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Safecap Investments Ltd

Updated: Nov 18, 2021 ·  · Is this your company? is a CFD broker regulated by FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus), FSCA (South Africa), and BVIFSC (British Virgin Island). Safecap Investment Ltd that operates the brand is part of Playtech, and FTSE 250 listed company. The broker is in business since 2008.

In addition to popular MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 trading platforms, offers proprietary MarketsX for CFD trading and MarketsI for Investing including the mobile versions.

There are over 2,200 CFD instruments and over 7,000 stocks over 16 exchanges available for trading. Instruments include Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, ETFs, Bonds, Themed CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies. offers additional features such as Investment Strategy Builder, Knowledge Centre, Insights, Bloggers Opinions, Sentiments, Hedge Funds Investment Confidence, Insider Trades, Trading Analyst Recommendations, Financial Commentary, Thomson Reuters Stock Reports, Related Instruments, Signals and more. Most of the tools are integrated with broker proprietary platforms.

Please read Reviews below and share live trading experiences with this broker.

NOTICE:  December 2014.  Safecap Investments has threatened to "pursue action" against the FPA if two forums threads about are not removed.  The FPA does not hide member complaints or negotiate while under legal threat.  The two threads are HERE and HERE.

The FPA recommends against doing business with companies which use legal threats to try to hide information. 

July 2, 2015:  Cysec has fined Safecap Investments Ltd €168,000.  CLICK HERE to verify.
There is a note on a Polish government website regarding SafeCap Investments Poland.  CLICK HERE to verify.
Formerly  Other websites of this company include
Other websites of this company include,,

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 300:1
Minimum to Open Live: $250
Established: 2008
Address: 148 Strovolos Avenue, 2048, Strovolos, P.O.Box 28132, Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact:, +357 22 23 22 48
Regional offices:
Regulators: ASIC #AFSL 424008 , CySEC #092/08, FSCA #43906, FCA #607305, BVI FSC #SIBA/L/14/1067
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Currencies: (65+)
Cryptocurrencies: (5+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD: (2200+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Bonds, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Scalping: Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, iDEAL, Local Bank Transfers, Maestro, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, SOFORT
Withdrawal Methods:

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1.945 · 52 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

May 18, 2010,

From beginners to professionals, GFC Markets services all levels of forex traders! Providing 24/7, multi-lingual support, GFC Markets offers a flexible platform with powerful tools to assist you in all your online trading needs.

<<< this is website claim but that's not true

support always Unavailable

as comment above when open demo account ACCOUNT MANAGER IS VERY MOTIVATE WITH OLD TRICKs
"U need to fund today to get bonus - we don't want u miss a chance"

after deposit everything is dissapeared can't contact any support

this broker change name 3 times since open (since 2006)

0 stars for this broker TRUELY SCAM

ENOUGH for me , stayaway from this broker for ur money safe

May 21, 2010,


Have you tried calling them? They have a lot of numbers available.
If you lost your money you should make a claim with the FPA en let them get in contact with GFC.

If you're speaking the truth then please do that so that people like me, can stay away from GFC markets if they are really a scam.

You can make a difference for people that are not yet with GFC.

But you must tell the truth, have you tried EVERYTHING to get in contact with them?
Jun 6, 2010,


I now have proof that you are either lying to make GFC markets look bad, or you haven't made a deposit.. which is quite the same really..

I have just deposited an amount to my gfc account and would you like to know how long it took?
3 seconds. Thats how long it took for the money to show up on my account and platform.

I still can reach them by phone, email, chat.
So I don't know why you're posting a bad review, giving these guys 1 star when you haven't even tried trading with them yet.

Dear visitors and FPA, I myself am proof that GFC markets is not what Veerapol describes it as.
Until now they have been very friendly and like I said, depositing money only took about 3 seconds for me.

I wish you good luck.
israel AND THE UK,
Jul 10, 2010,

I wanted to give some advise to people out there
as for as GFC are concerned I have not many bad things to say about them
they have been honest with although they have a habit of calling you a few times a week to see if you are going to fund your account further
I dont have a problem with that but find it irritating
they are good with bonuses and have good trading specialists

all in all I would say I am happy but they still have a lot to improve
mainly the support team who cant even speak English
I suggest always speaking to your trading specialist never to support
Herschell ,
Aug 6, 2010,

After a few months trading with them, I give them 3 stars.

