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Safecap Investments Ltd

Updated: Nov 18, 2021 ·  · Is this your company? is a CFD broker regulated by FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus), FSCA (South Africa), and BVIFSC (British Virgin Island). Safecap Investment Ltd that operates the brand is part of Playtech, and FTSE 250 listed company. The broker is in business since 2008.

In addition to popular MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 trading platforms, offers proprietary MarketsX for CFD trading and MarketsI for Investing including the mobile versions.

There are over 2,200 CFD instruments and over 7,000 stocks over 16 exchanges available for trading. Instruments include Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, ETFs, Bonds, Themed CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies. offers additional features such as Investment Strategy Builder, Knowledge Centre, Insights, Bloggers Opinions, Sentiments, Hedge Funds Investment Confidence, Insider Trades, Trading Analyst Recommendations, Financial Commentary, Thomson Reuters Stock Reports, Related Instruments, Signals and more. Most of the tools are integrated with broker proprietary platforms.

Please read Reviews below and share live trading experiences with this broker.

NOTICE:  December 2014.  Safecap Investments has threatened to "pursue action" against the FPA if two forums threads about are not removed.  The FPA does not hide member complaints or negotiate while under legal threat.  The two threads are HERE and HERE.

The FPA recommends against doing business with companies which use legal threats to try to hide information. 

July 2, 2015:  Cysec has fined Safecap Investments Ltd €168,000.  CLICK HERE to verify.
There is a note on a Polish government website regarding SafeCap Investments Poland.  CLICK HERE to verify.
Formerly  Other websites of this company include
Other websites of this company include,,

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 300:1
Minimum to Open Live: $250
Established: 2008
Address: 148 Strovolos Avenue, 2048, Strovolos, P.O.Box 28132, Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact:, +357 22 23 22 48
Regional offices:
Regulators: ASIC #AFSL 424008 , CySEC #092/08, FSCA #43906, FCA #607305, BVI FSC #SIBA/L/14/1067
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (65+)
Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (2200+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Bonds, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, iDEAL, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, SOFORT
Withdrawal Methods:

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1.945 · 52 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

seoul, Korea, Republic of,
Sep 26, 2021,
Registered user


Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

I am writing a broker review for the first time in my life. I have never failed to receive a withdrawal from  large brokers that I registered with. This place makes a deposit, takes a loss, and can't withdraw my remaining money. That's it. After applying for withdrawal, my money just disappeared. The part that suffers a loss may be different for each broker, so it may be my fault, but I don't know why it disappears after I apply for withdrawal of my remaining money and there is no contact. They don't even involve me in the conversation. Even if you make a lot of money here, you are just a slave to feed them. It has been a week since I applied for withdrawal. We will adjust the valuation once the withdrawal is complete.
London, United Kingdom,
Oct 22, 2020,
Registered user

Mixed experience, but not a scam.

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I've used for 2/3 years maybe and on the whole I have not had any real issues to speak of that match what the other guys are saying from 2015.

Their actual platform used to be fairly awful for trading on, the interface was tricky to use and often it wouldn't respond to my commands, I have complained about this many times and even had conversations with the dev team to try and improve it with them.

I've spoken to many of them on the phone and they've always been professional and good. Their online chat service is fast and always been helpful.

I had one bad experience where the platform wouldn't allow me to adjust my SL levels causing me to miss out on a huge win. I complained, proved it to them and they paid me the difference into my trading account, no strings attached.

I have since stopped trading CDF's on their website, having left the account in decent profit. I've since told them I wouldn't use their platform to trade directly on because of the teething issues but I continue to use them as my broker (both live and demo) for my MT4 trading and there have been no issues to speak of here.

I recently withdrew all my money from my live MT4 account, it was removed from the platform instantly and credited to my account less than 24 hours (maybe even 12 hours).

So, yes there have been small issues here and there but I always felt like they tried to fix them fast and politely. Customer service has always been top-notch IMO.

Will continue to use.
United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates,
Aug 15, 2020,
Registered user

A very good broker...

Length of use: over 1 Year

For more than 2 years now , i have been trading with Markets and i can't say but it is a very good broker....i had very bad experiences with some other companies like UXF and Plus 500 in which i suffered a lot of manipulation and scamming.....but with Markets things are going normally with very few concerns....maybe one is the high margin required for trading commodities.....but i found many other benefits such as quick deposits and withdrawals , yhe wide range of instruments cir trading and the efficient customer service far so good
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basement, Germany,
Mar 5, 2018,
Registered user

dont trade there

Do not trade there unless you hate money.

Something goes very wrong there, cant provide more detail but it is by far the worst broker experience i ever had and i trade quite a few cfd brokers by now.

