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FantasyDreamTeam.com (2 Percent Solution by Richard Swaby) Review

Updated: Nov 14, 2018
1.698 · 9 REVIEWS
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The OnePerfectDaily MT4 EA is a forex expert advisor by FantasyDreamTeam.com. The One Perfect Daily automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform works with brokers that do not allow hedging or expirations (FSA regulated). The OnePerfectDaily forex robot is advertised as a non-martingale strategy trading system.

FantasyDreamTeam.com (2 Percent Solution by Richard Swaby)

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2011-0222011-03-02Dorong100 vs www.fantasydreamteam.comguilty
2011-0152011-02-19Traderforliving vs fantasydreamteam.comguilty
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1.698 · 9 REVIEWS
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Richard Swaby,
Oct 24, 2011,

Hello Traders,

Over a year has passed since the original version of the Two Percent Daily EA was released and I think it is time I answer back the critics.

It can be very frustrating being called a scammer when the solution is usually a couple of lines of code, but some traders do not want to wait for the solution or give feedback as they have been ripped off by other vendors in the past who give us all a bad name. I work around the clock everyday on my EA’s to improve them and ensure that they are up to date and all bugs are removed. I use customer feedback to make personal and permanent modifications to my EA’s.

PART 1: The Problem in the beginning.

The Two Percent Daily manual method was a great success for many traders. However, when I coded the system into an automated solution it was one of my first expert advisors. Admittedly, it had some bugs. This is normal as it was my first coding experience. I did take all the feedback I was given (both good and bad) and did everything that I could to improve the Two Percent Daily EA. Some users were unhappy and rightly so as the code was buggy and not reflective of the Two Percent Daily system. I want users to have good results and that is why I have spent so much time trying to improve the EA and fix any known bugs. I believe all the bugs have finally been removed and the EA is much improved – and I still work to improve it every day. If I am not coding, I am testing. The initial problem and the reason there were unhappy users, was not the system but rather the buggy code. Below is a list of all the bugs and the problems they were causing.

PART 2: The bugs in the original Two Percent Daily EA:

The Trailing Stop was not being activated - NOW FIXED.

The EA comes with a default trailing stop of 3 pips, which is tighter than the minimum required by some brokers. If the trailing stop was left at 3 pips on such a broker then it would not be activated. This meant that during back testing and real time testing, users were seeing the stop loss being hit the majority of the time as the trailing stop was not locking in the profit as it should have been (it was not even being activated as you would have seen from the journal tab. This gave the EA bad results and led to some criticism which I accept as the EA should have been coded to automatically adjust the trailing stop to the minimum. The “quick fix” would have been to increase the trailing stop to the broker’s minimum required, but this was not an ideal solution and not all users understood that. This issue has been fixed now as I have added some code to the EA so that it will automatically adjust to the minimum trailing stop allowed by the broker during every trade. This ensures the trailing stop is always triggered when it should be and order modify errors are avoided. Some users were saying that the EA only produced good results on FinFX. This is because they have no limit on the trailing stops, so there will be no order modify errors and the trailing stop was being placed.

The Stop Loss was too tight – NOW FIXED.

This is not a bug within the code, but rather the EA’s recommended settings. I had recommended a stop loss of 10 pips, which on a currency pair such as the GBPUSD is very tight. Especially as some users were using brokers with spreads of 3 to 4 pips and not adding the spread to the stop loss. This again meant that the majority of trades were getting stopped out as they were not given adequate room to manoeuvre. Slippage, stop hunting and non-Ecn execution also seemed to be a big issue. This has now been solved by quite simply widening the stop loss and adding maximum slippage/spread filters. This allows the trade room to breathe whilst we can afford to have a wider stop as the entry is accurate – 99% modelling testing with Dukascopy tick data. This avoids the problems caused from broker slippage, high spreads and stop hunting.

PART 3: Unreliable testing with history center data – NOW FIXED.

