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Updated: Feb 22, 2018
2.053 · 4 REVIEWS
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OptionsUniversity.com (Forex Joe Atkins)

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2.053 · 4 REVIEWS
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Pissed Off,
May 23, 2011,

Options university is a scam. They tell you they are selling you the rights to there proprietary software that doesn't work. Any idiot can set alerts on there trading platform as to which way the market is going. As soon as you buy there two-three thousand dollar course you cant use there software unless you pay exorbitant monthly fees. Then they will either sell you there upgrades or you can buy there personal 30 day mentorship course for $10000+. You basically paid to be on a really expensive mailing list of every guru they can find to teach a class for a rediculous amount of money. They sell you the rights to buy classes from everyone else. The information they give you is no better than a basic traders guide. It was like going to first grade to learn how to trade options and forex.You would be better off picking up a basic candlestick book. "Those who can do, Those who can't teach." I would much rather learn from someone who does, than someone who pretends they do. Caveat emptor
Mar 5, 2011,

The Ou forex trader is a spam. And you do not get your money back.
They are offering an one year training with forex signals for 2000 $. And in the first month, they promised money back warranty. Let’s look what I have written as my first email to them:
I like to cancel the whole program, and to get back my money. I have never seen such a worse education material then from yours.

Without graphic, I cannot understand anything; even I had learned Forex from Steve Nison.

Your graphic program is not working at all, at my three brokers.

You are picking up some lecture for the advanced or regularly students, and give them to the beginner. But there is no real video for the beginner. I do need any video, a good book from the first to the last step would be much better, for all the people. Then for sure, every step explained on a picture, is much better then every written word.

The time for spending trading the forex with all preparation is too much.

I cannot understand how careless you had made this program and this for 2000$. For instance your goal setting program is very inefficient, because the best time for goal setting is before you go sleeping, and additionally with apply of thank you.

Then they wrote I should make at least two trades after their recommendation, every week for four weeks to get my money back. I have made the trades for the EURUSD and GBPUSD (4Trades) every day.
And I lost every day, only one day in four weeks I gained profit. I can proof it. So then I want my money back, but even this they did not. This looks for me like a spam firm. I had paid only the first 597$ (from 4 rates 597$) and then I closed my Amex card. And Amex thinks that they can force them to refund my money.
Please help me and other who they like to cheat in the future.
Oct 20, 2010,

Their material is overhyped and overpriced and nearly worthless. I have attended many of their NFP payroll webinars and have been amazed at how far off base they are. Do not listen to any of their advice. Their bias numbers are laughable. Find your own Support and Resistance levels and you will be much better off.
Jun 22, 2010,

How can I select 1/2 of a rating category?

I have 6 months experience as a student of Options University Forex Trader, no current association with them, and can tell you that "Forex Joe" Atkins is an honest person, and that his Bias and Key levels do work better than one might expect as levels of support and resistance. You will not learn how they are developed, that is proprietary. His channel and channel breakout methodology also has merit, in my opinion. And he has some good points to make about "mindset" or mental attitude. However, I would not call Forex Trader a "complete trading course". But it may just be the "finishing school" that some people need. To me that means "Better performance than expected" => at least a "Good" rating on the FPA scale. However, "a good value" (the second part of a "Good" rating) depends upon ones ability to use the product. Like my dear departed mother always said "Son, it ain't a bargain if you can't use it, regardless of the price". It also is not necessarily the fault of the product, as long as the product is not defective. The Forex Trader product is pure information, and it is not defective, but the ability to make good use of it depends upon the person who receives it. I don't think that it will turn anyone into a professional Forex trader, unless that person already has or develops the other knowledge and skills needed to succeed. In spite of what the OU marketing department may say, I don't think that you will get complete training from this one program (or any other that I know of). So have reasonable expectations. That does not mean that what you get in the Forex Trader program is defective, or not worthwhile. It's just not the whole story of trading.

However, in all fairness, Options University IS a marketing organization. So YOU are responsible for knowing exactly what you are buying from them. Sometimes there is a lot of confusion in their webinars and web pages between exactly what is their Forex Trader offering and what is their Forex Mastery offering. The two are quite different, and OU will try to guide beginners into the Forex Mastery program first, and then later into the Forex Trader program. That may not be a bad route in general, but it may not fit everyone. Read carefully. Write down for yourself a list of Exactly what you will receive (it helps to clarify the mind, once written without marketing hype). Ask before you leap. Be aware that both the Forex Trader and Forex Mastery programs are set up as "subscription based" programs, so after some initial period that may be "included", you will be paying a monthly fee forever, or (more practically) until you decide to stop paying it.

Getting general support from Options University, if you have some software or account problem, or need to cancel, can be difficult. They say "just send us an email" but the fact is that their automated trouble tracking system may assign a ticket number OK, but no one may ever respond to the email and you may need to phone them to get any action. Emails that you may send to Forex Joe's personal assistant Chuck are handled much better than the general "OU Support" emails I just referenced. Even with general OU Support, eventually you will get taken care of, and I have always been treated fairly in the end, but you may need to phone not just email.

Similarly, beware of their marketing literature ... like everywhere else, it can (no will!) be hyped. Just read it with a level head and understand that you are reading propaganda from the marketing department. What you are factually promised you will receive. If that is not what you wanted, then OK, but you did sign up for it and plop down your credit card. That is the job of the marketing department ... to say exactly what will be delivered while making it sound like you can't live without it and it is your path to becoming a pro trader.

In summary, as a marketing organization, OU is no different from the rest. Watch out for yourself, and be sure that what you buy is what you actually want and need. What you sign up for, you will receive from them. And is is not faked, or a scam. That does not mean that it is what you thought you wanted, or thought you were buying. It is only what was factually promised would be delivered. Given that Forex Joe is a bit eccentric, but he is honest and certainly not any scam in my experience and opinion.