Jun 28, 2017 - 1 Star do not trade there, just dont. The platform is a joke and the spreads a ripoff, so high you can trade with your housebank and pay the 5 bucks per trade.

The platform gives you absolutely no market insight, you dont see the market depth - gl trading on margin ...

you can not make a profit there unless youre a long term bag holder. IDK. even then maybe the margin comission will eat your account.

dont trade there
milan, Italy,
Dec 31, 2017,
Registered user

negative experience

Very bad experience,i traded with no deposit bonus.i had a lot of problems,either on verification and withdrawal. Infact i changed broker.
Barcelona, Spain,
Sep 26, 2017,

I give it 0 stars, they are scammers, in all rules, watch out for this brokers is the worst, I was cheated and I have evidence, I blocked the platform so that you can not close winning operations, I was called to invest the reverse and in the end they stole all the money left on the platform, beware these scammers are very dangerous.

Le doy 0 estrellas, son unos estafadores, en toda reglas, cuidado con este brokers es do lo peor, a mi estafaron y tengo pruebas, me bloquearon la plataforma para que no puedas cerrar operaciones ganadoras, me llamaban para que invierta a la inversa y al final se robaron todo el dinero que quedó en la plataforma, cuidado con estas estafadores son muy peligrosos.
london, United Kingdom,
Aug 16, 2017,

fake drop of price

I got amazon shares on 16 of august 2017, my amazon have been closed for insufficient margin at $429.70. but the problem is because amazon didn't drop to this price on this day.
Chhaliuddin, Bangladesh,
Apr 26, 2017,

Complete SCAM! They will steal your money.

Complete Scam! I deposited 100 USD made a profit of 20 USD, and now they are asking me that they have charged 120 USD for system fee. Now my account balance is zero. Please check the screenshot for it.
india, India,
Feb 23, 2017,
Registered user

Scammers.. Dont invest there if you dont want to lost money

i wish i can give 0 stars to here. They are scammers. If you want to learn how to scam then must join them . I invested 100$ there i made 200$ . and bought Natural gas.. but when price moves Equity should increse,, but for me it was totally opposite . First they make trust then break it.
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Jan 19, 2017,
Registered user

Cheating, unfair and unethical company

Stay away from this unethical and thieving company. Once my clients were verified and received bonuses for their documents they were pressed with more and more documents and three days deadlines. Once my clients began to send them notarized documents which they exist from them they decided to close customer accounts and keep all the profits of my clients.
This is cheating and unfair compamy
United Kingdom,
Dec 12, 2016,

London, United Kingdom,
May 19, 2016,

I am new to I deposited £100 on 9th may and started my trading. offerd £25 gift and £100 bonus. And my open trading was in proft; so there was over £250 in my account on 17th May. But suddently, threre remaind about £50 and £200 was disappeared. And I contact to the but they told me that my bank has reversed £100 that I deposited them. I checked on my online bank account but there everthing is fine and no refund of that £100. Is it possible bank to reverse £100 after 8 days of completion of transaction? If yes why it happens? I wounder where is my money neither in my bank account nor in account.
, Norway,
Feb 20, 2016,
Registered user

I opened an account at since I am an Norwegian citizen and seems trying to be among the more famous brokers trying to enter the Norwegian trading market. Others that have had advertising on television and trying to enter the market in 2015 includes IG, CMC and Plus500. offer 200NOK free just to open an account at theirs. I though well ok I give their service a test. they have their own quite intuitve platform and support mt4 as well. Spreads are not low, but ok, typically 30-40. What I liked was the wide range of instruments available. Their own platform was also quite neat, and I though such a nice platform must have cost quite some money to develop so it lowered my scam alert. Feedbacks here on FPA is average 3 star ok I though 200NOK (aprox 20USD), I can give them a test. I am basically just anyway practicing my new manual trading system. I also made sure with chat support that everything was ok for me to open an account with my full name and approval of all validation documents which was approved. I then asked specifically that I was allowed to withdrawl any profit of the initial bonus of 20$, -chat support assured me this as well.

So I used their platform and turned my 20$ into about 50$. Then I turned my 50$ into about 70$. I asked if it could get some more questions answered and then chat support told me that I would get a AM as soon as I deposited some money. I said ok and deposited 100NOK (10$) just to get an AM to contact me - total balance now of aprox 80$. No contact happened ofcourse. I then asked chat support if I could get an mt4 account and transfer some funds from my account over to the mt4 account since I wanted to use trailing stops. Live support created an mt4 account for me and said this was no problem.

I transfered over about 50$ to my mt4 account.

Now the fun began with the trading.

