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Updated: Feb 2, 2017
2.579 · 6 REVIEWS
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ForexMegapips.com (John Parker)

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2.579 · 6 REVIEWS
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North Carolina,
Jul 21, 2011,

What a piece of c***. 80% losers with a few break even. Reviews that claim 50-100 pips need to learn how use the -button.Glad I tested on Demo. Don't walk run from this junk.
Jul 7, 2011,

I can only echo the post of Dennis, California. I bought Megapips on the back of a load of glowing (fake) reviews probably on the same site he was looking at. I've backtested this a lot and got absolutely nowhere. I never could figure out the logic of using the previous day's high and low to determine where the price is going to go today. Wishful thinking I think they call it! Save your time.
Jan 27, 2011,

Purchased this software based on positive reviews from this site and another review site which had 16 glowing 5 star reviews for this product. The only conclusion I can come to is that the reviews on that other site were fake.
After one week I've had 16 losers and 3 winners for a net loss of 50 pips. Was trading GBP pairs, mostly GBP/JPY and GBP/USD, as these are the ones claimed to work the best.
My results are far from the 82% winners and 50-100 pips a day that the website claims is average.
Stay away from this one. Big Ripoff.
Jan 5, 2011,

I've owned this system for a month.

I've backtested and forward tested it. I've also used it on demo and live accounts.

I previously owned supraforex. It has a similar strategy to megapips but I actually lost many pips using that system for some reason. Even gave it 2 chances by purchasing it twice. Not sure what happened. Maybe I wasn't using enough pairs...

Megapip's strategy is much safer in my opinion. on my live account I use 3 pairs. This helps me gain pips every day because if one pair has a loss the other is there to make it up thanks to the 2.1 win ratio. My worst day has been a positive 20 pips and my best 102 pips. The best part about this system is I only spend 5 minutes a day putting in my trades and that's all you need to do as well. I'm profiting 200-300 pips a week using megapips. Great system John! Thanks.
Aug 16, 2010,

the system deliver 50-100pips of LOSS a week.
Owen Wilson,
Jul 13, 2010,

Forex MegaPips was the second Forex system that I bought. The software is very simple to use (even for ma that I’m a beginner), and the results are also good. I’ve been averaging 180 pips on GBP/USD and 210 pips on GBP/JPY a week, which is rather good. Also, the stops are very short which is great. I highly recommend it.