All the testing was done using the default history center data which gives 90% modelling quality. This means that anything less than the 1 minute timeframe can be “made up”. This led to inaccurate results and trades that were shown to be winners on back testing may have actually been losers. Therefore the entry criteria and trading times may not have been ideal. I solved this by downloading tick data from Dukascopy and converting it into a FXT file for the tester. Data is available back until 2007 and I used as much data as possible during the time of testing. This data gave me 99% modelling quality and ensure that the results were as accurate as possible. Therefore I was able to recode the EA with extra trend filters and modified entry criteria to ensure it had no losses all the way back until 2007. Of course this does not guarantee there will be no losses in the future, but it does give us the best possible testing and entries and the present time.
Again, to reiterate, the problem with the EA was not exactly the entry criteria, but rather the bugs and unreliable recommended settings.

PART 4: Refunds – NOW FIXED.

Some traders who received the original EA were unhappy and rightly so, but they did not give me a chance to fix the code. Others would buy and ask for a refund right away without even testing the EA as they wanted it for free. Some would buy it and post it on forums compiled for others to use illegally. The simple solution to this headache was to remove the refund policy – which I have done a long time ago. Since then I have only attracted serious traders who have helped me improve the EA and get it to where it is now. The software is downloadable and therefore non-returnable, which is another reason that it makes sense not to offer a refund.

PART 5: Where the EA is today – TWO PERCENT DAILY TURBO EA.

I have updated and improved the Two Percent Daily EA (as of 2011-10-21) with all that I have learned over a year of research, testing and feedback. The updated EA has been sent out to all original buyers with detailed instructions (if you did not receive the update please get in touch with your receipt number). I will be sending copies out to various EA testing sites. All known bugs have been removed and the entry criteria/default settings improved.

The new version includes 4 different entries: 2 support/resistance breakout entries and 2 secret entries based on recurring chart patterns. A detailed description and screenshot of each entry is included within the instructions. I have also obfuscated the code and coded a license number requirement to try to prevent piracy as the software has been shared illegally (as most forex software has been at some point). In my opinion those sharing the software illegally are the ones who should be called “scammers”, not those who put days, weeks, months and years of hard work into trying to provide a profitable automated forex trading solution. Looking back now, I find it quite ironic that one of the people opening a case against me on FPA was in fact illegally sharing copyrighted forex trading software on a Malaysian forum. Whether the software works or not, the buyer does not have any rights to illegally share it. The best solution for everyone who wants to be successful in forex is to work with the vendor to fix any issues and improve the EA.

I know the original version of the EA had its problems, but it helps the developer and those who want to be successful trading if we work together to find the solutions to fix the bugs instead of criticizing. I would like those who have received the updated version of the EA to test it and leave feedback here. If there are any bugs then please do let me know and I will ensure they are fixed immediately. If you know anyway the EA can be improved or if there is a setting that you believe is not right, please do let me know.

PART 6: Looking to the future.

Programming trading systems is my passion and hobby. I am doing my very best to produce a profitable automated solution for traders worldwide. I maintain daily contact with many of my users and have done for a while now. These are the ones who can really appreciate the dedication that I give to my work.

I plan to keep improving my EA’s and developing new profitable systems. Every day I work on my EA’s and new ideas as well as coding personal EA’s for other traders upon request. I will be running the Two Percent Daily EA on a forward test and will ensure it remains profitable and make changes as and when required. At this stage I strongly believe in the EA and that it is close to perfection, but there is always room for improvement. I would also like to remain an active member of this forum and communicate with members regularly, especially if they can help me to improve my software. As you can tell I am not what some people made me out to be in the beginning, if I was my site would be offline and I would be long gone. Programming and trading are my passions and I will continue to do my best to develop good systems for everyone to use.

Please check back to my site for regular updates and feel free to get in touch.

All the best,
Arijit Ain Das,
Apr 10, 2011,

I purchased the 2% Daily EA on the basis of the outrageous promise (2% Daily) made by Richard Swaby in his website "http://www.FantasyDreamTeam.com". I bought this automated expert advisor on 5th Jan, 2011. I had no issues installing the EA and getting up and running. But after weeks of testing with his recommeded broker, I found that the promises made are not true. I exchanged numerous e-mails with Richard and he promptly replied back every e-mail. As I was not getting the results as per his promises, Richard kept sending me upgraded versions and insisted on trying with the newer version. I exactly followed his instructions and kept all my trading records and mailed him on a regular basis. After weeks of trying, I asked for refund. Richard replied back and said he understands my reason for asking refund, but he had some issues with Paypal that he had to sort out and asked me to wait for 3 more weeks. I eagerly waited for 3 weeks and came back to him asking for the refund. Richard now started playing games and said that his issue with Paypal was extended and he cannot do anything before another 180 days. He said as a compensation he was attaching a list of downloadable links containing over 500 forex products worth $1,000's (which I think are mostly illegal stuff).

