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Updated: Aug 23, 2019
Danny Wall, 4 Squared Analytics,
1.548 · 5 REVIEWS
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May-June 2012 Update:  It appears that all of Danny Wall's sites have been suspended and are no longer online.  The FPA celebrates the end of Danny's scam sites.

SCAM CONFIRMATION: This company offers what they call a "guaranteed results trading pool". To the best of our knowledge, there are no guaranteed results in forex managed accounts. A client who complained to the FPA got nothing but excuses about why his money wasn't returned to him.

The FPA considers this company to be a scam.  We warn traders not to place any money with Danny Wall or any company associated with him.

Other websites of this company include tradingstrategiesmag.com, dannywall.com, and simpletradeforex.com.

Danny Wall and 4SqA have won the

2010 Non-Broker Forex Scam of the Year Award

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1.548 · 5 REVIEWS
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Colorado, USA,
Apr 5, 2018,
Registered user

Danny Wall is baaack - this time on Youtube as "WOOHIYE".

Danny Wall aka Heidi Wall aka Matt Carrington aka Wolf Data Systems aka 4 Square Analytics aka Your Eviction Service aka WOOHIYE is back. He scammed dozens of innocent people over the past 20 years and now he is busy on Youtube aggressively fishing for more victims. His name on Youtube is "WOOHIYE" which he is using for new Forex scams. He is also running a con on Youtube called Your Eviction Service under his girlfriend's name Melissa Leone. On that Youtube page you can see is lying face. There are pending criminal complaints against him in Las Vegas where we have tracked him to. He was just forcibly evicted from a house where he stuck his landlord with about $10,000 in losses - something he has gotten good at over the past 20 or so years. I guess that is how he learned the language of eviction to con other landlords. I will post more as our investigation proceeds. Don't let this cockroach scamper away. Do your own research, but stay away from this psychopath con artist.
New York,
Oct 31, 2010,
Registered user

It has been nearly a month now since I last posted about scammer Danny Wall and our quest to get our monies back and - surprise, surprise, he still has NOT, I repeat "NOT" returned a single persons' money. This past Friday was the second "hard date" that he was supposed to give everyone's money back, before this, he promised in his lame letter that is was the Friday before that - basically more stalling on his part. I don't know about anyone else, but I just never thought he would return a penny, and he has not.
This past Friday October 29th, he waited till the end of the day before he finally emailed everyone and say that "starting Monday" he will start sending everyone a live check via certified mail because he met with his legal team and accounting (I guess his teen daughter is his accountant, making his 12 year old his legal counsel - that really made me laugh - hey Danny, have the 12 year old proof read your stuff before you send it, because you sound like an idiot...) and they said because of all the "legal threats" he has been receiving the money can only be returned via certified check, registered mail, return receipt. I guess Danny has never wired money to anyone before because when you wire money, it creates a transaction number, and this is your proof that you paid the person back if ever it was disputed. He can print it out as many times as he likes. I have wired money thru my bank to foreign countries and it is there within a day, not even a day if you do it first thing in the morning.
Even if anyone were to believe he would send them a check, that gives him more time to stall and lie some more. I can see the new lies coming now: " You didn't get it? Well, I sent it and it must have got lost in the mail. Let's give it a week..." Even if by some miracle you get a live check in your hands, it will probably bounce and cause more loss of money.
Also - new victims of Danny's have found us and both are not from the US. The most interesting thing is that one said Danny Wall took him for nearly $200,000!!! and the other said Danny Wall took him for $35,000 - their life savings. So all that crock he was talking about in his emails that the people he owed money to was only $500 to $1,000 and then he had the nerve to say that Forexpeacearmy took people for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
I have told them to post here as well so you should hear their stories from their own mouths soon. They will be joining me and the others to put Danny Wall in prison. If you steal people's money, you have to go to prison - and now the money he stole (that we know of!) is already in the hundreds of thousands, not chump change either, and there are less than ten of us at this writing. By the way, the person he took nearly $200K from told me on Friday that Danny emailed him and said he did the transfer and he should get it in two hours. Needless to say, he never got the money and when he emailed Danny got no reply. So Danny is telling different stories to different people. I thought he can "only" give the money in a check?!
Like I said, I never really believed he would return the money and although I have been silent since my last post, I have not been idly waiting for him to return our stolen funds. We have notified the Colorado Attorney General's office and they are very interested in the fact that there are quite a few victims involved and for so much money. Also,ever since the Bernie Madoff case, all you have to say is "Ponzi scheme" and people are all ears - the CFTC is also interested in this as well.
I also notified the IRS of his activities and also Chase bank, where he had his guaranteed pool agreements under his daughter, Jordyn's name. If you click on the links to it where he is begging for money you will notice that it is now disabled - I guess they got my letter. Now you will forever be on the IRS' radar. You know many a criminal was taken down in the end because of yes, tax evasion. I am sure you were not reporting your stolen money, I mean, how do you explain that?
There are two big newspapers in Danny Wall's area and I have contacted them as well. They have expressed interest in doing a story about Danny Wall and said that even though we, the victims, are not from Colorado, Danny Wall himself is a local resident. Now, all his friends, neighbors, his wife and children and all their family and friends will find out who he really is - a liar, a con man, thief - and loser. One of the newspapers already contacted the district attorney's office on our behalf.
My final note is I just found this new website:
You may not recall but Danny Wall was first a con man in the internet marketing arena before he came to con people in trading, and it looks like he is doing it again. Just like his 4sqa website, he says he is giving away information for free to hook you in later. There are videos there and if you click on it, you will hear his voice (the guy loves to hear himself talk, that's for sure) and then take a note of a recent post under "Domainer" - he doesn't even want to reveal his name! That was dated the 27th of October - I guess he is too busy with his new website/con job to return our monies. I am definitely going to post this in the Warrior Forum so they will be steering clear of this new Danny Wall scam site - and as you can see the link I provided goes straight to their contact information - that's right - 4 Squared Marketing - same address and everything.
So, for as long as Danny does not return the monies - it is still stolen. I hope you're ready, Danny Wall, because we are.

