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Updated: Mar 22, 2019
2.092 · 256 REVIEWS
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FOREX.com is a subsidiary of GAIN Capital Holdings.

FOREX.com are forex brokers. FOREX.com offers the MetaTrader4 and GTX-Forex ECN top forex trading platforms. FOREX.com offers over 40 currency pairs, gold, and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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2.092 · 256 REVIEWS
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Manhattan, USA,
Mar 7, 2019,

Forex.com is a total scam

Stay away from Forex.com it's a total scam. They only care about ripping you off. I have only been with Forex.com for almost 3 months, but it's been blood, sweat, and tears. They have poor services you can ever imagine. Their web trading platform is just a crook. You can't even save your worked trading indicators. They have executed sell order many times below stop loss and ripped off my money. Everything does not work with.  I wish I knew what I know now. Don't take your hard earned money to Forex.com or you will end crying. Forex.com are total dishonest. At least I've warned you!!!

Dec 30, 2018 - 2 Stars In late December of 2018, Forex.com started charging negative swap on USDMXN, GBPMXN & EURMXN short positions. The interest rate differentials at this time are between 6 and 8% to the positive side of the Mexican Peso. These should not be negative swap as they have been paying positive swap on these positions for at least the last 6 months. I am moving my business to Oanda who continues to pay positive swap on these short positions.
Boston, USA,
Feb 7, 2019,

I have been pleased with them.

I have been using Forex.com for about a year. Though I am not doing heavy trading, I have had only good experiences with them. When you withdraw funds, they hit your bank account right away.
Feb 2, 2019,
Registered user

Just my experience and opinion from a nobody.

I have been a Forex.com customer of a a six figure account for over 5 years. Never had a problem with execution, withdrawal, whatever. As a USA customer and they are USA regulated here, perhaps, but who knows, maybe this makes a difference. I am not surprised by the mostly negative feedback for “all” brokers as my experience in all things in life are that losers whine and winners mostly keep quiet. While there are scammers in “all” industries, Forex being no different if not higher, Forex.com has been just fine in my fx 5 yr term. P.S. I have been a trader of many venues for 20+ years and it does take lots of screen time to get even moderately good.
Jan 31, 2019,
Registered user


They are slow in email responses. If you’re in a hurry than don’t bother communicating to these people. It is a waste of your precious time if you expect them to even adhere to their 2 day response email service. They are just so f*** slow. That’s all.
Jan 22, 2019,
Registered user

Where is my money?

A different problem and a different review; Now that I have closed my account because of their crooked spread prices, they don't know where my money is? They advised me the account was closed on the 17th, and it will take another 24 hours for them to send me a tracking account number. This is sort of bogus given they have my credit card number used for the initial deposit.

Dec 27, 2018 - 2 Stars I cannot get a good price! In other words, when the price is outside the spread parameters of the Buy and Sell, it will not allow me to enter the order. It is almost as if the "spread" is indirectly made larger. I Spoke to a customer rep and he wasn't sure what was going on. Told me to send in a photo. Later on I received a call from someone who said he was out of NY and wanted to make sure I was happy. I told him "no" and explained why. We had a scheduled meeting to talk about further, but never called me. I also told him I was frustrated with the screen not maintaining the darker wicks. I have to change them frequently everyday to see the wicks or they revert back to soft colors. I am not happy with them and will be finding another. I really think something strange is going regarding the "spread."
I won't stop until I get my money back from Forex.com,
Chicago, USA,
Jan 19, 2019,

Dirty scoundrelthat is Forex.com is a scam

I have a Forex Trading business account with Forex.com from which I am trying to make a cash withdrawal. The business was dissolved and business' bank account closed as a result. Therefore, making it impossible to withdraw my money in the same manner it was deposited as required. I called Forex.com customer service where they told me it is possible to make the withdrawal to my personal if I provided the relevant documents showing proof of ownership. I provided all the required documents and they still refuse to withdraw my money. Every time I call them I get a different representative on the phone giving me a list of different requirements or telling me to provide documents that I've already provided. They are basically sending me in circles to keep my money and prevent the withdrawal process. Forex.com is a total scam. Stay as far away as you can.
forex customer,
usa, USA,
Sep 26, 2018,

Avoid forex.com - Ridiculous spread and fee charges

Forex.com has ridiculous fees and spreads. I have a live account with them for over a year but recently they are have added extra fees when trading. At one point the spread went up to 8 for keeping the trade open for a few days. Also, other fees were applied and instead of a positive return ended up as negative. I have tried withdrawing all my money and closing my account but told by customer service that a charges will be accessed for withdrawing all my funds. Since funding was done for over 6mos thats their policy. Ridiculous.
Mark V,
London, United Kingdom,
Sep 14, 2018,


I am not certain of any experience outside of the UK but I have had great dealings with them.

Every time I have called customer service they have been great and informative and even sorted out an error they made efficiently.

My withdrawal took 4 business days (around a bank holiday) but my exact amount came out.

People that talk about the pip difference here and there clearly don't know how brokers work (or at least this one and how they make money) and those who are whining about losing money how about learn to trade. I am no expert but I have turned £500 into £1400 in my first 2 days and often make £300-400 a day (i don't trade ever day). This is not me bragging this is me telling you that I spend hours learning how to trade better, readings what top traders look for in trades, what headlines to read, what news releases are important. This is real money and there is big money to be made and if you whine about it expecting its an easy way of "winning the lottery" withdraw now and stick to you day job. Forex can be very lucritive but we ALL MAKE NEGATIVE TRADES and we ALL AT SOME POINT OSE MONEY.

Seriously, stop whining about this and that and as I say I cannot speak on experience outside of the UK but my experience in the UK with them has been fantastic.
Ernie P,
Northern Wisconsin, USA,
Jul 8, 2018,

Never any issues whatsoever.

I am shocked by the negativity of some users towards this broker. I have never had ANY issues with them whatsoever. Fast, 24,7 support and never anything but fast withdrawals and execution of my trades. Even though we have very few US brokers left, these guys are constantly proving to be a global leader in retail FX trading.
No complaints ever and will continue trading with GAIN for years to come I certainly hope!
El Paso, USA,
Jun 29, 2018,

Trade with US base companies only

I tried to withdraw/close my account with Forex.com. Submitted all documents requested, final step was to "chat" with someone in the UK, just the basic run around; they kept my money.