I kept every single e-mail from him with my replies and trading records but I'm not sure yet how to pursue this legally as I'm in United States and I guess he lives in UK. Also I found out the source (from google) from where he stolen the indicator that his EA uses. The product PDF also uses a copyrighted image from another source.

Anyway, I wanted to warn buyers so that they do not fall into his trap as I have.


Arijit Ain Das
Feb 19, 2011,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Traderforliving vs fantasydreamteam.com | GUILTY
I have bought the EA "Two Percent Daily" offered from the website [url]www.fantasydreamteam.com/ea.html[/url]. The vendor offered me a money back guarantee if I'm not happy with the results. I asked for a discount and he agree. I asked him, if also with the discount the money back guarantee is still available and he told me "No problem! Yes the 60 day guarantee is still available. But with this performance you will not need it ;-) Your link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=JF6YJTL9BHTEY.

After the backtests and live forward tests I see that the results are not the same like claimed from the vendor. He send me new settings or new versions but all this don't make the EA even better and continue to loose... The vendor told me always that I can aks a guarantee if I'm not happy.

After I asked for a refund he deny it, because the terms on his website what I never seen before and told me this is the only thing what count. If you use a discount link the vendor deny any refunds. The only thing was moved to make the purchase was the promise from the vendor, that he offer me the money back guarantee also with a discount. It's obvious that the vendor mislead me.

Also I did some more research, and he has just taken the code from funyoo EA and modified it slightly. In such a case, then a "no-refund policy"
Richard Swaby,
Feb 16, 2011,

Just to clarify there is a manual and automated version of this system. This post is primarily regarding the EA.

Refund given and refund policy changed. See my website for EA performance and new refund policy. The EA has also been updated and is safer and more profitable than before (despite making 100% in December 2010!). I continue to work hard at improving the EA and communicate on a daily basis with the users. Most who I have a good relationship with. Trading requires patience and discipline and that does apply when using EA's.

The majority of people who have seen bad results have been using incorrect settings. Most take the advice I give them to change the settings and they also use the updated versions of the EA. This are the ones who see the benefits in the long term. I am always looking to improve the EA, which feedback and forward testing allows me to do.

The latest version of the EA was released on January 26th 2011, and at this point in time (Feb 16th 2011) is up over 30%.

The EA is no longer broker dependant and works on any broker. The performance may differ depending on your brokers spread and the mimimum stops that they require - the EA does work best with a tight trailing stop, which some brokers do not allow. But, it no longer requires hedging or an expiration which was causing a few problems initially.

If the performance begins to fail I immediatly look at how/why it failed and go back to the code to look at how I can improve it. The improvements are then sent out to users.

Yes, I made a mistake in not issuing the refund in the first place, but I was trying to protect myself against people who are known for buying software with the intention of never really paying for it.

It was a good lesson to learn, albeit the hard way. The refund policy is now clear, to avoid similar misunderstanding in the future.

All testimonials on my site are copy and pasted from emails I have received.

I wish lots of pips to all!
Jan 26, 2011,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Dorong100 vs www.fantasydreamteam.com | GUILTY
As an experience trader since more than 5 years, I have no doubt that any positive feedback on this junk EA issued by Richard or his collaborators.

Before going to the EA performance, I feel that it is important to know that Richard's real second name as registered at Paypal is Richard Eddy, possibly he have many reasons to hide.

