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What is Maverick Currencies?

Maverick Currencies is a proprietary trading company that offers prop trading on equities.

Please read Maverick Currencies Reviews below and share your prop trading experiences with this prop firm.

Maverick Currencies

This is another company that offers training, followed by supposedly providing some access to capital from an unspecified source for trading.  The FPA advices carefully examining all the terms and performing background checks before signing up with such a company.

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4.232 · 14 REVIEWS
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Traders Reviews

Jun 19, 2010,

I just joined and so far I like what I see. The costs are as follows:
800 up front + first month(200)
200/month after that for each month you are with them
2k of risk capital when you are approved to go live.

I have been trading on my own the last year, but am still going through all their instructional videos. They know what they're talking about, that's for sure.

Once you are approved to go live you can trade their capital and start with a 70/30 split(you keep 70%) and then gradually move up.

The amount of time it takes to go live with them depends on your performance, but the best time frame would be after 2 months of demo practice.

I rate them average right now because I'm not even in demo yet, although I plan to be within a week. I will continue to update my review. I also have started a blog about my experience with them at (mods you can remove if not allowed) There is no financial interest for me, I just couldn't find anything on maverick on google so figured I'd start up a blog and share my experiences.
Dec 20, 2010,

I signed up with Maverick Trading FX in August 2010 and paid a $998 fee to start up and $199 for two months after that. I attended their online classes, passed their tests and showed growth in my demo account. When it came time to do the capital sharing program, they didn't contribute any capital like they said they would.

I pulled the plug and asked for a refund. They only gave back $199. I would stay far away from these people. About 95% of their trades are based on news announcements. They teach about reading the charts, but their trading alerts are when there are news events.

Everything they teach can be learned online for free.
Breck Burkin,
San Francisco, CA,
Sep 14, 2011,

I've been trading FX with Maverick for over a year now and I have no complaints and only good things to say. There is never any problems with my payouts and I get them in 1-3 days after requested. They have provided me with additional trading capital but only after I was able to generate positive pips in my sub-account. If you don't generate positive returns, don't expect to trade with any additional capital. I read Kevin's response and don't know what happened or not but I can say my experience has been very positive overall. PM me if you have any questions.
Tom Bradley,
San Diego, CA,
Oct 14, 2011,

Started trading with Maverick on their FX side in July 2010. Been pretty happy overall with everything. Training was great and the instructors were awesome. The only complaint I have is they switched from Metatrader 4 to IB's TWS which I haven't got used to yet as a trading platform. spreads are much tighter over there and there isn't as much slippage around major news announcements as we saw on MT4. Had to rewrite some of the EA's I had running and the API at Interactive Brokers is trickier to use.
FX Hound,
Sarasota, FL, USA,
Mar 21, 2012,

Good shop. Always pays out on time. You still have a lot of work to do to develop your own personal trading system but their training is solid and splits are respectable.
West Virginia, USA,
Jun 2, 2013,

I traded with their FX division for a while. It is somewhat of a scam. You basically pay a lot of money for education, of which isn't that great. All basic stuff you can learn on your own. 800 startup fee + 200/month and the monthly fee can start to add up quickly. For that amount of money, you can get better education than what they offer. In addition, they don't offer anything when it comes to FX prop trading. You have to prove yourself on the demo, which is fine, but after you do so, you basically just plop down your own 2 grand, and you trade it the same way you would do if you were trading on your own, in your own retail account outside of Maverick, except that you give away part of your profits to them! You take all the risks, you have to properly manage your risk based off the 2 grand account, they don't offer additional capital or anything. From the Prop trading perspective it is a scam. If you talk to them about it, they will say they give you "leveraged capital", which is laughable because when you are trading off a 2K account to start off with, you don't need additional leverage assuming you are controlling your risk (percentage of your account per trade). Even if you aren't controlling your risk, you still don't need them---leverage in forex is accessible to anyone who can open a retail account.
michael conrad,
Oregon, USA,
Apr 22, 2015,

The People at Maverick are beyond a doubt the most honest and forthright Prop Traders I have found. I lost $10000 to one of the groups I was with and it was worth it. As a result I discovered Maverick FX. Their Program is well balanced and complete. Their attitudes and personalities are highly supportive and accommodating. I have been with them and tracking their progress for 2 plus years and we are always way ahead in the long run. Of course you always have losing trades but the winners exceed the loses many times. Having read several of the negative reviews I can't help but think that they are exaggerated or just plain lies. That is my take, and I can honestly say they have a winning program. Most everything else is just TV hype. If it's so easy why aren't all of us millionaires???
Rick P,
Houston, USA,
May 22, 2015,

Been with Maverick and their FX division for several years. Couldn't be happier and I agree with all the other reviewers that this is the best FX prop firm around and management is honest and has always followed through on their word. Having access to all of the other traders in the group and the live meetings during major news announcements is awesome. Watching management trading side by side by you is really great. Teamwork has definitely made my trading better. Well done
Sterling J.,
Las Vegas, USA,
Jun 5, 2015,

I can't tell you how many books and online courses I have taken in my life. These are the first people that talk trading in real life terms and what it takes to make it. Less focus on charts, indicators, etc. and more on me, my tendencies, my weanesses, etc. The fact they made me write a full trading plan before placing even a demo trade shows they understand the business and what it takes. Well done
Kevin P,
Dallas, TX, USA,
Jul 24, 2015,

So glad to say i'm officially a professional trader. Employment contract in place, fully funded account and profitable 5 out of my first 6 months. Have already taken $23,000 in profit distributions. Maverick FX has been great for me and what I have needed all along was someone watching over my shoulder and telling me when i'm acting like a jackass. Just knowing the risk management team is watching is keeping me on track. Very happy