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Updated: Mar 14, 2024

ThinkMarkets is a forex broker offering MT4, MT5, and ThinkTrader currency trading platforms., offers over 40 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, gold, silver, shares, indices, commodities, and CFDs for your personal investment and trading options.

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Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 2000:1
Minimum to Open Live: $1
Established: 2010
Address: Hana, 70 St Mary Axe, London, EC3A 8BE, United Kingdom
Contact:, +44 203 514 2374, +61 39 093 3400, +39 023 057 9033, +34 911829975
Regional offices:
Regulators: ASIC #424700, CySEC #215/13, FSA #0250, FMA #, FSA-S #SD060, FSCA #49835, DFSA #7113, FCA #629628
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, ThinkTrader
Web Trading: βœ… Yes
Mobile Trading: βœ… Yes

Trading Instruments

Currencies: (45+)
Cryptocurrencies: (20+) Bitcoin, Ethereum
CFD: (3500+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities

Trading Conditions

EAs/Robots: βœ… Yes
Scalping: βœ… Yes

Managed Accounts & Social Trading

MAM: βœ… Yes
PAMM: βœ… Yes
Copy Trading: βœ… Yes
Deposit Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, BPAY, Cryptocurrency, Neteller, PayPal, PayRetailers, Skrill
Withdrawal Methods: Bank Wire (BankTransfer/SWIFT), VISA, MasterCard, BPAY, Cryptocurrency, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill
* Please check broker website for more information
3.175 • 184 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of ThinkMarkets

Jamal Nobranr
UAE, United Arab Emirates,
Mar 8, 2024,
Registered user

They didn't credit my $25,000 deposit and also won't refund it.

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I deposited $25,000 into my ThinkMarkets account (number 27394) via one of my bank accounts. However, the money was never credited to my account due to the requirement for proof of ownership, which I promptly provided.

Despite repeated attempts to resolve the issue and extremely poor customer service (It took them 2 weeks to change the email associated with my account), my deposit has not been refunded. I have sent numerous emails over the past week, yet have received no response or updates.

This experience has been frustrating, and it raises concerns about the reliability of their services. If funding my account has been this difficult, I can only imagine the challenges of making a withdrawal.

As someone who has traded for years, I would advise against using this broker and recommend exploring other options.
Reply by ThinkMarkets Support submitted Mar 14, 2024:
Dear Jamal Nobranr,

Unfortunately we are unable to accept third party deposits. In your case funds were sent to your personal account from a company account. Our Compliance team requested further information to ensure you were the owner of the company remitting the funds. You then subsequently requested the funds to be returned and were required to provide a bank statement.

We appreciate it can be frustrating providing documents, but it is important we protect our clients funds and follow strict AML rules.

If you have any questions please let us know at; - we are here to assist you 24/7.

Thank you.
The ThinkMarkets Team
Geneve , Switzerland,
Feb 23, 2024,
Registered user


Service use: Other Length of use: 0-3 Months
I am doing a challenge with a prop firm. I only trade the us30. On this broker yesterday I saw how they went under the support when on other Brokers the Price never went under the support. So Think Markets seems to be manipulating the price.  Stay away from them and any propfirm that works with them!
Reply by ThinkMarkets Support submitted Mar 5, 2024:
Hello GritMilena

As you may be aware, CFDs are an OTC product with small pricing variations often occurring between one broker to the next.
ThinkMarkets is a non-dealing desk broker that aggregates multiple top tier liquidity providers to provide tight spreads and fair pricing.
If you would like your Prop firm to review and investigate the low at the time on the US30, please contact your Prop firm directly.