I purchased the "Two Percent Daily Forex" for evaluation.
The EA is using a very primitive strategy (enter to positions at support & resistance levels) and is consistently losing trades.
In addition, the EA is increasing the trades' volumes without considering the deposits level. Very fast it opens, for a $10K account!! 3.0 and 5.0 lots positions.
Such positions might wipe out the entire account within a very few days
In addition, the EA doesn't work at many brokers' sites, even though Mr. Swaby/Eddy statement that the EA is "Not Broker Dependent".
Same as what happen to others, Richard is ignoring requests for refund, instead he is sending new settings and "new" software versions.
All settings and/or versions are function the same and the overall losses increased.
When insisting on getting the refund Mr. Swaby/Eddy is stopping to answer to emails and is rubbing his hands with happiness that he succeeds tempting another victim to enter to his nest.
Fortunately, I successfully canceled the payment to Mr. Swaby/Eddy thanks to my bank efforts. However, I feel that that all the people who hurt and cheated by Mr.Swaby/Eddy should combined efforts and to report to paypal. The end of the day paypal will cease Mr. Swabt/Eddy his account forever.
In order to (try to) prevent Mr. Eddy continuing his scam program, I also changed emails with Paypal and promised that they will survey Mr. Eddy customers' satisfaction from the EA.
All of us know what the survey results will be.

Wish you all not to lose single pips to scammers.

Julius chew ,
Jan 22, 2011,

I dont understand why some people cant get profit from this trading system,i dare to say this is a profitable trading strategy in long term but not Holy Grail,because in this world nothing is holy grail,we only need to find the best winning strategy plus good risk management,that all are enough for us to win in the forex world.
Jan 14, 2011,

Issue escalated to Traders Court Galina_K vs fantasydreamteam.com | RESOLVED
FPA Traders Court Note: A refund was issued just after this case went to a vote.

I have bought the 2%daily EA which trades exactly like the manual 2%daily method .

Since December-06 until today the EA has not made profits, although R.Swaby claims on his website:
"Forex traders looking to increase your account each day - guaranteed... "
"Average 2% account increase every day."
"NOT broker dependant."

As you already know from other testimonies, Richard Swaby will never give a refund.
His strategy is always the same:
He will blame the client.
He will ignore facts.
He will blame brokers.
He will show "testimonies from other traders who made profits" and ignore completely that the location of the broker and the location of the trader is important, internet-connection-speed is important and other factors.

To those who lose money with his system, he offers to open an account at FinFX with him as IB.

The 2%dailyEA shows some tiny profits on the ECN-account of FinFX while on most other brokers including FinFX-normal account (not ECN) the EA produces losses.

But FinFX ECN has a min.deposit of $2.500
and I told R.Swaby that I cannot afford it.

Since he admitted that his EA only works on the FinFX-ECN-account, he offered to help me. As an IB for FinFX he would arrange that I could open an ECN-account with 500 Dollars deposit.

I would have done that because Richard is a very abusive and manipulating guy who showed by his way of treating me that he never intended to grant a refund.

My only chance to maybe recover the 500 Dollars which he charged for the EA, would be to trade with it on the ECN-account at FinFX.
But it is too risky.

It looks like the EA will make about 2 to 5 % monthly on the FinFX-ECN feed, but that is not what Swaby advertised.

After fighting with him, getting hurt by him each time because he ignored the facts and always blamed me (wrong settings , bla bla, although I used exactly the settings he recommended ) and then blamed the broker ( although GoMarkets is one of the best brokers out there ) I have lost all hope
to get help from him.

Therefore I requested a refund.

His "100% money back guarantee" says:
"P.P.P.S. Do not forget that I offer a 60 day money back guarantee so there is no risk in ordering. "

But it is not true.
Swaby will never give a refund. He never intended to do it. You can meet all of his requirements, but he still will continue to blame you and ignore the facts.

His refund conditions are these:
" If it does not perform well for you and you can send me your trading statement to show your results then I will happily refund you provided it is within 60 days of your purchase. "

I sent him all of my trading statements from several brokers, showing overall losses and only a small profit on FinFX-ECN demo and asked for the refund because I am completely disappointed,
but he ignored it and kept on blaming me.

In the meanwhile he stopped answering my e-mails although he promises to answer within 24 hours.

I told him that I will expose his business tactics on all forums I know but he does not care.
He already showed everybody how he is treating his customers.