I turned 50$ into about 100$, and two weeks story short i turned my initial 20$ bonus (+10$ deposit) into about 300$ in two weeks!(quite provd of that). This was with old school totaly manual trading, no robots, scalping or anything. Average trading time about 13 hours.

So 3 days later after requesting my 70$ withdrawal, I contacted chat support again to ask status of my withdrawal and why on earth suddenly my mt4 account had been disabled. Chat support told me that I should have recieved an email from their management, and that the disablement of my account was a management decision. 2 minutes after he stated this I recieve an email, saying I have violated their rules of trying to exploit their deposit bonus and that Safecap Investments Ltd had decided to terminate my account(s).

Here is a copy of the last chat dialogue with their online live chat:

"Welcome to!

Razi H.Support Agent

Razi H.Hi there! How may I help you?
ClientHi. I requested a withdrawl a few days ago of 70$ which I wondered about the status for. For unknown reason that mt4 account has now also suddenly been disabled without my approval or request, so I am wondering what is going on?
Razi H.what is your trading account number ?
Razi H.thanks
please hold on
Razi H.your withdrawal request is under review
and your account has been terminated and you will receive an official letter regarding the termination from the company
Clientwhy on earth has my mt4 account been disabled?
Razi is a management decision
please check your email soon , you will receive an official letter
Clientyeah well correct. What about my account 4378074 ?
Razi H.your registration with the company was terminated .
ClientI have followed all rules for trading, and made sure that my profits can be withdrawn with you here at chat support
Razi H.sir , it is a management decision
Clientwhat account are you reffering to regarding multiple accounts. I made sure with you before opening this account that everything was ok
Razi H.your registration with is terminated
ClientPlease make your management aware that I am a Norwegian citizen and have a lot of connections in the Norwegian financial market. If your company have any though about entering the Norwegian market you should treat us carefully. This account was mere at test account to make sure you are not a market maker. Please be aware that this will be reported to Forex Peace Army and CySEC as well.
I am quite sure FPA will contact you and invite you to chim in on the scam alert
Razi H.anything else I can assist you with ?
Clientyes please email me a copy of the chat dialogue as well, thanks. Read
Razi H.have a nice evening
Razi H. has closed the chat.
Start the chat again"

I have not recieved my withdrawl request, and expect them now to return only my depoisted 10$ (100NOK) if anything at all.

I have attached an screenshot of my accounts and the recieved email from live support as well.

Be maker that strangely enough care about small amounts rather than getting their name on the scam radar in Norway as well.
, Israel,
Jan 29, 2016,

Safecap is a company registred in cyprus and under Israeli ownership. offices and also some of their other brands are located in Israel, including all managment, sales, oparation, technology etc.
Albert Fuerderer,
Baden Wuertemberg, Germany,
Jan 9, 2016,

I had opened a Account at and get a promise by phone: If i Invest $ 200. i will get $ 50. Bonus. So i had invested the $ 200. but never i had get the $ 50. Bonus. 2 Times i had sent support requests, and get no answer. Also the Spreads are very high. Do not invest money here: cheating admin and support!
tay soo hee,
Malaysia, Malaysia,
Dec 16, 2015,

My account was disable.

I wish they will call me or reactivate my account.

Jubail, Saudi Arabia,
Dec 3, 2015,

well all i can say is to stay away from them if you dont want to be cheated. they are advertising on their website that 25 $ bonus without deposit, when i registered and asked for bonus they said i can verify my mobile number, when i try the verification it say that my number is incorrect, even though they are calling me on the same number to convince me to deposit.

well my way of evaluating a broker is to see how much he is committed to you after you make your deposit, because every broker is committed before you make the deposit. but thank GOD i didnot made the deposit with them because if they are not committed with what they are advertising before the deposit how can you expect the commitment from them after deposit.

My advise to stay away from them, there is plenty of good brokers in the market, with a little research surely you can find alot better broker then them.
Sobuj Ahmed,
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Oct 9, 2015,

Nothing to say. Just a scam site.I could not survive and they have cheated with me.
Jesper Hansen,
Odense, Denmark,
Oct 5, 2015,

STAY AWAY FROM THEM, they promise a lot e.g. signals and education (especially Philip Alexanders), but as soon as you have made a deposit, you are on your own - no contact over email or phone. SCAMMERS.
Habib Rehman,
pakistan, Pakistan,
Oct 3, 2015,
Guest ok everything is good but only my withdrawal late I ask from the support but they said wait for few days more
Spain, USA,
Sep 17, 2015,

i have some issues when it comes down to trading with a legitimate broker, no need to say much about myself but all my phone calls are recorded with advanced security . they think they can fool me by showing a UK number or Cyprus, but one of my security adviser tracked down the call and guess what ? they are in ISRAEL and not from whatever they claim they are .
i will look further to contact the legal department and the national security fraud agency department to shut them down and take legal action and persecution
, Brunei Darussalam,
Jul 1, 2015,
Guest Where do I even start. I came across their promotion page stating $50 with no deposit necessary.