Kind regards
The ThinkMarkets Team
Singapore, Singapore,
Jan 21, 2024,
Registered user

Missing Withdrawal

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Had made a withdrawal last week. It’s been 5 days and yet to see my funds. I had ask for a check with the bank. But no one seems to be actively trying to help. They provided me a bank receipt that was different from previously. Edited corners. I worry I may not get my money transfer now.
Reply by ThinkMarkets Support submitted Jan 26, 2024:
Hi Gary

Firstly, thank you for being a long standing client of ThinkMarkets, we appreciate your 10+ years of trading with ThinkMarkets. Unfortunately international bank wires, in this case from Australia to a European bank in Singapore can take multiple days to arrive. After several days the bank wire of $907.23 bounced back to us, which we informed you of and placed instructions to resend. We subsequently issued you a Goodwill payment as well.

We have reached out to you several times seeking to; a/ keep you updated on the situation and b/ to see how we can ensure you a happy, trading client of ThinkMarkets.

As you are aware, you have made dozens and dozens of withdrawal requests over the 10+ years with ThinkMarkets, all of which have been processed so please appreciate this bounce back and subsequent delay is an exception.

Kind regards
The ThinkMarkets Team
Huckelhoven, Germany,
Mar 29, 2023,
Registered user

Pure manipulation

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Account 64372 and i want to warn all traders that think markets is 100% playing with our trades i have pics and video of that...they move price against your position to close it..and its true.i mean it..stay away please

Aug 9, 2022 - 4 Stars I am still new with thinkmarkets around two weeks and i did deposit which is instant and i did two withdrawals which i got in 12 hours with credit i like so far everything only one thing is the android app is little laggy or slow or late price update..i dont understand but yea need to i ll update once i ll withdraw some profit ..
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Reply by ThinkMarkets Support submitted May 28, 2023:
Hi Lovybandesha

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, can you please share the information with our Support Team -

Kind regards
The ThinkMarkets Team
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Nov 1, 2022,
Registered user

Think Markets took my Eur 11000

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
My name is Caswell Malome Gamedza and my MT5 account in Think Markets is 28516 ,i registered and submitted all the required documents and they were approved as a result i have been trading for a month with them . I have managed my profits to be over Eur 10000 after trading different currencies , a week ago i noticed that the money was withdrawn from my account and i have contacted support to ask why they withdrew my balance, they told me that THEY CAN ONLY REPLY ME VIA TELEPHONE CONVERSATION ,NOT BY WRITING OR VIA EMAIL .After insisting on communicating via email i was reffered to ANDREA S. which she told me that my money is gone and i will never get it back because i sent a bad proof of address of which they insist that its fake ,they didnt give me any chance to explain my situation with a simple proof of address or to ask me to send my latest proof of address instead they decided to scam me because my profit was very huge .This is discrimination against me because i am Black person and am not European ,the problem is that Andrea S. doesnt know that i have a sick child and he has Cancer which probably he will die in 3-6 months , i need my money for the treatment of my child and i am willing to do anything in this life to take this money even if i have to go to prison .Can someone assist me to get my money that i have been scammed by Andrea S. so as to get treatment for my child ,i am in a terrible position i cant even believe and am in shock of what she did to me .
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Reply by ThinkMarkets Support submitted May 28, 2023:
Hi Cazyy

ThinkMarkets follows strict AML, KYC and Compliance guidelines. This matter has been finalized by the ThinkMarkets Compliance department, however if you have any follow up questions do not hesitate to contact the Support Team - .

Kind regards,
The ThinkMarkets Team
BAUCHI, Nigeria,
Sep 13, 2022,
Registered user

He scam me

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I deposited my first deposit to this broker on 24 August 2022 and later on 8 September he just withdraw 98 usd from my balance
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Reply by ThinkMarkets Support submitted May 28, 2023:
Hi Abusultanjby

We can see our team has contacted you about your question regarding a debit. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact our Support Team - .

Kind regards
The ThinkMarkets Team
Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Sep 10, 2022,
Registered user

They will fleece you with arbitrary fees.

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I have been trading for 15 years now and make good money from it. I have been using Thinkmarkets for several years now. My last dealings with them has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I feel it important to let all traders out the know they should stay away from these guys. I write very few reviews, so pay attention.