BTW, he never shows a real money account statement. He only shows demo-accounts which are worthless because every true trader knows that performance on a demo never matches live-trading on a real money account.

Beware of this seller.
He does not honour his word.

The moment you sent him money, it is gone because he will never refund you.

In my case, he clings to 500 Dollars for a worthless Robot which might make 500 Dollars within the next 4 or 5 years if the client is lucky, but it could turn out a loser too.

The 2%daily EA is not performing as advertised, therefore I must say that R. Swaby is a scammer.

I will not let him go with it.
I will search for legal help and I will warn everybody on big forums.


2011-01-30 UPDATE: In the meanwhile I got confirmations from other victims of Mister Swaby.
They all bought the 2%dailyEA and since it was not profitable, they requested a refund.
Swaby refused to give the refund.

He knows that his EA is not profitable but he keeps all the money and publishes fake testimonies on his website to deceive new potential buyers.

Paypal will not help his victims, that´s why he uses Paypal.
Neither does Visa.

It is about time to get it official from FPA that Richard Swaby is a lying scammer in order to protect potential victims.
Dec 31, 2010,

For Richard Swaby to leave such a ranting reply. I would not wish to do business with him.
Nov 13, 2010,

I personally really like this system. To me this is the lowest stress system I have found because of the very low drawdown , accuracy and ease of using. It takes a little practice but once you know the rules it becomes very mechanical and is very accurate. I must be honest that I have just traded on a demo account, but have found the system to be as accurate as anything I have seen.

The system works on breaking solid support and solid resistance which is clearly shown. The key is waiting on solid support or solid resistance to be broken.

If you fail with this system you are probably not waiting for solid support or resistance to be broken to enter the trade, or you are trying to squeeze to much profit out of the trade.

Richard Swaby,
Oct 29, 2010,


This is Richard Swaby, the owner of this method. A customer sent me an email this morning stating:

Hello: I did not know whether or not I should let you know about this, but think it is only fair that you have a chance to respond if you want to.
There is a very unflattering review of you and your system
(UNDERSERVED)!!! on the forexpeacearmy.com web site reviews.
I just thought you should have the chance to refute this jerk if you wanted too.

Sincerely, Frank

P.S. I still anxiously await your EA!!!!!!

I don't like to go around the net posting reviews of my method because I believe it is fair to let people make their own judgements. However, I thought I should reply to these particular customers. Please read on.


No matter what reviews may follow this one, do not buy this system. The money back guarantee might sound comforting to you, but the reality is, even if you follow the system exactly as described and no matter what kind of trading record you develop, the owner will not honor (typo) the guarantee. Review Moderation Team Note: "Honor" is how Americans spell "Honour".

Well it does not matter if I honour the guarantee or not - as clickbank will. The only reason I did not give you a refund right away is because you had only been trading for a few days, you had made a few mistakes and so I was advising you on how to use the method correctly.

I followed this system to letter from 8:30am 11:30 am EST for a series of days and documented all of my trades.

You did not take all of the valid setups within the stated time. I have your account statement to prove it.

After a week of pathetic results, I sent in an email to the owner with an attachment of my trades which clearly showed my losing and winning trades (their was (typo) a few winners most systems will have a few, even if by default). Review Moderation Team Note: "There were" would be correct in this case.

Your results would not have been pathetic had you closed out trades whilst they were in profit rather than allowing them to turn against you. Many of your trades were winners that you allowed to turn into losers. You also traded during lunch when the market volume decreases, which the manual says to avoid.

The owner replied and went on to say and I quote: PayPal gives refunds based on items that are "significantly not as described", and then went on to say that the system was working and he will not refund my money. I was aggravated to say the least. One thing I cannot emphasize enough is, the evidence of it not working was absolutely indisputable.

Whilst this customer was busy complaining, myself and other customers were making our 2% plus. It was not working for you because as stated, you were not using it correctly and I was trying to advise you on how you could. The fact that you made a few bad trades by not following my method is not undisputable proof that the method does not work.

So let me give you the story: Without giving this pathetic trading system away, the trading method (I am being generous calling it a method) is basically a breakout scalping system that attempts to grab a few pips off of the GBP/USD.

