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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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Aug 23, 2010,

After running my Pipstack EA 3 months, it took 100k demo up to 120 k in early summer, I thought it would be very good, and then consistently lost with precision, down to nearly 60k in the account, using recommended settings set by tech support, with all their settings of time offset. Summer doldrums? Very automatic. The demo expired today, and it is probably cheaper to find a better EA at trading Euro USD and set that one up, such as Megadroid. With extensive reworking, Pipstack could be made functional, but then again, so can a free EA that it is easier to work with.

I am still testing one free EA that seems to work ok setting trades according to the direction of SAR dots, and occasional automatic setting. I might take it to a professional coder to refine it.

Overall, even though Pipstack may have been in a summer drawdown, my overall impression of its wild trades that are absurd is not good, particularly since it can't be opened and adjusted, and the serial number of the demo expires making it useless and problematic to salvage. Essentially a waste of time and did not generate profits for me, though the demo seems still running ok on ForexPeaceArmy.

BTW when they installed it, I asked if the demo would expire in 90 days, they said, no, probably not, it would not if I took the magazines and subscriptions listed on the demo site. For the Euro, Ablesys is probably cheaper, and other trade packages, though apparently expensive, are really quite cheap when back testing is documented and not some black box mystery.

2010-07-08 07:38 5 Stars Takes time to get used to this EA. Works fine as a signal for Euro/Usd, yet has difficult time in trading the Aussie. Very questionable trades in Aussie over past two weeks. So, if I watch for Euro entries on the Turbo Trend feature, it will catch the trend, which is more than I could get out of any signal service or always too late or stale trade recommendations, so Pipstack is a valid EA and makes money if the user knows how to watch for trends and supports that style of trading in their trade plan, and then it is a good profitable fit. You will work hard to make money with this. Tech support is fleeting.
Steven Lee,
Jul 2, 2010,

@TraderJoe99 - The concern about the setup fee is understandable, but you must understand that it is not necessary. This similar setup fee is seen on a number of different Forex products in the industry, and you have a choice of whether to purchase that service. Also, I hear that the price has been dropped to $99 and the performance on a number of review sites is great. The best part to look at is the equity, rising, and the drawdown, only 7%.

I give this EA a high rating, even though it started off pretty slow.
Jun 26, 2010,

It does make money on the demo, though the trades are not quite as timely within London or NY session as I would prefer. I wish it had a clock to set for priority sessions to trade, and settings for strict position sizing, which at present automatically gets too lofty, and unrealisticly profitable, that is unreal to me. It missed some real good high probability trend setups and instead, traded some questionable retracement trades as scalps instead, with dangerously high position size.Huge losses and huge gains? I've been tempted to run it on manual, yet it probably runs best, uninterupted. I have no idea how to rate it. Maybe one in three trades are worth putting real money on, the rest too close to a reversal for safety. My offset is set to 4, so I gather it is optimized. The lot size sprange to 20.63 on a $10,962 trade, which to me is too high, too much risk, so I don't believe the 20% return it generated on a 100k demo in 1 1/2 weeks. Very unrealistic. They need a trend and scalp mode setting to be watchful of London and New York as priority trade times in my view. Asia seems absent of consistent trending moves.

With the high position sizing, I wonder if it could reduce profitability long term? I have no idea how to rate it. I will say it is not losing money, but misses real good setups, such as A B C Andrews fork entry, or sells. I'd like to get in touch with tech support and see what they say about trading London or NY exclusively.

So far, it is profitable on the demo. No rating.
Jun 13, 2010,

I'd like more clarity in entering the activation keys, (demo account number, with atleast a 3 counter while chances to get it right, with cues, such as, "must be same as log in number when you placed the order") before being cut off, and redirected, and then charged an additional "redirection fee to tech support" for $49 at Plimus corp, which sells the bot, and charges that additional fee to "troubleshoot" startup, when apparently it is a simple process of entering the correct serial number of the ???demo account??? or is that the account number that is not specified before the "one chance to activate it properly or you'll be charged $49."

I did receive a polite server bot email from Plimus saying they would contact me in 2 business days to begin trouble shooting the robot startup process. Is it safer to buy directly from Pipstack, with lesser chances of $49 support charge to get activation keys?

Or, should they change their name to Pimpstack?

Shouldn't they really say this bot is $198 and not $149???

I'm puzzled if the log on number given is the account number, and different than the demo account number requested on the Youtube video, which clearly stated enter the demo account number. It is puzzling. Did anyone else have trouble with activating the robot, or was I distracted when my Windows Vista crashed as I downloaded the latest upgrade of windows, and downloaded a new demo, and the phone rang.

Is this really a 5 star bot?

I'll let you know, day by day....
So far, waiting on a simple process.

I can't rate them, since I do not know if anyone else has had this problem with Plimus? However, since this underperforms my purchase fee and setup standards, I will rate them terrible for now.