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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
3.034 · 6 REVIEWS
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3.034 · 6 REVIEWS
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toronto, Canada,
Mar 31, 2012,

hello guys,, dont be foolish and run behind the Indicators, which will show only lagging movement of the market... It wont predict the market movement. Look how big cats are making money by predicting the market movement with their fxpm
Rohana ,
New Zealand,
Mar 19, 2011,

I am receiving E-mails Under theFROM:Profit-Trade.com regarding diffrent types of indicators.For example, FXsmooth indicator,VolumeTrend Indicator for MetaTrader 4, Supreme Forex Profiteer (TM),Forex Marvel Trader ,Forex Trend Champion, Super Forex Launcher, Forex Mass Profits etc....etc.....I bought FXsmooth indicator.Before bying I made sure Money back guanartee for 60 days uncoditional.This indicator does not work for me so I asked them money back through several emails and they did not come back to me.So I put a dispute in the Plimus.I think four,five times asking my refund.All time they reply they can give me another indicator and they never talk about money back.Now for this approx. a month.I think they sell same thing with different name and in different web sites.Even, if you buy their product it is not the price they advertise.They ask more and more money at different Stages.
Dec 13, 2010,

Hi , Please do advise how to contact you Sammyfx, NG as I had join the forum but I am unable to reply your thread.
Base on Fxsmooth on 4 Hours time frames,so far is been good for entry, the only challange was the exist which I use other software to address the exist. Please do advise how to improve on your entry as you sate in the remark.
My contact email " wizardpro001@gmx.com "

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Nov 3, 2010,

I received a couple of mails, recommending the new FOREX PROFIT MULTIPLIER program. The details in the promotions are really appealing. Has anyone tried it. Can we rely on the promises.
Oct 29, 2010,

The Fxsmooth indicator is wonderful. for swing trading, It is better use in 1hr or 4hrs time frame. while for intraday is good in 5mins,15mins time frame. But then you must have to filter the signal before taken position in the market.
Far East Man,
Sep 15, 2010,

The screenshots on their website is just some of the best shots. So you may think their indicator is excellent. Don't be fooled. No matter what timeframe you trade, it changes direction frequently, meaning you must close your open position with a loss and re-open a new position, again and again. Their website pictures don't show such bad period, but there are so many such situations. I've tried 1H and 4H. The trades were mechanical, but absolutely time-wasting.

At the purchase page, you will be recommended Premium package and monthly subscription. I bought them. Those are useless, too.

Probably the same person is selling FXProIndicator and SuperGain Indicator using different names. I knew it from their style of manual, and their style of webpage (at the hindsight, though).

Those webpages show that some of their users doubled their money in two weeks or something. I must have known that such thing was impossible. Making such a gain using an indicator is impossible.

They are marketers, not traders. They are earning by selling their materials, not trading.

I can't agree MG's comments. If you open 2 lots and close pertially, you'll never be profitable because when you lose you lose with your full lots, and losses are MANY. You'll never be able to recover.
Jul 29, 2010,

This signal indicator is more than great - However you will need to use it with anything above 1 Hour or more. But the signals can last days. Open 2 positions close one at 50 Pips or more, let the rest ride until the next opposite signal.
May 6, 2010,

booo...the indi is lagging..and so much false signal...
it is simple but not profitable...