2010-10-09 07:59 No rating Update on Danny Wall. Looks like he is really desperate for money - and a proven liar. Check out his August 6, 2010 post on
He is trying to solicit at least $500 for his new special fund in which he trades your money, not in spot forex, but forex options and futures where the new NFA and CFTC cannot touch you. Please note the obscene returns he says you will make.
In his October 1, 2010 "excuse/apology" email I thought he said that trading on the fund was officially over? Also, if you click on the link to the agreement, the words are different somewhat, but the account is still under his high school age daughter, Jordyn Wall. By the way, Danny, if you didn't think about it before, if Jordyn is already 18 years old, she can be held responsible as an adult if she is part of your scams. Her name on this agreement makes it look like she is party to your criminal activities, I pray that she is not. You really are a piece of work!

2010-10-04 00:00 No rating Just found this item this morning and had to warn people off, here is the link:
Please take a look at the August 23 and August 22 post for his real estate trades fund that he is "personally guaranteeing" for a minimum 10K investment (if you can afford it he says) he guarantees a 5X return of your money in 4 weeks. The scope and the number of scams this guy has got going is unbelievable!!! And on top of it, it is for a commercial real estate property - is he totally crazy - that has been hit so hard it is not even funny. The only thing I can think of in regards to real estate like this is tax lien certificates and even that takes a 4 month time frame for redemption. Also please note the August 19th post where he says he can take PayPal for the guaranteed pool. This is in direct conflict with what he says in his "excuse" email about how his daughter hired someone to help with "bank runs" - why would you need to do bank runs when you only ever receive money electronically?

2010-09-30 00:00 1 Star Just recently I noticed Danny's recent activities on his 4SqA website and if you go there, you'll notice to the right, the blogroll, he has a new so called "partner", Brian Sidwell, as well as an online magazine, Trading Strategies. I believe Brian Sidwell is his new "identity". There is a lot of stuff on Danny Wall out there being a scammer and I think he is creating a new persona, so please people stay away!!! Notice there is no info about Brian Sidwell or a picture, and when you try to friend them, only Danny's Facebook profile comes up. To be fair, I tried to Google Brian Sidwell as a trader and found nothing. Also if you read Brian Sidwell's "stuff", he writes and speaks just like Danny Wall, even calling himself the ForexTradeBoss. Ugh - what a joke!!!
Also please check out his most recent video where he talks about his latest scam - asking for 20K to turn it into millions - funny since he can't even trade himself out of a paper bag - otherwise he would not have to steal people's money. Here is the link, hope it works: http://www.youtube.com/user/freeforexvideos
If you watch the video you will see Danny is so desperate for money that he can't even wait to get rid of the cold sore on his lip before making this video!!! I really feel bad for his kids, to have such a loser father like this.
I was also able to view his latest "agreement" for the guaranteed pool, and it lists an account with "Jordyn Wall" as the account holder thru Chase bank. I believe that is his daughter. Wow, nice Dad - ruining his child's name and credit before she grows up, and taking all the money he put in - that he stole from other people. Can this guy get any lower???

