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Also John P. Novak
Updated: Dec 17, 2023

What is NexGenT3?

NexGenT3 is a trading software company that offers Fibonacci Trading Software on NinjaTrader, ProTrader.

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July 27, 2006:  The US District Court for the Southern District of Texas imposed a permanent injunction and fine against John P. Novak and Nexgen Software Systems.

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August 18, 2004:  The CFTC announced today the filing of a federal court action against defendants Nexgen Software Systems, Inc. (Nexgen) and John P. Novak, both of The Woodlands, Texas, alleging that Nexgen, through Novak, used fraudulent and misleading representations to solicit members of the general public to direct the trading in their commodity interest accounts. The complaint further alleges that Nexgen failed to register with the CFTC as a commodity trading advisor (CTA).

According to the complaint, Novak fraudulently solicited customers by falsely representing that both he and his customers were trading profitably using the Nexgen service. In reality, the complaint alleges, neither Novak nor any of his customers ever profited using the service.

The complaint further charges that Nexgen held itself out to the public as a CTA and directed the trading of more than 15 client accounts, and thus should have been registered as a CTA with the CFTC. In addition, Nexgen allegedly failed to provide disclosure documents to clients as required by the Commission’s regulations. 
The complaint seeks permanent injunctive relief, restitution, and civil penalties. 

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1.973 • 9 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of NexGenT3

Ed A
Mar 18, 2019,

If you listen and follow the rules the returns will get ugly quickly (in the good way). It's not easy but very doable.
Jamaica, Jamaica,
Sep 6, 2018,

Mladen's MACD BB code was stolen by who renamed their version to "MACD BB Dots T3 Protrader&q

Mladen's MACD BB code was stolen by some s***** company called who renamed their version to "MACD BB Dots T3 Protrader"
centrl NJ, USA,
Mar 26, 2018,

This tool works great if you learn how to use it.

YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK!! Bought 19 months ago. Am just now consistently profitable. This is a zero sum game, I win somebody has to lose. If you LISTEN to the RULES and do the work you'll do fine. The software works better than anything I've ever used in 25 yrs. Get greedy, lazy & impatient you'll get eaten! John Novak knows what he's doing and tries everyday to help his customers. This isn't magic it's hard work. The bad news is the market will allow a few winners and lots of losers the good news is you can choose which side of that you wanna be on.
Phila suburb, USA,
May 1, 2017,

I bought this garbage for $15,000 back in 9 in 2010 they promised lifetime upgrades none this is a complete rip-off and please anybody it's thinking about buying this stuff close your checkbook don't go in your Novak in his Band of Thieves if anything there should be a class action lawsuit by all the people eat off to put this guy had a business to take his money
Nov 5, 2014,

This outfit preys on people who dont know how to trade misleading them into beleiving the software is heaven sent. Its a pure scam and stay far away from them they charge 10k for indicators you can purchase for a few hundred dollars.

The salesmen Jim Forbes is a ruthless crook reminds me of a real used car salesmen. There are far better products to use for far less money.
Oct 2, 2012,

I purchased the software some time ago. I have made money with it and hvle lost money with it, too. When I follow the rules and an be PATIENT and WAIT for a setup as taught in the training classes and in the chat room 3 hours a day, I do very, very well, But when I get greedy or try to get in a little early to grab an extra tick or two - I generally lose. The support has been nothing but fantastic!!!
Doug Pudwell
Sooke, Canada,
Jan 11, 2012,

I purchased Nexgen T-3, 4 years ago @ $16,000, including all upgrades etc for life, looks good, colourful, but uses only lagging indicators. Traveled to Houston to get training - $3,000, purchased right to for life training for live @ $2,000. Live training was unproffessional. Owner is not professional. In past year he has developed an upgrade - T-3 Revolution. Owner says add on so wants more money and will not live up to original agreement. If I had done more investigation at the start, I would not have purchased. I can not reccommend it to anyone.
James Skelton
Baltimore , Md.,
Jun 5, 2011,

My daughter and I Paid $12,000. cash for this program,about 4 years ago,with a full money back guarentee,,after we both got frustrated with the learning curve,and the inabilty to make a profitable trade,I called the company several times and no one would help me out , finally I got a senior person who told me I would not get a refund ,sue us,it won;t do you any good ! there a great company alright! J. Skelton
Sep 15, 2010,
Registered user

After taking the training course, I respectfully declined purchasing the system. I was then hounded by a salesman that kept sending me emails that eventually got nasty and unprofessional and unethical behavior. The emails stopped after I threatened to contact the company ceo followed by contacting the Better Business Bureau. The trading system is impressive but the company that sells the system is highly lacking in professionalism. I had a friend that also took the training course and was also hounded by the same salesman after declining the extremely pricey $16,000 + price tag.

2010-04-02 3 Stars This company claims to be in existence for 13 years and be #1 in the industry with over $10 million in sales each year with 2,500 monthly requests for their system.

I briefly evaluate the system and I was very impressed by their support and training.

In my opinion, the system is too overpriced. I can't see the justification in charging $16,500 USD which does not include other fees that you need to fully trade the system.

To sum it up...a good system but not a great value and according to the rating description guidelines, falls into the average area.
Ukeme Udoh
Aug 9, 2010,

T3-Fibs software is a good trading software. it adjusts to market conditions and give good entries for a none greedy trader. their customer care and support is superb, and training both with live market and replay data is commendable. this sure justifies the $16500 price. in fact, it helps one to make sure gains, but not quick gains.