I withdrew $130 from the successfully, the first time I tried to withdraw it took a very long time (30+ days). But after contacting them, I found out that the withdrawal was reversed and refunded to my account.
After that I made a second withdrawal and that one went smoothly as I got the money within 2 weeks.

There is something people should know before signing up with them.
GFC Markets is a market maker. My account manager lied to me about this claiming they do not take the opposite sides of our trades. However all of the support staff I had spoken to confirmed this.

I would strongly advice anyone to NEVER use trailing stops with this broker as they could use it to their advantage and stop out your trade. Be sure to have a good solid strategy and always set your stop-loss above/below the recent highs/lows. That way you can always compare their chart to the ones on independent forex websites. (I don't have evidence that GFC stops out clients trades but just to be sure they don't, because they're still a market maker)

Other than the fact that they will always trade against you, this is an ok broker.

2010-05-09 05:59AM 3 Stars I've opened a demo account with GFC markets and I must say, their platform is great! It's very vast and I haven't encountered any issues.

They also have algorithmic trading which allows you to develop your own technical system just like an EA at mt4. But for me this was easier to understand because it is just like html code that you need to write and the system reads it and performs your strategy. I fell in love with algorithmic trading!
But it does suck that the platform needs to be open to run the strategy, but hey you can't have it all I guess :)

1 thing I will say about customer service is that they were all friendly to me, no rude ones, spoke on the phone with 2 different people and both were very polite.
I was not even a customer and I was already assigned an account manager (wether this is a good or bad thing we'll see)

BUT (here it comes) The assigned account manager who I spoke to on the phone, nagged me to send my documents so I can open a real account.
I found this very disturbing because why the rush?
It's like stepping into a clothing store and have an employee follow you all around to say 'you like that one sir? how about this one?' Its annoying!

If I like the demo platform and am profitable, I will open a real account, no need to harass me about it.

Also, the demo account only lasts for 30 days. Which kinda sucks.. but you can always open another one with a different e-mail account :)
Akash Radadiya,
Surat, India,
Oct 23, 2010,

GFC Markets is a great broker to deal with. Support people are always ready to hold your hand. I faced some problems with my account manager when he was not available about one week. But there was the mistake from both the side. He didn't tell me that he was on leave and I didn't try to contact any other. After that, sometimes even on holidays, I find their replies. Most of them have blackberrys so they reply on unusual day too. My managers are polite. Once, I had problem with my platform and there were more than 3 people to help me out. All the deposits made by me were timely deposited and as well for the withdrawals. It takes arounf 7 business days. Changing names is builiding a good brand, now they are even one step closer by rebranding as GFCMarkets to They have great bonus offers everytime and low spread. You can choose from fixed/floating spreads. Wide range of services. Because of all these things, I have referred too many customers to GFC Markets and they are all happy!!
Oct 31, 2010,

I have found that they are manipulating the currency rate. do they run plug-in programme to control individual account, Like the measurement and control calculations of the Pips,bars,Margin forced attack for individual account. It's clear they do have control over individual account. not easy for every one to find out.
Jan 17, 2011,

I wasn't sure how legit this broker was at first, but I soon realized that this is one of the best out there. The spreads on most major pairs rarely change, and the trades execute lightning fast. The platform is easy to use, and the charts are very nice. Was worried that the withdrawal process would be a problem, but I had my money within 3 days, and yes I had made a small profit and even got my bonus on top of that. Can't say for sure that the experience will be the same for everyone though
Feb 20, 2011,
Guest are not sincere brokers. I'm closing my account with them this week. Spent just two weeks with them. I initially placed an EA, they inactivated my platform from accepting trades from EA. I went manual, that was a disaster: To place and to close trades were WAR, re-quotes upon re-quotes. worse broker that I have ever dealt with. Run away from them.
Mar 11, 2011,

They have turned out to be a typical broker, this after 8 months of trading with them.

They started by making changes, some by announcing them first.

They will make changes to your account with out telling you.
Then you have to waste your own time chasing them down. THERE DEALERS WILL THEN LIE TO YOU!

A typical broker if they do not like your style they restrict your trading ability,

The good was that their customer service is great, but that is not good enough when the dealer screws around.

To detail there actions. After getting assurance, have it in transcript, that there is no problem with scalping. When short term news trades were made, then the dealer started the changes by putting the acct. on dealer execution at these times - no warning given & on they went from there, if they don't like your trading then it is on dealer execution constantly.

They complained of scalping yet the last month trades on average were held for about 18 minutes. So What is the real issue??

Be informed, the decision is yours!