2010-06-30 12:51 No rating This guy is a con man. He first comes across like a really nice guy - giving away a lot of stuff for free. Then comes the scams. Do not go into the guaranteed pools!!! He gives you his account # and asks you to deposit cash into it. I had paid for a course he had and he automatically enrolled part of the money - "supposedly" into the guaranteed pools - and yet when the time came I asked to cash out - he had a lot of excuses or just did not reply to me. It seemed fishy anyway to deposit money directly into someone's account when in forex you can just give someone power of attorney to trade your account in MT4.
At the end of my dealings with him, he did a 360 and said he was going into internet marketing because he just made a big deal with someone. I googled him and found info on him (and videos!!!) with other aliases scamming people in internet marketing (Check out the Warrior Forum and you'll see what I mean - he has a whole history...) I think all his forex/internet marketing knowledge he tries to pass off as his is all stolen ideas...which is really sad and pathetic since with half an effort he could actually be a great trader/internet marketer if he wanted to...but he is obviously a loser who can only steal other people's money to make a living...and BTW I have just about every email I have ever received from him, so I can prove what I say is true.

Aug 18, 2010 - No Rating This is my reply to Mike Bassinger - I am really glad for you if you did indeed make money in the guaranteed pools, but to be honest I am not sure if you are not just Danny, or Richard, or Jordyn, trying to put in a good rating for yourself or to offset the negative reviews. If you check out the Warrior Forum, Danny would show up sticking up for himself under different aliases (What a loser!) But like I said, this guy is a scammer. I have also reported him to the BBB and the FBI, just like Donz (below your rating) did, and I do check this from time to time to see if Danny slithered out from under the rock from where he lives to make a comment. Danny was living in Colorado when I was dealing with him also.
Oct 1, 2010,

Here's Danny's latest email excuse as to why he's not paying people back. He's going to be on the run soon...

"Many of you have noticed that I have been abnormally quiet lately ... especially if I owe you money from one of the pool's or a fund.

The reason is simple. My oldest daughter is my book keeper. She hired an assistant to do bank runs (along with doing wires, picking up and moving around funds, that kind of thing) and the like for her/me.

That person took very nearly everything. I've been operating on fumes and obviously dealing with it emotionally and "actually" has been an extreme challenge.

Fortunately, the "off exchange" options trades have come to the rescue in a big way.

In the next three weeks I will have built things back up.

So, this is what will be happening over the course of October.

1) Trading on the fund is officially halted. Before the end of October, everyone in the fund will be liquidated out with the funds as the current fund spreadsheet shows. I will not be taking the 20% allowed by the agreement. What ever the spreadsheet shows is what you will receive. Again, sometime shortly before the end of October.

2) Everyone, in EVERY guaranteed pool, even if it won't be officially completed by the end of October, will receive the guaranteed payout specified in the agreement.

3) If you have been expecting funds from a pool or fund that has previously closed, that will be paid out FIRST ... probably before the 14th of October.

I do apologize if you are one of the people I have "gone dark" on, but before the end of the month, I will have your funds back to you.

In fact, even if you are one of the people that are just in the fund and thought that everything has been going along just fine ... I apologize to you as well.

My goal over the length of October will be to get every single person who has invested anything with me every single cent they are currently owed.

I deeply apologize.

Now, to "pull this off" I am going to be doing A LOT of travel/driving around getting these options trades done. That means that I will be abnormally unavailable to answer questions.

I will continue to provide market analysis ... though at this point I understand if you may be less than trusting."

Here's a website to help you report this scam:
Sep 30, 2010,
Registered user

Danny Wall is a SCAM!!!

Stay away from him at all cost! Do not invest, do not reply to emails
I have already reported him to the IC3 and will get together with anyone on this site so we can combine our efforts to SHUT him DOWN.
Sep 28, 2010,
Registered user

Issue escalated to Traders Court FPA Scam Confirmation against 4SqA.com & Danny Wall | GUILTY
2010-11-15: The FPA Scam Investigations Committee has confirmed this scam complaint.

This dude is a total scam!! Stole 1k of my money. Supposed to send back in three weeks, stalled for three after that, then quit responding to me totally. SEND NO MONEY TO THIS MAN. Watch Donz's referenced video on youtube, that is just the beginning of this guys scam, I have lots of info to post once I gather it all together. STAY AWAY!!!

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Mike Bassinger,
Jul 26, 2010,

I don't know what Savannah22 is talking about. I put 5k into one of his guaranteed pools. I had a family issue and needed to exit out. 7 days after the pool ended I had my 10k. I'd get back in if I could.
Jul 24, 2010,

This dude, Danny, Jordyn, or what ever his name is, conned me out of $700. I did post a video on my youtube at, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1tvoCW_bb4 leave a comment or two. I also reported him to the gov't at www.ic3.gov. If others can join it, we can put this ass behind bars!
Jun 22, 2010,

I got an email about the "guaranteed pool", but I never heard of that before, I want to check here and see if anybody else has tried it.