They are running a terrible deposit/withdrawal fee scam. They state on their website and in correspondence to me that they do not charge fees. Well, they just charged me a whopping 5.2% deposit fee when I did my last withdrawal. The will tell you that it is in the terms and conditions that they can do this - and it is, so be afraid. When queried, they refused to provide any reason for the charges, which makes it totally arbitrary. I traded a significant number of lots and made significant profits. There is simply no justifiable reason for the charges but they charged me anyway.

Be very careful when dealing with a company like this. Normally when a company starts fleecing clients, it is a sign of financial trouble on the horizon. You have been warned.
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Reply by ThinkMarkets Support submitted May 28, 2023:

Please note that as per the ThinkMarkets Terms and conditions, ThinkMarkets has the ability to charge in certain circumstances a fee for deposits and/or withdrawals.

The ThinkMarkets Compliance team has responded to you, however if you have any further questions please feel free to contact our Support Team -

Kind regards
The ThinkMarkets Team
Johannesburg, South Africa,
May 16, 2022,
Registered user

Scam/Bizarre experience

Service use: Other Length of use: over 1 Year
I traded on this platform for about 2 years, and gathered evidences sufficient to convince me this ThinkMarkets is a scam and may be deliberately involved in trade manipulations.
Trade activities are coordinated on the cellular and tablet apps, I used the iOS app and it had various app bugs. Also, the account sometimes logged out in trade sessions while positions were open, causing you to miss a TP or close a position gathering losses. I also experienced an abnormal position closure which I summarized below:
On Friday May 13 2022, I opened a Buy position for the US30 Index at USD31,950.60 before the US market closed, the profit was USD1117 thereabout on Friday at the time the market closed. I left the position open going into the weekend, as it was trading in profits. By 23:10 Sunday, I received an alert from the app that the same position was opened again. Well, same position that I opened already on Friday, getting re-opened for the same amount on Sunday before midnight. Abnormal! About 6 hours later, I received alerts in the early hours of the morning on Monday, at 05:21, the account that had some USD1117 profits was trading in liquidation, and a simultaneous alert the US30 position has been closed for a final profit of USD2.79 at USD31,961.25. This happened while the US market was still closed, off-trading hours. The Market opens at 09:30 ET. I compared the closing data on other Financial platforms, CNBC, Delta and Wall Street Journal. The rates did not match on some platforms, while CNBC reported the Market was still closed at that hour. There just was no reason why the position would have closed at USD2.79 profits. What else would be the cause: Scam behaviours or trade manipulations. All trade records available. Beware. Even a Licensed Broker can be involved in Brokerage scams.
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Melbourne, Australia,
Apr 19, 2022,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Hi Traders,
I just want to raise awareness and caution you from using Thinkmarkets as your trading broker!
The story starts back in June 2020 when we started our trading using an automated robot (EA) and our trading capital was 300,000 AUD. First 3 months were running good and fantastic, and we were averaging no less than 5%+ return weekly, some weeks we did 10%+.
Thinkmarkets advised us to use their demo accounts to test our EA before trading in the live market, they said that the DEMO runs exactly like the live accounts – so we went ahead and created 40+ demo accounts and we tested the crap out of our EA with many different settings and basically nearly all the pairs and commodities that were available. However, Thinkmarkets failed to tell us that DEMO accounts run on a completely different servers than the live accounts and therefore the pair prices are VERY DIFFERENT!! – so basically 6 months of testing demos was horribly useless!!!
By the way, as our trading was through an EA and live 24/7…we had 3 VPSs running that were basically the best you can get in market…. we were spending roughly about 250 USD monthly + another few bucks for extra speed & memory. We had them to accommodate for the demo testing and also for the live accounts. We went the extra mile to base our VPSs in the same country Thinkmarkets have their servers at which is the UK.
Thinkmarkets claim that they execute trades ultra-fast!!! – we have more than 1000 trades that were delayed by 10 seconds or more (some trades by minutes!!!!). Our EA trades on the hour every hour, normally you may see a second delay which is acceptable, but we have 1000+ trades that are more than 10 seconds+ delayed!!!! – we believe these trades were never actually executed in real live market and they were kept in house!!!!
Thinkmarkets without any notification or any communication (Mind you we were on the phone with them daily!) halved our leverage!!! Which obviously affected all our trading. When we raised the issue with them – we got ‘Sorry’ and we have been told that it was done by their partner in the US!!!. When we pushed the matter with our account Manager, he said that they ‘Individually assessed’ our trading and they were happy for us to go back to the normal leverage we started with as we trade safely and with minimum risks! – Everything changed since that day in December 2020.
Long story short, we ended up loosing everything in Feb 2021 because of all the issues mentioned above and also there are other smaller issues like, server not responding, we get logged out for10-20 mins then back in which puts the EA in limbo, misleading information provided by everyone in the Company from the account manager to the complaints department!!
So, we do the right thing, and we contact Their complaints department with all our findings, and we challenge what happened to our trading account – THE WORST EFN EXPERIENCE OF ALL TIMES, dealing with my 2yr old daughter who doesn’t talk yet is WAY EASIER. We put 5 simple questions to them with evidence and for 6 months they have not answered any of our questions. We ask why these trades were delayed in execution, they waste a month of asking where how when and then they answer yes they were executed!!!
So now, we have escalated the matter further and we have raised a complaint against them with AFCA (Australian Financial Complaints Authority) and we requested for some information from Thinkmarkets through AFCA. For more than 3 months now, Thinkmarkets provided every god dam data that is NOT NEEDED OR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL COMPLAINT and they do it over 1000 emails. The case is still Active with AFCA, thinkmarkets still dragging their feet answering & providing evidence.
Your forex broker is a big part of your trading and you need to choose carefully and test the product your are getting before committing to it and trading your hard earned money.
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Eduardo Fonseca fx
SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil,
Nov 3, 2021,
Registered user