10th of June 2015: Applied for a live account. Sent in all my documents for verification.

11th of June 2015: Received an email from them to complete eligibility quiz containing 5 MCQs. Email also states to send verification documents.

11th of June 2015: Account was upgraded to live account.

16th of June 2015 Was sent an email again asking for documents for verification.

16-27 of June 2015: Contacted live chat daily for status. They say verification takes 3 days. Meantime, was told only accounts manager can issue bonus or change account to Islamic account. Asked to wait for accounts manager to be assigned and phone call from him/her.

25-26th of June 2015: Was called a few times to verify my self.

28th of June 2015: Documents were verified and account was finally active.

29th of June 2015: Contacted live chat regarding status of accounts manager and bonus. Was told to contact them again once europe opens. Europe opens, was told to wait as bonus will normally be issued/credited by the end of the day. Asked for my timing preferences to be called by accounts manager. Contacted again just before europe closes and was assured accounts manager will call soon. Tried my luck via live chat to change my account to Islamic without waiting for an accounts manager. Had to answer a few questions for eligibility. Was also told two types of bonus. No deposit bonus or deposit bonus.

30th of June 2015: Received email my account was approved and converted into Islamic account.

30th of June 2015: Contacted live chats pre europe opening. Asked status of accounts manager and bonus. Was told they had an technical issue in issuing bonuses yesterday. Told to wait for call from accounts manager. Contacted again during europe opening. Was told no $50 no deposit bonus. Just $25. Showed her the link above. She said she'll email the relevant department to call me ASAP. Contacted them again once US opens. Agent apologies on behalf of her colleagues at accounts department and sends another email escalating the issue to them.

1st July 2015: Contacted them a few times regarding status. Again was told to wait for the call.

2nd July 2015: Contacted them pre-europe via live chat. Same live chat agent called me saying they were changes made today with regards to deposit requirements. Again was asked the very same questions during account opening, eligibility quiz, phone verification and Islamic account eligibility. He also then mention as I was from Brunei, I am not entitled to any sort of bonus.

My main reason for applying was to test their live platform and withdrawal procedures/timings. I figured if everything is acceptable to my liking, I would move the bulk of my accounts from FXCM (as they had reduced their margin requirements from 200:1 to 100:1)

But after almost one month account opening, after talking to 7 different agents, completing multiple verification calls, quizzes and questions, and still with no account manager in sight, it is best for everyone to STAY AWAY from this broker.

They can't even do the basics right. What more if i were to deposit my own funds with them. So to avoid any headaches, everyone should STAY AWAY from!
Petar Dimitrov,
Sofia, Bulgaria,
Jun 18, 2015,

I am trading for 3 weeks now, and everything is very nice. I got a little issue with the my documents, but it was resolved later. the training was not in depth, but it was informative. i already withdraw 50 usd profit and i think to continue trading with them, i will update you on my status
Yu Tai,
taipei, Taiwan, China,
Jun 8, 2015,

I'm one of client and i feel like i was tricked into joining them
They tell you all these benefits, one on one education, which i needed!! so they said they provided it.
at the end i didn't get any education from them, they told me to look through their online education on their webpage yet you need to first deposit 100 dollar which i did, i have been through it and trust me u can learn a lot more by googling and YouTube. then employees calling me and pushing me to invest more, to trade more and so on, i asked them for their education which they are never on time in calling , so i end up never getting anything and then they just disappear and after two weeks they call you again and tell you the benefits, and then i had a talk with my broker he said they cant satisfy every customer. if your unhappy you can go the other route. how would you feel as their customer?? i wouldnt reccommend, there are a lot other brokers out there
Manila, Philippines,
Mar 18, 2015,

The same happened to me with others here who just registered a demo account and was called few minutes after. The caller who is I think an account manager named Noorul told me to upgrade my account into real one, so I did. After that he told me to deposit $100 but I resist because I told him that I was just exploring stuffs about trading. But he insist that I should not worry if I don't know about trading because their staff will guide me through that. But i was still hesitant because what I initially did was a demo account and not really planning into serious trading. He even instructed me to put my credit card info and assured that it was just for testing if my card is legible for deposits, which I also did. He really pressured me to deposit $100 within 2 days so I can get my bonus. Since I really don't want to deposit, what I did is I did not answer their calls the next times and I modified all my personal information on their website including my card information. Then, the next day I received calls which don't register any number which I believe is related to them because they are the only website I have given my numbers before that unregistered number calls happened.