706 · 59 REVIEWS
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April 2018:  There an an FPA Traders Court guilty vote against this company.  The FPA recommends a high level of caution dealing with Forex Swiss unless this issue can be resolved.
Forex Swiss is also on the FSA Unauthorized Firms list.  Click here to verify.
WARNING:  Forex Swiss is currently on FINMA's blacklist.  Click here to verify.

2010-06-24 ISSUE RESOLVED: The confirmed Scam Finding against Forex Swiss from 2009-12-17 has been resolved. Forex Swiss has refunded that trader's disputed money, fixed the issues with charges to traders, and promised that traders may use outside intermediaries without fear of reprisal.

We are happy that these issues are taken care of and thank Forex Swiss for their efforts in resolving this case.

Forex-Swiss.com (FXCH)

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Case IDFiledCase nameVerdict
2018-0582018-03-15Dhanushka Sandaruwan vs forex-swiss.comguilty
2011-0102011-02-07Babadan vs. Forex-Swiss.comnot guilty


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1.706 · 59 REVIEWS
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David Gakuya Kariuki,
Apr 19, 2018,
Registered user

Keep off FXCH

They will assure you never withdraw as a client. Only the money manager can withdraw. Further, they will input outrageous "tax" deductions and swap. Keep off if you value your money
Dhanushka Sandaruwan,
Veyangoda, Sri Lanka,
Feb 17, 2018,
Registered user

FXCH scammed my 2000$ within 1 minute by 2 trades. they have cheated 15 pips in one trade. totally cheated 30 pips. don't invest in them.

Issue escalated to Traders Court Dhanushka Sandaruwan vs forex-swiss.com | GUILTY
they are really scammer, they have scammed my 2000USD within 1 minute. they promised me to trade with 1 lot size. but they didn't allow after deposit. they allow me to trade with 5 lot size.
they made my money lost by 2 sell trades in 5 lot size. I carefully checked. all trades have been opened by 15 pips down from real opening position. I used an EA. EA has generated signals on real opening position of that trades. I have all evidences.

they have carefully cheated 15 pips in a trade. total 30 pips. this is not a mistake of my EA. it works very well. before I deposit 2000$ I tested my EA with a 100$ small account. it made 21% profit of 100$. and I had very well configured my EA. it never opens a trade if the spread is higher than 1 pip. and it closes all trade at the stoploss level by 7 pips.

this is a scammer. I have all evidences, with video. and screenshots. if any one wants to see, I can send. and they have stopped sending me emails. they don't agree with their fault. and they told me that my EA doesn't work very well.

please understand, FXCH is a terrible scammer.
Elio Matacena,
Rome, Italy,
Dec 10, 2017,
Registered user

They have stolen USD 2,000.00 in few seconds: I will file a case on FPA ASAP.-

Dear Sirs,

after more than 3 months I have to confirm they will not reverse the first, only one and wrong trade I made with them, with whom they have stolen USD 2,000.00 in few seconds.

I wrote them many emails since February, the 26th and the last time (my ultimatum) is dated May, the 4th 2017.

Even if against my wish, soon I will file my case here, to the FPA Traders Court: I hope I will win because this has been a very bad injustice perpetrated in the worst of the ways from this scammer broker ("FXCH", aka "forex-swiss.com").

Best regards,
Elio Matacena.
Virgilio Dinis,
Lausanne, Switzerland,
Nov 7, 2017,

It is a complet SCAM

This Broker has neither bank account nor some wallet (electronic money).
It is a complet SCAM
Windhoek, Namibia,
Feb 4, 2017,

Easiest money-making platform I tried so far

I regularly receive the daily reports and a great tool to use as a guide. Good weeks allowed me to earn as much as 200 pips on a single order so I was super happy that day.
Nyíregyháza, Hungary,
Jan 29, 2017,

My favourite platform.. and continuing

This is my favorite Bitcoin trading platform because I can trade with ease similar to other currency pairing spreads available in the market. I get the reports every day sent to my email. It is nice-to-have since I use it for charting tool and analysis. Market prices displayed on the platform are realistic and reliable. MT4 updates the figures almost in real-time so it is very much up-to-date. Straightforward FX tool and allows me to earn a few extra bucks every month, too.
Aleksandrovac, Serbia and Montenegro,
Nov 14, 2016,

Recommended to newbie s

This platform is one of my favourite for sure. Apart from allowing scalpers and EA robots, it is very rare I experience system downtime with their platform.
Moderate signals are sent regularly so I rarely experience losses – usually breakevens.
Ana ,
Lopez, Mexico,
Oct 26, 2016,

Great place to have some profits

It was good I found forex-swiss, as recommended by a friend. One of the few platforms out there that has superb execution time.
I just hope the support team is really available 24 hours. I realized that they are not always online and have to wait several hours, sometimes even days to get the help I need. Apart from that, nothing major from me.

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro,
Aug 19, 2016,

Performance is good !!

I get to earn up to 3500 pips in just one month. I am happy with my earnings but there are days when MT4 is running slower than usual, I hope this is something they look into.
Zalau, Romania,
Jul 22, 2016,

I am a heavy Bitcoin user so finding forex-swiss is like a gem to me. Funding my account and withdrawing my money is easy not to mention that all these are completed within 1-2 business days without any additional charges. Even if the trading fees are somehow charged across the currency spread, the rates are still very competitive and margins are reasonable.
Daily and weekly reports are sent at the same time of the day and I can almost predict that it is in my inbox at a certain time of the day.
I am pleased with forex-swiss especially with the strong signals I get regularly.