Service use: Live
thinkmarkets is the best broker to trade multiple assets.
entry and exit of orders is virtually instantaneous and best of all is the broker with the lowest spread you will find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ThinkMarkets a good broker?

Unbiased traders reviews on ForexPeaceArmy is the best way to answer if ThinkMarkets is a good broker.

Please come back often as broker services are very dynamic and can improve or deteriorate rapidly.

Additionally, we'd recommend to check recent Think Markets community discussions:

Is ThinkMarkets legit and regulated?

ThinkMarkets Group is regulated in four countries.
  • TF Global Markets (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), FRN 629628.
  • TF Global Markets (Aust) Limited is regulated by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under Australian Financial Services Licence 424700.
  • TF Global Markets (South Africa) Pty Ltd is authorised by Financial Services Provider (FSP No 49835).
  • TF Global Markets Int Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles under license SD060.
  • TF Global Markets (Europe) Ltd is regulated by Cyprus under CySEC license 215/13.
  • TF Global Markets Japan Co. is regulated in Japan under JFSA license number 0250.

What does ThinkMarkets trade?

ThinkMarkets offers a number of assets to be traded with.
  • Forex currency pairs
  • Shares CFDs
  • Precious Metals
  • Commodities
  • Cryptos
  • Indices

What is the maximum leverage for ThinkMarkets?

ThinkMarkets offers a maximum dynamic leverage of 2000:1 on their Mini accounts. Standard accounts and ThinkZero accounts offer a maximum leverage of 500:1.

What is the minimum deposit to open an account with ThinkMarkets?

ThinkMarkets offers 2 types of account: Standard Account and ThinkZero. The minimum deposit varies depending on the type.
  • Standard Account: minimum deposit is $0
  • ThinkZero: minimum deposit is $500