It is a method, it does use breakouts and it is for scalping. There is nothing wrong with that.

He has a MT4 indicator that anyone can get for free and it has some simple money management guidelines built around it. There are four options for money management of increasing improvement in risk/reward, but the system falls apart quickly especially as you improve your risk/reward. You will have a ton of losers compared to winners. I opted for money management that put my risk/reward 1:1 (10 pips on both sides) and after working as described - my lossers (typo) to winners were close to 3:1.

Again at the risk of repeating what I have previously said, the method fell apart for this customer as he was using it incorrectly. Even if he had a few losing days using the method correctly, that is not solid evidence that the method does not work. There is no forex method that does not have some losing days. Wannabe traders try new methods all the time and because they have a few losers believe that the method does not work, not considering the fact they have to take time to practice using it. Saying you will have a ton of losers is so far from the truth it is unreal. When I looked at this customers chart, he had literally marked off all the losers on the chart and skipped the winners - Can you imagine how infuriating that is.

When I sent my charts in as proof, the owner said I was cherry picking because I missed all of the winners that were available during the London session. I pointed out to the owner that I had no intention of trading the London session and directed him to his website that said I could trade either session and pointed to where on his site it says and I quote; (you) can be done trading for the day in a couple of hours at the most.The (typo) owner ignored my observation which pointed out the obvious discrepancy. He was also hypocritical on another point; after he accused me of cherry picking my trades (which was BS - I took all the trades during the three hours mentioned above) I pointed out to the owner that he had actually written in his ebook (typo) that cherry picking your trades was integral to your success. The owner did not comment on this

Your chart marked off losing trades, some of which should not have been taken based on the rules of the method, whilst ignoring all the winning trades. That is when my suspicions of an unethical refund arouse. You can trade the method during the NY session, but should not trade during lunch and after the NY session whilst the market volume is low - as you did. Cherry picking does not come into the equation when you are trading during low volume market times and missing good trades during the valid hours. Honestly, this customer literally skipped winners and marked of losers on the chart.

Even if you decide to ignore this review, you will quickly see that the developer only sees what he wants to see as I said, the evidence I sent him was indisputable.

Not true. I call it how it is. Just check the customer testimonials on my site, there are plenty of satisfied customers. This particular customer is an exception for all the reasons that I have stated above, not to mention he was very rude. This customers evidence was in no way indisputable - The fact that he had a few losing days by using the method incorrectly is not a fair evaluation.

Its (typo) difficult to make this long story short, but I will try. The owner basically told me that the system was working because I was not grabbing the few pips that were available when they became available and I did not take the available profits. All the while, I was only following the money management rules in the ebook (typo) which were clear - 10 pip win/ 10 pip loss - but this did not seem to matter to him. This drove me bonkers - if I new (typo) that the exact stopping point of a trade would be 3 pips, I would not need his system. Never mind the fact that when I have a 10 pip stop loss, I have a hell of a lot of winners to make up for the losers.

Even with your incorrect entries, had you closed the trades for a few pips (3 to 5), you would have made your 2%. Instead, you let winners turn into losers. When I offered you this advice you seemed to ignore it - I was offering you help and because the eBook stated 10/10 you insisted to ignore my advice - but that is your prerogative. It drove me bonkers when I saw a chart with losers marked off and winners ignored. It also drove me bonkers when I gave you advice and you threw it back in my face. You would still need this system as it gives you a good entry point and includes a money management EA that closes out orders for you quickly. Any professional trader who was not happy with a 10 pip stop loss would adjust it to suit their needs. This particular customer wanted his 2% on a silver platter, I am afraid the forex does require some input on behalf of the trader.

After some back and forth about the merits of his system, it became obvious that while he had four options for money management, he only uses one. I called him on this and asked him that if the other risk/reward options are not viable, why even have them in the ebook. (typo) The owners response was, and I quote again, Initially the ebook (typo) was just a fixed 10 pip stop with a tight trailing stop of 3 pips to lock in profit at the earliest opportunity - I added the other options to offer flexibility for those who wanted to adjust risk % and those who wanted to capture runners. That's great and sounds reasonable enough but I think it is safe to say that he just added these in without any testing. That aside, anyone who trades the pound knows in most market conditions, a 3 pip oscillation up and down is normal and can quickly take out a three pip trail with ease.

