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Updated: Jan 5, 2015
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NOTE: It looks like Duane from ForexWealthRobot changed his last name and is now selling his product under the AutoTraderX brand.  We do find the story on the website to be more entertaining than most sales pitches.

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wealth forex robot is now autotradex

AutoTraderX.com (Duane Masterson) Was ForexWealthRobot.com (Duane Robbins)

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Corey B.,
Wyoming, USA,
May 15, 2012,

I purchased this EA about 3 days ago. I have to say also that the sales pitch is entertaining and actually makes me very skeptical of the product. Seriously? You expect me to believe all that? Well I purchased it anyway. What's to lose?

First of all it's nothing like he described it. He says it not just another EA, but it is! It's just like any other robot.

He says you can tweak it. Where? It has basically the same settings as ANY OTHER ROBOT. It also has a 200 pip stop loss. Take profit is only 5 pips.

I followed the manual to install and the flipping instructions are flip flopped! There are actually 2 EA's. One I guess is the "Pro" version. Oh yeah. By the way there are 2 upsells after you purchase and check out. One is for the "Pro" version that scrapes the daily news looking for trade opportunities. The other is for "Unlimited Access" where you get to download a template that is basically similar the the "guppy". He says you will be able to change the settings on your EA. It really makes no sense whatsoever how he tries to explain things. It's not as he describes at all.

Furthermore in his sales pitch he goes on and on about how you can set up different trading campaigns and opening up multiple forex accounts to multiply the profits of this bot. But in the download section there is not one reasonable explanation of how to do this!

And as I said how the instructions were flip flopped, that is they do no coincide with the correct bot. I never purchased the upsells but they were somehow both there when I got to the members area. And the instructions for the basic bot look to be for the pro bot and the pro bot instructions seem to be for the basic bot. The reason I say this is because the settings he has described on the basic bot only show up on the settings options for the pro bot and vice versa.. You know when you go to Expert Advisors>Properties>Inputs? Yeah. The options described for the basic bot are only available on the pro bot settings Inputs screen and the options described for the pro bot only show up on the basic bot Input settings.

The guy is a fake for sure. My bot has not made a single trade in two days.

Seriously. Read his sales pitch. Does he even sound like someone who's traded forex? Really? Why would you setup multiple forex accounts? Why not just open up another chart on the same platform and run the bot on a different time frame or a different pair?

But truth be told he does not even explain how to set up the many campaigns he describes in his overhyped pitch! HE IS EXACTLY THE PERSON HE DESCRIBES IN HIS SALES PITCH TO THE LETTER. A HYPED UP SCAMMER. PROVE ME WRONG.

Aug 19, 2011,

I bought his products.Installing them was easy,because I have installed many eas so far.In the manual it said I had to wait a couple of days for the ea to scan the market.I have waited for 10 days and no trade.Nothing,no sign of life.The signals of the manual system are confusing.Cannot use it.
I asked Plimus for a full refund.Granted ,but I have not received the money yet.
Aug 10, 2011,

Hi....I bought the system by the name Auto Trader X a few days ago and installed it on a demo account. Every day since then it has traded 1 to 3 trades per day with every trade a winner...it has generated a total of $2343.00 to date. I did however also buy the other two systems offered but could never get a download or email reply for them. so I will request a refund for them.
Wayne Moss,
Aug 4, 2011,

I should have read your reports first, I bought it blind and got ripped off. He didn't even send me the EA to load. I have sent 3 emails asking for it to be resent and no answer. It is a scam. Do not buy it . I have reported it to Pay Pal disputes for a full refund on principle.
Aug 3, 2011,

I received an email about this Auto Trader X and was looking for something here and found nothing but I found the words "Forex Wealth Robot" and it seems that Duane is the same guy who is promoting Auto Trader X (which he stole from the computers of the banks). Flaky story cause I believe if bankers hired "Quants" to create this robot, they would definitely blocked the computers where the robots were by not letting copy and paste, which is not difficult to do.

I won't rate because I didn't purchase the product so I don't know if it really works.
United Kingdom,
May 13, 2010,

Me too, been running for around 15 days now and absolutely nothing.
I suspect a Major Bank will not be using a program like this, don't imagine they would be using MT4 either.
Duane claims to have been a major player in a Wallstreet Bank yet emails from him promoting other EA's say his address is Barnsley in the UK - This is a small mining town in South Yorkshire, I find it hard to believe a Wallstreet Banker from New York would live in a mining town in the UK. - I hope I learn a lesson here.
May 4, 2010,

I loaded the software as instructed (pretty easy) at least a week ago and it hasn't reacted of given me a signal yet! - nothing on the screen to tell me up, down, lines of resistance or support or whatever I'm meant to see.
Any body have the same experience - so much for their slick marketing! - I got sucked in!