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Updated: Nov 30, 2018
4.051 · 6 REVIEWS
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4.051 · 6 REVIEWS
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Sep 30, 2010,

I would not recommend this automated trading manager. Lost almost half of account just in two months. I better invest in manual trading. Think before you start.
Jan 7, 2010,

Hi, this is Sam, owner of Forex50. After years of trading in Forex market, I realized the best approach is actually to develop an automated trading system that helps you trade. Hence, I will take the next six month to one year or so to develop an EA system. Time spent will include developing and testing the system, to make sure it is perfect. Therefore, at this point, I will not accept an applications for discretionary trading, sorry for the inconvenience. I hope to show case this EA system soon. Good luck to all of us in Forex.
Sam MU,
Jan 5, 2010,

Hi, this is Sam, owner of Forex50. After years of trading in Forex, I realized the best way to trade this market is to develop an automated trading system, hence, I will not take new applications at this time but focus on developing and testing an EA system. This may take a while but I think it is the best method of trading Forex. This will definitely impact service levels at Forex50, I must apologize, but soon enough, I should be able to develop a decent and profitable system that works. Good luck to both you and I in Forex. Thanks.
Apr 3, 2009,

I just opened a new account for Sam to trade, so no performance report. The only comment I can make is that Sam has been very responsive to questions and very helpful. Will post more as trading proceeds.
San Francisco, CA,
Apr 3, 2009,

Last week I opened on account with Forex50. Sam's performance looks good and I appreciate the fact that he keep a blog and communication going. 4 stars for now because he hasn't started trading my account yet but it things look good in a month or two will move it up to 5.
Rowland Heights,
Apr 1, 2009,

I recently opened an account with Sam because I feel really comfortable with the way he trades. Although he hasn't made much money for me but seems like he does what he promises. I also like that fact that he only trades a few times a week with 4% leverage. When I have good profit, I will post another review.
Rayman Wang,
Baldwin Park, CA,
Feb 26, 2009,

I wrote a review before. I am one of the first clients with Forex50. I became a client after they moved to PFG. Initially I deposited $5000, now it has grown to $7179 as of today. I think it is a 44% gain in six months. I have to admit, Sam is a personal friend of mine, he asked me to write this review but there is nothing I can complain about the returns. He
Feb 24, 2009,

The biggest difference that sets Forex50 apart from other is - I will personally call my clients if they ever incur a 12% draw down in their account. I will get permission first to see I can continue trading if draw down gets that large. With my trading system, I doubt it will ever happen. forex50.com/welcome.htm
Sam ,
Jan 21, 2009,

Howard, thanks for the advise. I will revise my site now. Frankly the way I see it, if you can't make money for people, eventually you will go bust, so there is absolutely no need to scam people's money for the short term. I have no intention of misrepresenting my site, I apologize if there is a misunderstanding, whether Forex50 is solid or not, I have the numbers to proof it. I guess this is the most important.

Nov 10, 2008,

On their performance page, they show a 45% return for the months of July and August. They came up with this figure by adding and subtracting percentages. This not the actual return which would be about 30%. Although 30% would be great, it is less than what they show. Such misrepresentation, whether accidental or purposeful would make me hesitant to invest with them.