Yes I use one option for money management - that is that I take what I can rather than let winners turn into losers. Had you taken this advice you could have gone on to make profits. You choose to ignore it. There is no problem with having a 3 pip trail take out an order when that trade produces pips!

With the owner's funny math, there is no way he will ever honor (typo) a money back guarantee. NOT a typo. This is the standard spelling of the word in the USA.

There is nothing funny about my maths and it is very ignorant of you to say that. I do honour refunds requests when there are valid grounds for a refund. If I refunded everyone who was using the method incorrectly without giving them help then I believe that would be poor customer service. I offer support and guidance before going the refund route. But, if it comes down to it, the customer will get a refund.

I will say one thing for him his hindsight is a perfect 20/20. If you are still considering buying this system, ask yourself one question, if the system is that great, why would he even bother with the ebook (typo).

If that is your thinking, then why did you buy it? This shows me that you always had a refund in the back of your mind.

Please don't buy into his the more the merrier BS like I did, he is trying to make money on his ebook (typo) plain and simple; Because I can tell you one thing for sure, his system sure as hell is not working.

Utter rubbish. The method did not work for you because you were not using it correctly. You did not take the time to learn it and nor did you take the advice I gave you. People who are reading this should go to my site and see some reviews from the many satisfied customers I have. This is the first complaint I have ever had.

In addition, we had about a dozen emails going back forth on the refund the other question to ask is, if he is doing that well, why not just honor (typo-NOT) the money back guarantee. Does he really want an unhappy customer who is sitting around with his crappy system on his computer and not using it.

You are coming across as very rude by the way. You got my system for free, so no need to complain so much. We had a dozen emails because I was explaining where you went wrong and trying to offer advice that kept getting thrown back in my face. The fact that I am well off has nothing to do with offering a refund as it was a matter of ethics and respect, not the money.

I should note that I only used his system for six days (no winning days - because you were using it incorrectly), but my implementation was spot on (expect a follow up response from the developer saying I did not don't believe it - your word against mine and many satisfied customers), and given his 2%/day return claims six days was sufficient. That being said, his money back guarantee at the time was for 10 days (he has since changed it to 30), so I was just working within the parameters he established. Under other circumstances, I would say 6 days is a paltry sum to determine whether a system would work or not - that does not apply in this situation.

The money back guarantee is now 60 days. Admittedly 10 days was too short, but even if I had given you 10 years, you would still not have taken my trading advice. How you can say 6 days is enough time to rate my system but no other system is completely absurd. It shows your bitterness at not getting your own way in what I believe was an unethical refund.

Finally, if you still want this system and curiosity is getting the best of you ((typo) {Review Moderation Team Note: We see no typo} I assure you will be disappointed the ebook (typo)is cryptic and not well written), then please put it on your credit card, because Paypal (typo) will not honor (typo-NOT a typo) refunds like this (and the owner knows this and pointed it out to me). You have a much better shot with your credit card I am waiting to find out this for myself.

You are the only person to complain about how the eBook is written. Based on the advice you ignored that I gave you over email, perhaps you have a problem following instructions. I have since switched to clickbank, so PayPal no longer handles the refund process. I pointed out to this customer that PayPal does not support refunds without grounds. I am sure this customer has refunded every forex product under the sun. If he denies it, then again, it is my word against his. He got his refund for the record.

In hindsight (I am being like the owner now) I was stupid enough to overlook the typos on his website (he may correct them after he reads this). Another important question you need to ask is, how many successful traders you know who overlook important details like having typos on their website? I admit fault here, I used poor judgment and overlooked the obvious red flags curiosity got the best of me. Oh, and one more red flag; his site does not allow an option to talk to anyone or ask any questions before buying.

No, I will not be correcting the typos. I have gone through your review and kindly marked out all your typos for you. Typos on my website has nothing to do with the quality of the method. I am a trader, not an English teacher. Talk to someone live on the site before buying? You cannot be serious. How does that even make it into a discussion about the method? I am busy trading. There is an email contact on my site if you need to ask questions before buying, as many do. The red flags here are you wanting a refund after a few days when using the method incorrectly.

It is the first time I bought something with that many reservations going in, but I did approach it with the best of intentions and followed the system just as it was described .I hope you will not make the same mistake as I DON'T BE ANOTHER VICTIM!!!

You wanted a refund before you even purchased, so you were going to look for any reason under the sun to get one. When you realised I was going to offer advice and help you before granting the refund, you got frustrated and began with your threats of making a chargeback and posting a negative review here. I stood my ground and continued to offer help, but you ignored it and went ahead with your threats. You even told me when I offered the help that "you knew this would happen", so to say you went in with the best of intentions may not be the truth. Victim is a string word. There are many victims of poverty all around the world, to use that word because you could not make a trading system work for you is a slight exaggeration.


I decided to try this system as it looked genuine. first few trades seemed good. I closed trading for the day once my initial 10pips was achieved.

Good, congratulations on your 2%.

This seemed to work for a short while until the market stopped giving 10pips on breakouts.

Well why did you not use common sense and start taking a few pips rather than let the winners turn into losers?

from then on, it would fill my orders, go in my favour by 1 pip and then turn around and hit the stop. a few of these turned by accounts into red.

Were you using a non-ECN broker with a high spread? I am sure the spread was eating your potential profits. What time were you taking those trades? Was there enough volume in the markets? People want forex success handed on a platter, it takes some initiative.

Thank God it was a demo account! I contacted Richard to return it and he advised me to make a few adjustments and try it again -which I did. Guess what...it did not work. I finally contacted him to return it and to my surprise, he said I wasnt registered as one of the people that purchased his system!

My method was shared illegally and downloaded over 1,000 times. I could not find you email in my list of existing customers, which is why I believed that you were not registered. You should always trade a new method on demo until you are familiar with it, nothing new there. Whilst it was not working for you even with the recommended adjustments, I was making profit along with many other satisfied customers whose reviews you can see on my site.

Anyway, after going back and forth with emails, he accused me of being disrespectful

You send me some very rude emails which I found very unnecessary. I am not the type to let people bad mouth me for no reason - if they have good grounds then I take it on the chin.

and said he wouldnt process the refund because- a. i should have traded all possible signals, b. i should not have traded during 11am and 1pm, c. i should not have waited to get 10pips, but should have taken the available 2pips. He accepted that none of these excuses was given in the manual, but still refused to process the refund.

(a) If you are going to trade a method over an allocated period of time, you must take all valid signals. The trades you skip may well be the winners. This is trading discipline and sticking to the plan. Professional traders do this. Why should I have to state in the manual to take all valid signals? That's common sense.
(b) It states in the manual to avoid trading lunch. The fact you are bringing that up and stating it was not in the manual is degrading the validity of your review.
(c) I did not say take 2 pips, but take what you can before price turns and bites you in the butt. This could be 2 it could be 5. You should never let a winner turn into a losers when scalping and get out the trade with some profit. With a daily target of 10 pips, a few of those trades is all that you need.

The truth is he actually never processes refunds, once he has got the money- because he will always pull out a ridiculous reason for the system not working.

Yes, I do process refunds if there is a valid reason for wanting one and the customer allows me the opportunity to offer support and advice. It may be a ridiculous reason to you, but the fact that I take the time out of my busy day to reply to customers offering follow up support and advice to help them become successful traders is good customer service. It is extremely rude and disrespectful that the customers on this site perceive it as giving ridiculous reasons not to refund. Perhaps I should just give a refund to everyone for whatever reason and not offer any help then, should I?

My advise?...Run! run!! run!!! except of course, you have some spare cash to throw down the drain on the 2 percent daily system.

Yes run as fast as you can because trading is hard and requires discipline, patience, no fear and no greed. Traits that these particular customers fail to show, evident from the content and tone of their replies. By the way Jude, you have many typo's in your reply, so I am sure Sean will raise a few red flags and question the validity of your review.

Anyone who wants to read some fairer reviews taken from customers emails, just go to my site. These are customers who trade my method and do not waste their time bad mouthing me on the net.